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Title of work
The Dance
Henri Matisse
Actually, just about anything by Matisse.... His art expresses a vision of a genuinely good (desired, appealing...) world. To quote the title of another of his paintings: "Luxe, calme et volupte".
Small bronze nude sculpture. David is wearing a hat and high boots and holding a sword -- exquisitely refined eroticism.[Please see footnote #77]
The Garden of Earthly Delights
Hieronymus Bosch

The Burghers of Calais
Auguste Rodin
The tragedy of persons placed in a position where high moral action is demanded of them.

Eugene Atget
Just about any of his photos. Haunting evocations of pre-World War I European culture -- Europe before the lights went out and the gardens closed....

Wassily Kandinsky
So many of his works, which express a vision of an ideal formal -- spiritual in the Hegelean/Husserlean sense -- world
Leon Trotsky lecturing in Denmark (1932)
Robert Capa
There is a copy of this photo in the collection of MOMA. The photographic negative is damaged in many places, poignantly symbolizing the broken hopes of the 20th Century. [There is a fine reproduction of this photograph in Aperture's book: Robert Capa / Photographs (1996).]
The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even
Marcel Duchamp
Allegory of modern bureaucratic / industrial society on a grand scale. Also: his "Readymades".
The Priest Hoshi with an Emerging Bodhisattva (ca.1100?)
[Kyoto National Museum]
Life-size wood sculpture of a standing man, with his face slit open down the center and partly pulled back, revealing a second face beneath. Powerful image of true-self / false-self.

Mario Botta
Just about any house designed by this student of Louis Kahn (e.g., house at Riva San Vitale).
Thomas Jefferson
A highly cultured statesman's hermitage.

Andreas Palladio
Just about any of his villas (e.g., Villa Rotonda, or La Malcontenta).
Daisen-In raked gravel garden
Lovely example of Japanese "dry gardens" [I once swept the floor of the main temple at Daisen-in]. (I could equally as well have chosen Ryoanji, the Shinto Shrine at Ise....)

Abraham-Louis Breguet
Just about any of the pocket watches he made (ca. 1800) -- The Enlightenment in your pocket....
Kurt Schwitters
3-D collage interior decoration. Schwitters kept adding ever more "stuff".
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