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[ ] "Nothing lasts forever in this world where
one season changes into another." (Genji -- Murasaki Shikibu)
Items with yellow background indicate added or changed content. Items with orange background tend to be more "technical", improving the structure of the site, but not necessarily significantly affecting end-user content.
I started this log 07 July 1997; prior changes are not included. This web site was established ca. 01 Dec 1996. I frequently add new material. I even more often revise and rework what's already here.[ Crescit eundo.... ] I rarely remove anything. Crescit eundo....
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[ For the 21st century: Slow food! Slow reflection on all the fast things running around! ] [ ]
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Whatever else you do: Add value! ("value added")
 What was done (We learn by doing....)
Updated my resume.
Added to page about my father's life story, information from email I received from one of his salesmen: "Dec 2011 note" with footnote, fn.124.
Abiko Maine Coon cat died 23 March 2011. Abiko was a very good, and perhaps also a wise cat.
The oldest page on this website of which I still have a copy 'turned 13' this day: Mouse cartoons, dated: "18 Feb 97".
I got an H1N1 "Swine Flu" shot this day.
I have a piece of very good luck returning a piece of very poor quality merchandise. Also: Beware of assemble-it-yourself furniture put together with "cam locks"!
Annals of [felid] aging: Abiko (maine coon cat) had radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroid condition. 4 months later the treatment appears to have been successful and Abi's thyroid is normal.
Changed: Words I can't Stand to: Words I find offensive. And added: Words I just find annoying (i.e., unlike the preceding type, not really hurtful or demeaning).
Added new entries to list of: Words I can't Stand.
Playhouse in front yard of new house. A shrine to the spirit of dwelling?
[ Go to valid XHTML 1.0 version of Homepage! ] Added XHTML 1.0 version of my Homepage.
Added new section to lists of various kinds of things: Words I can't Stand.
[ Get Apple Safari web browser for Windows (or Mac).... ] I downloaded Apple's Safari 3.1 web browser for Windows; pages with Java Applets no longer crash the browser. Everything on this website displays well in Safari 3.1.
Changed HTML doctype tags in HTML 3.2 pages on this website from '<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN">' to '<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN">' because I found that is the preferred HTML 3.2 doctype declaration.
[ Watch out! ]Added important information for when you get a colonoscopy: doctors often do not look for the most dangerous abnormalities.
Added picture that is not a Frank Gehry design for an art museum in Lhasa Tibet.
Annals of aging: This day I had my 4th colonoscopy.
Added new material to collection of puns and riddles.
Going around in circles: Forgetfulness on my way to work one morning....
Annals of recycling: My newspaper recycling bin and the papers in it, stolen, on a late Spring Sunday mid-afternoon.
[ Get Apple Safari web browser for Windows (or Mac).... ] Apple released their Safari web browser for Windows; I downloaded it and this website displays nicely in it (except that pages with Java Applets crash the browser). [See also: 25Sep05 entry.]
Updated my resume to add job promotion from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer.
Pictures of Mimi at Chinese Bluegrass concert, from local newspaper, one day before her 6th birthday.
At work, I unexpectedly participated in a "mini-Y2k" hysteria over daylight saving time (DST) moving forward 3 weeks and many computer programs needing to be patched to show the new time. Silly me, I was not expecting any more computer date problems until the UNIX 32 bit epoch overflow in 2038.
"Germs Never Sleep".
Added picture: Moon seen thru new house foyer window (29 Oct 06, ca. 17:26).
[ An experience in the new house we moved into June 2006 -- Click for more... ]Another adventure in my new home (here: 2 earlier adventures...). Note: Clicking the little "new house" icon [[ An experience in the new house we moved into June 2006 -- Click for more... ]] always takes you to a different adventure of my new life in the new house.... [This item originally posted 24Jun06; updated 22Oct06.]
New material added to "Quotes I like" pages (item #268).
Seltzer water not being available at lunch, I undertake an experiment and try to drink: Ginger Ale.
Time-crunch anxiety about possibly not getting a shower after my workout "supercharges" me to do extra on the stepmill: Read row #2 in: fn.119[ Go to footnote! ]
Added new material to my aphorisms pages (item #103).
Univ. of Pennsylvania figures out how to use student blogs for managing and judging students' progress thru the educational program: fn.120[ Go to footnote! ] (Compare my idea of students creating cumulative portfolios of their work.)
Added picture of Al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, dead, after U.S. forces got him 07Jun06 with 2 precision guided 500lb bombs during a meeting in a "safe house", looking like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn alive.
[ Even though Abiko gets out, she comes back in.... ]In new house: I open back door to get air and do not notice screen is open; Abiko gets out. Fortunately, when I do finally notice the screen is open, I easily find Abiko and she comes back in as soon as I call to her.
[ Even though house doors open, Misu does not escape.... ]Moving Day; house doors open for movers to take stuff out; Misu gets chance to get out but does not escape (Mirabile Misu, again) ~ Also: Misu reminds me of Pikachu (Pokemon).
"Bigger houses, longer commutes" -- trading living room for living: fn.117[ Go to footnote! ]
Watch the show....
Spring 2006 in Iraq: "Now I know it is time to go."
Why we all need to return to traditional moral values.
Does George W Bush support the right to use contraception?
Added collection (ca. 32) Mimi's baby pictures from China and just after she came to U.S.
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