George Almási's Personal Home Page

      Hello. This page has some overlap with my professional web page at, but it's oriented more toward my recreational uses of Java, primarily for music (I play the bass) and PDAs (I have 5, including a Zaurus C750).
      My Bass and Guitar programs use the Java MIDI classes purely for fun (the bass can sound like a tuba, the guitar can play chords on a pipe organ.) I also put in a link to the excellent demo supplied by Sun. The Blue Gene Visualizer, on the other hand, is a serious effort to involve the observer's ears as well as eyes in interpreting simulations of a supercomputer. You may need the Java plugin to hear the sounds. It's a free download available here and installs smoothly and painlessly.
      The wine recommender was a feasibility demo that I did several years ago in conjunction with the personal recommender and shopper project described in the linked reference. The challenge was a java program that ran in the (then) tiny memory of the Palm Pilot. The Waba subset of Java succeeded admirably.
      The Zaurus project is a by-product of my current work on a Product Uptake Curve Data Explorer.

Serious Java on the Zaurus
Porting a serious java/SQL application from Windows2000 to the Sharp Zaurus C750,
a 400MHz Linux PDA with a VGA screen. (800KB PDF)
PalmPilot Wine Recommender (Waba/Java)
Matches wines to foods based on your tastes. Uses a subset of java that runs on PalmOS.
Bass away from Home (It can sound like a tuba, too),
Try this Guitar! (It can also play chords on a pipe organ).
Simplest possible Midi Applet test (you should hear one note)
Sun's spiffy JavaSound demo
Blue Gene Visualizer
(uses MIDI sounds to convey supplementary info)
3D Interactive Graphics
(uses Java3D to show interconnection geometry of supercomputer)