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[ Grand Union supermarket, Chappaqua NY ]
Chappaqua's local Grand Union supermarket is always looking for checkout clerks, stock persons, etc. Any community with little or no "affordable housing", generally has difficulty filling low-paying jobs. Once Mr. Clinton is out of office, he may have little power to do anything about this widespread social problem. But might he have opportunity to participate in it?
News flash: Wednesday evening, 05 January 2000, the Clintons were actually, finally moving in. Almost the whole parking lot you see here, in front of the Chappaqua Grand Union, was occupied by a phalanx of television network mobile news trucks, some with large satellite link upload antenna dishes on top, pointing into the southern sky. Floodlights made it look like the moon base where they had found The Slab, in 2001. I asked someone if they were going to make Clinton be the first person beamed into space without a spacecraft? (I didn't think to take pictures that night, but: Click here to see one of these trucks, a couple nights later.)
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19 March 2006
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