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In April 1999, Patek Philippe, added reference number 5054 to their growing range of practical complicated wristwatches. The watch first appeared at the 1999 Basel Show. This self winding watch with small seconds features the unusual combination of moon phase, analog date and power reserve indicators, in a new Patek Philippe case design.

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Ref. 5054 has a handsome case of polished gold or platinum with a hinged dust cover over a sapphire crystal back. The similarity to Patek Philippe's Officer-style case is further underlined by the straight lugs with rolled ends and the screw pins attaching the case and buckle to the strap. The milled, turban crown (a special Patek Philippe pattern) replaces the more usual crown decorated with the Calatrava cross.

The indications (for the power reserve at 10/11 o'clock, the date and moon phases at 7 o'clock and the small seconds at 4/5 o'clock), are slightly sunk to give depth to the porcelain white dial. Roman numerals fan in a semicircle from IX to III on a railway track scale.

The dial remains the same for the versions in platinum or the different shades of gold. Only the moon, in yellow, silver-gray or tinged with rose changes to match the metal of the case. Cases are water resistant to 25 meters.

The three additional complications - moon, date and power reserve indicator - add only 1.45 mm to the movement to achieve an overall height of 3.98 mm. Patek Philippe's extra slim Caliber 240 self winding movement has a decentralized minirotor sunk into the baseplate. It is hallmarked with the Geneva Seal, watch making's highest distinction of quality.

Both the date and moon phase can be set independently by push pieces on the side of the case. If you attempt a correction while the automatic date change is engaged (around midnight), an ingenious safety device prevents damage to the mechanism.

The power reserve indicator shows how many hours the movement will run if the watch is not worn. Fully wound, the power reserve is 48 hours.

Specifications of the movement

Caliber 240 - Ref. 5054

Diameter: [ ] 31 mm [ ]
Height:3.98 mm
Number of parts:265
Number of jewels:29
Max. power reserve:48 hours
Winding rotor:22K gold minirotor, unidirectional winding
Balance:Free-sprung Gyromax
Balance spring:Flat Nivaflex, mobile stud
Frequency:21,600 vibrations/hour
Hallmark:The Geneva Seal

Coaxial moon phase and analog date.

Power reserve. Hours, minutes and small seconds.
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[ Ref. 5054 Yellow Gold ]
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Setting functions

Two-position winding crown:

Two push pieces in the caseband:

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PP ref. 1526
(ca. 1948)
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