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[ Foods I like.... ]
Tuscan [white] beans in garlic and olice oil
Aged Gouda cheese
Very old, very sharp Cheddar cheese
Raw ground beef (After 'mad cow disease', I don't eat this any more...)
Flank steak (preferably horse meat)
Liver (not 'smothered with fried onions')
Most kinds of sushi, sashimi and chirashi
Plain tofu (with some soy sauce to dip it in)
Oatmeal (with honey)
Familia (Swiss Muesli cereal)
Greek yoghurt (with honey and walnuts)
Dannon coffee yoghurt (esp. with uncooked oatmeal on top)
Oatmeal-raisen cookies
Homemade bread ('heavy' and still gooey in inside)
Chocolate mousse
Homemade vanilla ice cream
Scungili and calamari fra diavolo
Tuna salad on whole-wheat bread sandwich (with tomato and raw onion)
Bruschetta (very lightly toastsed)
[ Beverages I like.... ]
Sparkling water (seltzer)
Green Chartreuse (liqueur)
Glenkinchie Single Malt Scotch
Suntory Excellence whisky
Any good full-bodied rich bouquet red wine
Auslese Riesling white wine
Greek coffee
Expresso (preferably with brandy in it)
Chimay beer (in Belgium, not imported to U.S.A.!)
[ Foods and beverages I hate.... ]
Charred (AKA grilled...) anything [hamburgers, steak, 'veggies'....]
Burnt toast
Pickles ('dill', etc.)
Olives (esp. the pits left in public view after people have eaten them)
Kix, Trix and other cereals that don't look like food
French fries
Pizza ("Let them eat...")
Chocolate chip cookies
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