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<title>Communication Theory / Psychotherapy Supervision / Envelope Art / Maine Coon Cats / ...</title>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Study interpersonal communication, with
a focus on improving emotionally charged communicative interactions by
self-reflection in the conversational process.  Psychotherapy supervision is used as
an example.  Husserlean phenomenology, Gadamer's hermeneutics, Habermas's discourse
ethics are some resources deployed.  These reflections are extended to propose
restructuring of institutional social structures, especially the world of work.
The nature of Modernity is discussed, making use of Toulmin's notion of Rabelais,
Erasmus, et al. as an alternative to Cartesianism.
Building a good society through advanced technology guided by self-reflective social
intelligence (dialog). Also, a virtual exhibit of my Envelope Art, information
about the Lifeworld of my Maine Coon cats, and more....">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="psychotherapy psychoanalysis supervision communication theory  
technology society good life ethics lifeworld envelope art 
phenomenology hermeneutics discourse dialog Bateson Husserl Gadamer Habermas hope work">
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<p><center><font size="+1">
<b>"Home is where we start from" (D.W. Winnicott)
<p>"...the root of history is the working,
creating human being who reshapes and overhauls the given facts. Once he has
grasped himself and established what is his, without expropriation and alienation,
in real democracy, there arises in the world something which shines into
the childhood of all and in which no one has yet been: homeland." (Ernst Bloch)
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<font size="+1"><I><a name="m3"><font size="+2">N</font></a>ot yet 
and yet already</I><sup><small><a href="footnotes.html#m2">1</a></small></sup>.... Sit down.  Rest.  Tarry here
a while.  I hope what you find will repay time spent perusing it
in depth.
Use the <a href="Bradsmap.htm"><i>site map</i></a> to help find your way around. See
<a href="workspace.html">tech notes</a> for miscellaneous meta-physical (i.e., 
banausic) information.
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Please check back occasionally to see how the substantive content of this site,
and my expertise in WEB site construction progress. You can check the
<a href="changelog.html">Change Log</a> to find out what's new since your
last visit.<p>
Let me know you've been here. Please sign my <a href="signgb.html"><i>guest book</i></a>. 
This is an "open-ended" invitation to, <I>among other things</I>:
<li>Share thoughts about material I have posted. 
<li>Report problems encountered exploring 
this site.<sup><small><a href="footnotes.html#m2">2</a></small></sup>
<li>Make suggestions for improvement (in style, content...)....
For "private" or more lengthy comments, or if you want a 
reply, <a href=""><i>send me e-mail</i></a>.</font><p>  
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<h2 align=center><a name="m2">What's Here? Who am I?</a></h2>
<font size="+1"><ul>
<li>Examine my doctoral dissertation, <a href="dissert.html"><i>Communication: 
The Social Matrix of Supervision of Psychotherapy</i></a>.
<li>Read my position paper:
<a href="proposal.html"><i>Some Contemporary Communication Challenges</i></a>.
<li>View my <a href="envelopes.html"><i>Envelope Art</i></a>, and
<a href="photos.html">digital photographs</a> (incl. the <I>Maine Coon</i> cats).
<li>Critique <a href="ad_intro0.html">architectural designs</a> I did in the 1981 Harvard
Career Discovery Program.
<li>Check out my <a href="resume.html">resume</a>.
<li>Take my <i><a href="survey.html">opinion survey</a></i>.
<li>Browse other <a href="elsewheres.html">interesting places</a> on the World Wide Web.
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<h2 align=center><a name="m0">Essays</a></h2><font size="+1">
<font size="+2">A</font>n "essay" is an <i>attempt</i>... A venturing forth to <i>explore</i> and/or
<i>test</i> ("assay")... An interpretive or analytical <i>report</i>
of what has thereby been encountered....  While I am not sanguine about
reasoning from etymology (&agrave; la Heidegger...), and
even leerier of reasoning from homonymy and other irrationalities
(&agrave; la Lacan...), I am impressed that all discourse 
is rhetorical (arises from persons' aspirations...).  
Therefore no symbolic form is to be dismissed out of hand, but rather 
interpreted and situated, and, where appropriate, creatively and 
nurturingly (re-)appropriated by responsibly generative individuals in community --
in what Hans-Georg Gadamer called: "the conversation that we are" (<I>Reason in the Age of 
Science</I>, p. xxiii).<p>
<a href="essays.html"><img src="doorin2.gif" alt="[Mouse hole]" width=34 height=33 align=left vspace=2 hspace=6></a>
This WEB site aims to be an example of the self-thematizing application of this approach. Here is a <nobr><a href="essays.html"><i>mouse hole</i></a></nobr>
which you are invited to enter.<p>
<b>"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (1 Thes. v.21)</b></center>
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Brad McCormick, Ed.D.<br><br>
10 Jul 1997
</td><td valign=top>
<p align=right><i>"Eppur si move" --Galileo&nbsp;</i>
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