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I do not have funds to have a real Pavillion d'Un in which to reflect on the decline of the West (or even "just" the status to have an office at work). So I do my best to make the best of fantasy (which was fairly obviously a motivation of my interest in architecture...), including trying to decorate my "cube" at work -- including, as shown above (at left), tacking up a large axonometric drawing of my Pavillion d'Un design, which I can fantasize about inhabiting as I spend my work-day in my cube.... [Other items include: (a) postcard picture of Hermann Broch, in front of left side of Pavillion d'Un drawing, (b) Danese perpetual desk calendar (center right) showing day of month: "21", (c) quote from Edmund Husserl about the relation between philosophy and daily life, on wall to right of calendar, above computer, (d) photograph (1945) of my father and fellow crewmen in front of their B-29 bomber, below and to left of calendar, (e) picture of employee art display at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center including some of my envelope art (ca. 1983), to left of and above calendar.... Not visible: (f) black-and-white 8-1/2" × 11" picture of IBM "How to Stuff a Wild Duck" poster (to right of computer), (g) large color poster of Rene Magritte Empire of Light painting (pinned to partition at back of cube), (h) picture of "Stars and Bars" invention of my uncle Isadore Znamirowski (also pinned to rear partition)....]
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