APRS maps & stuff

by Alan Crosswell, N2YGK, n2ygk@weca.org

Last update: Saturday, 28-Feb-2004 15:25:24 EST

APRS for Linux

Check out Xastir. It is the best APRS client (on the best OS) available and it's free!


All my code is free software released under the terms of the GNU Public License. No warranty, no guarantee. No support. But, send me mail if you have trouble and I promise to try to reply eventually depending on how swamped I am!


I've been experimenting with creating maps for APRS (DOS version) from US Census 1994/1995 Tiger/Line data. The program I use is something I've cobbled together over the last several months. It is up to 3500(!) lines of C and runs under Linux on my P83 PC with 20MB RAM and P100 laptop with 16MB. I can generate maps for an entire county in about an hour -- after spending several days getting the data and the tig2aprs options right. I am available to create maps for hire. The maps and software are free; the payment is for my time to run the software for you. I encourage you to just run it yourself.

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