As of:  Tue 2019-03-26 16:16:09 UTC  [=1553616969. 12:16:09-04:00]

>> heuristic.xom  L: 4,536. A: 100444. M: 1999-06-01 18:55:28 UTC [=928263328] -7237.88d >> 


; omle sgmlset.txt heuristic.sgm -s heuristic.xom -of heuristic.html

global stream version initial {"1.31, 01 June 1999"}
global stream html
global stream mydate
global stream security
global stream monames variable initial-size 12  initial {"January", "February",
           "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September",
           "October", "November", "December"}

    open html as file "heuristic.html"
    put html "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC %"-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN%">%n<html><head>%n"
    put html "<title>Formatted version of SGML file</title>%n"
    put html "</head>%n"
    put html "<body bgcolor=%"silver%">%n"

    put html "<p>%n"
    put html "</body></html>%n"
    close html
    put #process-output "Normal end of job: heuristic.xom, ver: %g(version)%n"

translate '<' => amp
;    put html "%x(amp)"
    put html "&lt;"

element heuristic
    local stream ls
    set security to "%v(security)"
    do when security = "UNRESTRICTED" or security = "INTERNAL"
        set security to "<font color=%"green%">(This document is for %g(security) distribution.)</font>"
        set security to "<font color=%"red%">This document is classified: %g(security)!</font>"
    set ls to "%c"

element purpose
    put html "<h1><font color=%"navy%">%c</font></h1>%n"
    put html "<h3>%g(security)</h3>%n"

element realization
    local stream ls
    set ls to "%c"

element point
    local stream ls
    set ls to "%c"
element title
    put html "<h2><font color=%"navy%">%c</font></h2>%n"

element text
    put html "<p><font size=%"+1%">%c</font></p>%n"

element docinfo
;    local stream ls
;    set ls to "%c"
    put html "<p><hr size=%"7%"><font size=%"+1%">%n"
    put html "<a href=%"WhatIsSGML.html%">Return</a> to <i>SGML document introducing you to SGML</i><br>%n"
    put html "<a href=%"sgmlnote.html%">Go</a> to <i>*Darwin Among the Machines* (Suzanne Langer and SGML)</i> page</font>%n"
    put html "<hr width=%"40%%%" align=%"left%"><font size=%"+1%">%n"
    put html "<a href=%"Bradsmap.htm%"><img src=%"signpost.gif%"%n"
    put html "align=right height=32 width=32 vspace=0 hspace=5 border=0 alt=%"[ Go to Site Map! ]%"></a>%n"
    put html "<a href=%"welcome.html%">Return</a> to Brad McCormick's home page<br>%n"
    put html "<a href=%"Bradsmap.htm%">Go</a> to Brad McCormick's <i>website map</i>%n"
    put html "</font><hr>%n"
    put html "<A HREF=%""><IMG SRC=%"valid_html3_2.gif%"%n"
    put html "height=32 width=48 align=right hspace=4 vspace=2 border=0%n"
    put html "ALT=%"[ HTML 3.2 Checked! Test me! ]%"></A>"
    put html "<address>%c</address><br>%n"

element url
    local stream ls
;    set ls to "%c"
    put html "http://%c"

element server
    put html "%c/"

element account
    put html "~%c/"

    put html "%c<br>%n"
    put html "(Page generated by OmniMark script: heuristic.xom, v%g(version))%n"

element author
    put html "<br>%c%n"

    put html "%c "

    put html "%c"

element credential
    put html ", %c"

element auth.eaddr
    put html "<br>%c%n"

    local stream lc
;    open stream mydate as buffer
    set mydate to ""
    set lc to "%c"
;    close mydate
    put html "<br>%g(mydate)%n"

element rev.yr
    set mydate to "%c"

element rev.da
    set mydate to "%c %g(mydate)"
    local stream ls
    local counter i
    set i to "%c" 
    set ls to monames item i
    set mydate to "%g(ls) %g(mydate)" 

element list
    do when parent is "TEXT"
        put html "</font></p><ul>%c</ul><p><font size=%"+1%">%n"
    else when parent is "ITEM"
        put html "</font><ul>%c</ul><font size=%"+1%">%n"

element item
    put html "%n<li><font size=%"+1%">%c</font>"

element quote
    do when "%v(type)" = "TEXT.AS.OBJECT"
        put html "%"<font color=%"purple%">%c</font>%""
        put html "%"%c%""
    do when attribute source isnt implied
        put html " (--%v(source))"

element institution
    put html "<b>%c</b>"

element country
    put html "%c"

element ruler
    put html "%v(type) %c"

element product
    put html "<b>%c</b>&copy;"

;element i
;    put html "<i><font color=%"blue%">%c</font></i>"

element inote
    put html "<font size=%"+1%" color=%"blue%"><i>%c</i></font>%n<p>%n<hr>%n"

element link
    put html "<i><font color=%"green%">%c</font></i>"

element #implied
    put #process-output "{.%c.}"

<< heuristic.xom  L: 4,536. A: 100444. M: 1999-06-01 18:55:28 UTC [=928263328] -7237.88d <<

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