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Elgin Railroad pocket watches
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Previously (before 10 March 2004), this page contained pictures and information about: "Elgin 16 size, 21 jewel, ca. 1925, signed B.W. Raymond Wind Indicator Railroad Grade, in signed 'B.W. Raymond Model' Case." I removed most of the information and pictures, because my website is running out of space on my ISP's server (something had to go...), and also because railroad watches are no longer among my salient interests. Please visit the The Elgin Watch Collectors Site for more information about Elgin watches, and please explore the rest of my website for more information on many topics. Best Wishes! "Yours in time...."
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Below, left, is a picture of the watch this page had detailed information about. Below, right, is a picture of an Elgin railroad watch with Up/Down indicator, with pointers on the dial showing at what point Elgin recommended winding the watch, and how far they recommended winding it (Start at 32, stop at 8 -- Note: Perhaps counterintuitively, "0" is fully wound up, and "40" is completely wound down).
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[ Elgin railroad watch, ca. 1925 ]
[ ] [ Elgin railroad watch with winding instructions on Up/Down indicator ]
To learn more about Elgin watches, please go to The Elgin Watch Collectors Site.

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