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Change Log: What's new here?
(archived entries, Jul 97 thru Feb 00)

"Nothing lasts forever in this world where
one season changes into another." (Genji -- Murasaki Shikibu)
Items with yellow background indicate added or changed content. Items with orange background tend to be more "technical", improving the structure of the site, but not necessarily significantly affecting end-user content. Grayed out items are defunct. I started this log on 7 July 1997; prior changes are not included. (This web site was established ca. 01 Dec 1996.)
What was done (We learn by doing....)
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Added page about APL computer programming language. APL is powerful, but is also worth learning simply for its conceptual and esthetic beauty. APL may also intrigue some non-mathematically oriented students to become interested in math.
Added: a secret of the helping professions, to "Thoughts and images not otherwise classified" page.
Changed footnote "trigger" style for footnotes with "site-wide" scope, from superscript numbers to [fn.21[ Go to footnote! ]] format.
Added sequential serial number to each entry in Guestbook and Quotes I like pages, to help prevent entries being lost when they move from most recent entries page to an archival page.
Created "ring" of pictures of and information about my cats. To follow the ring, click on the Japanese kanji character for "cat", on each page! [ ] [ Follow the cats trail! ]
Added page with picture of the barbed wire separating my house's back yard from the parking lot of the shops and professional offices immediately behind (illustration for mini-essay on "Our Century", which George Steiner once described as: "The century of barbed wire").
Added page posting letter I received from The New York Times, granting me permission to display their logo on my quotes.html and qtarchive1.html pages.
New Pikachu Pokemon animation page added.
Added another picture of Misu, this one of her in her new favorite basket.
Added link to Walt Odets' critical analysis of current Rolex watch production, to What time does your computer think it is? page. I found Odets' article sufficiently disturbing to cancel an order I had placed for a new Rolex Explorer II. (Note: Clock animation on page requires web browser with Java 1.1 or higher.)
Added page showing how I watched the 1999 to 2000 ("Y2k") millennium rollover on my home computer.
Added some reflections five years after I got my degree: Afterword: Toward a place for study..., to my doctoral dissertation pages.
Added series of HTML pages: e-Homage to the Square (after Josef Albers).
Added page with photographs of House in symmetrical repose, Nova Scotia Canada (Olympus OM-4T camera; Kodak Royal/Gold 400ASA film; Photo CD).
Added page with photograph of former Macy's Department Store, White Plains NY (Olympus OM-4T camera; Kodak Royal/Gold 400ASA film; Photo CD).
Added page with photograph of The Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah NY (Olympus OM-4T camera; Kodak Royal/Gold 400ASA film; Photo CD).
New material (concerning Russian military intervention in Chechnya rebellion) added to page of: "thoughts and images not otherwise classified".
Redesigned Visual site map page to get around a Netscape bug that caused "About Yuri" image to sometimes appear at the top, instead of where it should appear, about half-way down the page (curiously, the clickable area for the image would remain at the correct place, but with background color in the clickable area).
Posted my Millennium e-Greeting -- for you, and for all (for: Everyman)!
[ Go into the new Millennium! + See Mt. Etna! ]
Added color-key formatting to Thoughts and images not otherwise classified page, to distinguish: Action/Warning items, Possibly offensive items, and plain Informational items.
Added photograph of Edmund Husserl to page about the dependency of human cultural achievement upon secure, supportive conditions of daily life (page includes quote from Husserl on this issue).
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Added Shopping Cart to Baggage Claim. (Baggage Claim is part of Post-Postmodern artwork page set).   
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Story about trying to find Amanda Lear record (1980) added to "thoughts and images not otherwise classified" page (you are invited to contribute your thoughts and images).
Added political satire: New Republican President (2001) sells the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to Japanese business consortium, as a step in reducing size of the Federal government.
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"Links to elsewheres" page: Added link to Garrett Hardin's classic essay: "The Tragedy of the Commons". Also: links to more live Mt Fuji viewcams, and other improvements.
Added: Link to Online Help-Line for engineers facing ethical issues in their work.
Added picture of product logo ("splash page") to page with Yuri Rubinsky's historic announcement of free version of SoftQuad Panorama viewer for SGML on the Web.
Updated pages about SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). Added: Yuri Rubinsky's obituary, and his historical document announcing availability of the Panorama SGML viewer (17 May 1995).
Updated military service information on page about my father, Robert McCormick (1920-83).
Added, for philosophers, a detour / excursus from my home page....
New material (concerning "Chernobyl") added to page of: "thoughts and images not otherwise classified".
02 Oct99
Added photos of Monterey Bay, and the Monterey lighthouse, from my Sep. 1998 vacation to California.
Added page of pictures of a folk art wooden cat, by Josef (of Cape Breton Island, Canada), which I bought on vacation, September 1999.
Added page about how I use cobblestones as decorative objects, in my home and other spaces I inhabit (e.g., the office where I work).
Added political satire about: Bill and Hillary Clinton's new home, in Chappaqua, NY (where I live).
Added link to Krazy Kat comics to mouse cartoons page (in honor of Ignatz Mouse!).
Added mini-essay about the nature of cats' lived experience, to first page of photos of Misu kitten.
Added picture of Misu kitten resting in a basket ("A tisket, a tasket...").
Added page of pictures of a hand-built vase I purchased ca. 1971, from the Rochester Folk Craft Guild.
Added links to authors' reference web sites, to selected entries in dissertation bibliography page.
Added page about Daisen-in temple (Kyoto), and other topics related to Japanese gardens, Buddhist monks, etc.
[ Download Third Voice Now! ]Added link to Third Voice website to my "Links to elsewheres page. Third Voice enables you to add to any web page, annotations which can be read by other users of Third Voice software, and you can read theirs. This may be one of the most significant advances in Internet functionality since the Mosaic web browser.
Added segue page to invite you to visit my friend Mark Lindquist's web site devoted to his fine wood work.
Added page of pictures of a wood-fired ash glaze vase I purchased ca. 1971, from American potter Malcolm Wright.
Added to dissertation Introduction, picture of the clock I used to time the ca. 400 therapy sessions which I conducted as a psychoanalyst in training.
Added page of pictures of a Bizenware vase I purchased in April, 1997, from American potter Michael Marcus.
Updated page about the famous Japanese cartoon cat: Doraemon, including adding a link to DORAMAIL Doraemon-oriented free email service.
Link to website describing in detail the astronomical clock which Giovanni de Dondi took 16 years to build, ca. 1350: Giovanni de Dondi's Astrarium added to external links ("Links to Elsewheres") page. *I* would feel honored to have been the author of de Dondi's production, which contrasts antipodally with the ubiquitous planned and unplanned obsolescence of our subsequent but perhaps not maturer "time".
Added page about a hand-blown water glass I purchased a day or two after the sake cup.
Added 2 pages about a Bizenware sake cup I purchased during my first visit to Japan (Dec. 1983 - Jan. 1984).
Added page about Curta mechanical calculator (a different kind of "computer"...).
[ Get Internet Explorer 5! ] If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 web browser, I have a test XML page: xmlcsst.xml, with CSS formatting (in a separate stylesheet file: xmlcsst.ssh). You can view xmlcsst.xml as a native XML web page in IE5.
xmlcsst.xml links to a second test page: xmlisland.html, which uses an "XML island" as a data source object (DSO) in an HTML page, and also includes (at the bottom of the page) a Java marquee applet I have written.
xmlcsst.xml also links to an XML/XSL test page: xmlxslt.xml, which uses XSL instead of CSS to format the XML. xmlxslt.xml uses a DTD; it links to a page with similar content, but which uses an XML Schema: xmlxslschemat.xml. Also: I have created a second XSL stylesheet to apply to the source text of xmlxslt.xml, with very different results: xmlxslt_alt.xml.
Posted pictures of Post-modern (modern post...) sculpture, moved to a new location.
Deployed "barbed wire" background in selected locations ("Our Century: The Century of Barbed Wire" mini-essay, and Picture of myself as a small child page). Note: Used a Cascading Style Sheet style attribute to implement background in "Our Century" essay; does not work for non-CSS browsers, e.g.: Netscape 3.
Note: Whenever there is a long span of time for which there are few or no entries in this log because I have changed little or nothing on this website, it most likely means I have felt threatened concerning the satisfaction of my needs at the lowest levels of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs (See also Edmund Husserl quote on this subject)..
Picture of hand-washing basin at Katsura, Kyoto, added to "Leisure is the Basis of Culture" page; a good image of leisure (picture links to further information about the Katsura villa).
We had to put our 15 year old cat, Jethra, to sleep, 31 December 1998, due to kidney failure. Jethra was a good cat; we miss her.
Added new thoughts about XML to to Unknown HTML tag test page, in response to having attended the Graphics Communication Association's XML Conference (14-20 Nov 98, Chicago).
Added interactive: picture of peasant shoes, to Post-postmodernist artwork.
Added essay about: Individuality and society, to shorter thoughts page.
Throughout this website, where I concern myself with the SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) computer technology, there are references and links to SoftQuad Corporation, which previously was a major supplier of SGML software (esp., the "Panorama" SGML viewer), and whose website contained useful SGML resources. SoftQuad has sold its SGML stuff to another company: Interleaf, and now the SoftQuad references and links on this website no longer work. I do not know when I will fix these, in part because I haven't figured out how constructively to change the affected material. I apologize for any inconvenience due to this unexpected (and possibly misfortunate?) happening in the computer industry (click here for more info).
Added photograph: Early morning sunlight, Sebastopol, CA (Sep 98). Also: photo of Pacific Ocean, from Elk, CA. [35mm photos processed onto Kodak Photo CD]
Added page exploring the purpose, use and value (or lack of same...), of this website.
Added to my dissertation Acknowledgments section, statement concerning "rigor" versus value in education.
Added description of one student's experience as a Master of Architecture student at Harvard in the mid-1980s (I had attended Harvard's Career Discovery Program, in 1981, in hopes of going to Harvard to study architecture).
Added page quoting Freud's eloquent description of a genuinely good society and why we don't have one, from: Civilization and its Discontents.
Added Table of Contents, to "back up" and elaborate site map, which latter is no longer "big enough" to point directly to all major website components (clicking on any blank space in the site map takes you to this new "toc").
Added picture of Jethra cat, hiding under fringe of living room sofa.
[ Loose HTML 4.0 Checked! Test me! ]Validated as "loose" or "transitional" HTML 4.0, most pages that were HTML 3.2 non-conformant (e.g., this page).
Added essay about childrearing: The civilizing process, to shorter thoughts page.
Added page coded to "strict" HTML 4.0 spec, to learn about this new web standard, esp.: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). (First practical use of CSS on this website 23Apr99.)
Added note about personal emergency locator beacons to Duty of Communicators page, in response to rescue of adventurer Steve Fossett after his balloon crashed in dangerous and little-travelled waters, 500 miles east of Australia.
Added page describing a key condition for healthy growth of culture, and for individual cultural development. (Also included are selected chapters from Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel, describing one [fictional] realization of these conditions.)
Added essay about schooling: Where the consumer is king defendant, to shorter thoughts page.
Added page of lyrics from the IBM Songbook.
Added analytical directory listing of all HTML pages on this website, in page title order (also added a user-oriented Table of Contents, 04 Sep 98).
Added essay about barbed wire ("Our century") to shorter thoughts page.
Added page about an architectural design I did for a psychotherapist's office.
Added page about Danese wall calendars, and, especially, one on exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art, 19 July 1998.
Proofread The Gift From the Machine essay (176k), and added annotations [in maroon color, and square brackets, like this here bracketed text...].
Proofread my doctoral dissertation, and added annotations [in maroon color, and square brackets, like this here bracketed text...].
Posted pictures of a new Post-modern (modern post...) sculpture, to second page of my "Post-postmodernist artwork".
Added another page of shorter thoughts (McLuhanesque probes). The original idea was that they would really be short, but they got longer.... Initial topics: hubcaps, prototypes vs mockups, and the [philosophical] idea of "reduction".
Added presentation on: A Role for General Encyclopedias in the Digital Age.
[ Test web pages for HTML 3.2 conformance! ] Corrected HTML tagging in all dissertation pages (Proposal, Introduction, Theory, Conclusions, etc.), and home page, resume, communication proposal, SGML note, second Post-postmodernart page, etc., to parse as valid HTML 3.2. (Note: this page does not parse as valid HTML 3.2, because it uses the bgcolor attribute of <td> tags.)
Normalized all images on this site, if they are link anchors, to have alt attributes in the form: <img ... alt="[ Go to what this image represents! ]">, else: <img ... alt="[ Picture of what this picture is of ]">
This website supports access by persons with disabilities. Please email me if you have any thoughts, comments or criticisms in this regard.[ Email me! ]
Added image of a wonderful logo design (from ISGEm International Study Group on Ethnomathematics). Pythagoras would probably have claimed it for himself.
Added picture of Jethra cat, outside, wanting to come back inside.
Added photographs of hot water heating system in a private residence (plumbing as art).
Added to "Some thoughts" page, some thoughts about the Greek myth of The Fall of Icarus, and how Icarus could have flown high and lived to tell about it.
Added list of favorite advertising slogans to set of "my favorites" lists (accessible from site map page, or, if you have the Panorama SGML viewer installed, as an SGML page).
Added link to information about the "Accademia dei Lincei" to home page (as the place you go to if you click on the moving earth image at the bottom). The Academy (1603-30) supported Galileo in his struggle with The Roman Catholic Church.
Added link to The American Dream to Post-Postmodern artwork page.
Added explanation, for teachers, scholars and others, why SGML is important, to "What is SGML?" page set: "...*Darwin Among the Machines* (Susanne Langer and SGML)".
Added "What is SGML?" -- Introduction to SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) -- page. I believe SGML may portend a "change of phase" (--Henry Adams) in our relation to language, such as previously was effected by alphabetic writing and uniform printed editions.
Added links (in datestamps at bottom of home page, etc.) to United States Federal Government Year 2000 ("Y2K") computer problem website. [These links have been removed as of 14 May 2000, since any Y2k problems have by now almost entirely passed away.]
Enhanced page with photograph of myself as a small child, to include directions how parents can do better for their child than happened to me.
Added text of: A few noteworthy words from an American soldier, from a Washington Post online forum.
Added Copyright © notices to web site.
Added link to classic article on the process of dying: "It's over Debbie", on the page where I have reproduced the text of the Medieval morality play: The Summoning of Everyman.
Modified home page and site map to function less badly with tcpCONNECT4 for Macintosh product (tested: version 4.0.3).
Added description of why I was deemed unfit to be a student in Yale's Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree program.
Added link to URL detailing history of: "Lorem ipsum..." text, which programmers and others (e.g., printers) have long used as "dummy text" in development, and which, sometimes, as described in this message about the National Cancer Institute's web site, "slips out".
[ Download Panorama SGML Viewer! ] Added an SGML "slide show" about HyTime linking. Note that this material is in native SGML format, and therefore you need an SGML enabled web browser to view it (a free trial of a Netscape SGML viewer plug-in used to be available from SoftQuad Inc.).
Added picture of Pikachu Pokemon (Pocket Monster) that caused many Japanese children to have seizures while watching cartoon on television.
Added essay on John Boyd's theory of war, based on Sun Tzu, to thoughts page. (I heard Boyd lecture in 1983, and recently learned that he died in 1997.)
Added another essay on the role of dialog in society: "Oedipus's tragedy was not inevitable", to thoughts page.
Added page with Pattern recognition test, which you can try your skill at. (Reason for creating the page was to improve my skill in the Java programming language.)
Added page with a Post-Postmodern artwork which I have created.
Added essay on human freedom, communication and salvation: "Are we free?", to thoughts page.
Added comments, on Technical Information page, about my experience with my IOMEGA Jaz backup device.
Added page of thoughts about various things. First topic is reflections on my experience of chapel services in the "prep school" I attended between grades 7 and 12 (1958-64).
Added a form, on site map page, to enable you to see my lists of personal favorites (books, films, etc.), without entering the SGML page structure where the lists actually reside as SGML files. An SGML to HTML conversion CGI program converts the SGML into HTML pages, dynamically, upon your request.
[ Go to top of Change Log ] Added this Change Log facility to make it easy for persons revisiting this site to find out what's new. Thereby, I hope to encourage you to visit more often, due to the increased ease of finding what's new. I thank you for coming back to revisit my web site and making it part of your "world".

Replaced previous SGML test page with pages with more sophisticated SGML structure and interesting content (such as lists of my favorite books, films, etc.). If you have an SGML viewer plugin, you can go directly to the new pages.
Added new entries to external links ("Links to Elsewheres") page. Added thumbnail images to those entries for which I could find suitable images. Also: added link to an e-mail conversation between the editor of the Kenji Miyazawa website and myself, which he has included in his site.
Added opinion survey, with real-time election result reporting. Vote!
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