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<title>On watch: The piety of communication</title>
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This page honors all the telegraph and ham radio operators, 
lighthouse keepers
and others, whose vigilance helps secure for our bodies the
safe foundation upon which our minds can erect a spiritual
world.  We thank them for listening and watching, that our
cries for help may be heard, and the forces which would beset
us be detected.  
<P>This page also honors all those who await their
alert, to come to our aid and deliver us from evil: 
firemen, coastguardsmen, Emergency Medical Technicians and others.
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"Sadly, in
1995 the United States Coast Guard stopped routinely using the morse code to converse with ships at sea. This ended a long
tradition. Morse code however will always remain a viable means of providing highly reliable communications during
difficult communications condtions."<br>
(<a href="">Morse Code Home Page</a>)<P>
" have substituted for the magical
communion of species and the confusion of distinct orders a spiritual relation in which beings remain
at their post but communicate among themselves will have been the
imperishable merit of the 'admirable
Greek people,' and the very institution of
(Emmanuel Levinas, <I>Totality and Infinity</i>, p. 48)
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Brad McCormick, Ed.D.<br><br>
11 Apr 97</address>

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