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Any family business that makes something very, very good
Domain Romanee Conti. Patek Philippe SA. Controlled Demolition Inc. RTL (Robinson Transportation Limited). The New York Times.... (So I could wholeheartedly devote my self to *my* work.)
A gourmet vegetarian dinner from the nuns at Daitokuji most nights
[In exchange, I'd never eat meat again.]
My own internet server
(With redundant connectivity in case Lower Manhattan gets hit again; redundant backup electric generators, etc.) [at least I have had my Cloud9 my website for 6-1/2 years+.]
"Zen" garden like Ryoanji
Less is more (and no grass) [At least I have my Kakumi Seiho sake cup, and the Ise-inspired garden I designed in my front yard.]
To see the Northern Lights
[Lux in tenebris....]
Romanee Conti with dinner at least once a week
(I'll "settle" for BV Cabernet Sauvignon every night)
Home designed by Mario Botta
(Louis Kahn's student)
pet Guigna
5 pound South American wild cat (presuming they are tameable) [At least I have my 2 Maine Coon cats.]
A summer house overlooking Santa Fe, New Mexico
[If I could buy my deceased teacher's house, or his b-tchy neighbor's....]
Ability to read and speak German, Japanese, French and Chinese
(in that order...)
A tenured professorship
(So I could spend my days pursuing my intellectual interests, and sharing them with AKA teaching others)
Philippe Dufour Simplicity wristwatch
Believed by many to be the highest quality simple wristwatch ever made [If I had known about this in Jan 2000, I could have afforded one.]
Abraham-Louis Breguet pocket watch
"To wear a Breguet is to have a genius in your pocket." [An acceptable one sold for US$12,500 in 2001.]
Mercedes-Benz 300SL "Gullwing" coupe
So over-engineered that (e.g.) the valve actuators didn't even use springs [desmodromic valves]. [A mint, "loaded" BMW 318ti would be OK, and the 2003 Toyota Corolla I really have is OK, too.]
BMW 200CS (1966), or 3.0CSi (1971)
[See immediately preceding item, above....]
[ Totally unrealistic... ]

Personal jet with mid-air refueling capabilities and a license to fly it
A government surplus SR-71 would be one option, but a B-52 would be far more practical.... [King Hussein of Jordan had a Lockheed L-1011 which he himself piloted.]
To be Monica Vitti
To be Hermann Broch
[at least I knew his son.]
To be Edmund Husserl
[at least I've read some of his writings.]
[ Things I'd like to have so I could sell them for the $$$... ]

Robert A.M. Stern MacMansion
Should fetch a good price
Large yacht
The bigger the better the price should be
A very large diamond
ditto, again
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