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Change Log: What's new here?
(archived entries, Mar 00 - Aug 01)

"Nothing lasts forever in this world where
one season changes into another." (Genji -- Murasaki Shikibu)
Items with yellow background indicate added or changed content. Items with orange background tend to be more "technical", improving the structure of the site, but not necessarily significantly affecting end-user content. Grayed out items are defunct. I started this log on 7 July 1997; prior changes are not included. (This web site was established ca. 01 Dec 1996.)
What was done (We learn by doing....)
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Added page about Heidegger concept: "Es gibt" ("There is").
Added to Thoughts and images not otherwise classified, information about the provenance of: "Je me souviens" ("I remember").
Added to page of Even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified, thoughts about my: Ancestry and aging (roots, etc.).
Added to Thoughts and images not otherwise classified, link to website about Facel-Vega automobiles.
Added page: Abbot Suger, the church of St. Denis, art history education.
Added to page of Even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified, mini-essay: Start making sense!
Added to George W Bush page, picture of George W Bush thinking about stem cell research. (Page also has, at bottom, picture of Bill Gates.)
Validated most of the pages on this site with an alternate HTML validator, from Web Design Group (it caught a few warnings the W3C validator had not flagged).
Added to More thoughts and images not otherwise classified: (1) A condition any modern architecture must satisfy. (2) Why the ancients were wrong about astronomy. (3) Why postmodern architecture is just Beaux Arts with a face-lift.
Added (at bottom of information about Chernobyl nuclear power plant) information about "the world's biggest nuclear dustbin": decaying Soviet nuclear submarines in the Arctic port of Murmansk.
Added page about: How and why I differ from performance artist Laurie Anderson.
Added new pictures of Mt. Ætna erupting, to Millennial year greeting page.
Enhanced and made a separate web page out of notes on Jan Szczepanski's magisterial essay: Individuality and Society.
Added more info about my childrearing: how I tried to cope with what "they" kept doing to me.
Updated photo of Misu atop coatrack (On top of Mt. Misu) to include brief reflection on sensual delight in living (La Dolce Vita).
Added "Fortune Cats" (Maneki neko") to various pages on this website to welcome visitors and for good luck (see, e.g., Fortune Cat at bottom right of this page, and at top right of my home page).
Also: added to Doraemon page, link to Fortune Cat Club, which has extensive information about Fortune Cat.
Updated Yuri Rubinsky obituary page, to include URL for The Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation.
Added to page of Links to other interesting WWW sites, link to resources about John Boyd's military theories (Boyd based himself on Sun Tzu; his ideas are applicable to business and other areas of life).
Added to essays page The fluffy law of gravity, aside about the sacredness of sisterhood.
New entry added to "Quotes I like" page: Appropriateness of using Princess Diana's image on margarine packages but not in public service automobile safety ads urging persons to wear seatbelts.
Enhanced page about America's Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) defense systems, with wonderful picture of sky-burst of ABM intercepting an ICBM above the Arctic lighting up the Northern Hemisphere of earth: lux in tenebris.
Enhanced my presentation of traditional Islamic women's attire: chadors, burqas, etc. Included: Link to purchase online.
One of the great images in Western literature.
Added to Even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified, two dreams about being born.
"Personal virtue": Why is personal virtue (as "abstinence") key to the war on drugs and teenage pregnancies, but irrelevant (as "conservation") to California's energy crisis?
Updated page of pictures of some of the world's most VuLGAR expensive wristwatches: "Bvlgari-Bvlgari"!
Enhanced pages of recommended links to other websites (Plus ultra...) by adding link to website documenting public toilets of the U.S.A. and the world, to replace Paris Sanitation before 1900 website which seems to have ceased to exist.
Added to More thoughts and images not otherwise classified, description of old American Express ads, where a demi-celebrity does not get any recognition until they show their American Express card..
Added page explaining: What monumentality means.
Added to: Exposé of coerced public nudity in our society, on page of Thoughts and Images Not Otherwise Classified, link to website documenting: urinals of America and the world.
Added to More thoughts and images not otherwise classified, thoughts about Charles Lindbergh and Icarus.
Revised Resize peasant shoes interaction (If the shoes fit...).
Added to More thoughts and images not otherwise classified, explication: Monumental music (symphonies and choral works) is incompatible with democracy and inimical to human dignity. [ ] [ Thum thum-thum thum thum-thum.... ]
Added to More thoughts and images not otherwise classified, deductive syllogistic proof: A diamond is forever.
Added page about proposed National World War II memorial on The Mall, Washington DC: "Spectral lines".
Added picture of Swedish postage stamp showing humanistic, human-scale urban architecture (similar to what I saw on my one visit to Brussels).
Concorde SST humor: Archeologists find the original prototype.
Added screen shot of The New York Times on the Web misspelling George W Bush's name.
Important engineering project to be done: Raise the dead.
Added page of selected fools, from Sebastian Brandt's Ship of Fools (1494): Five types of schooled fools (Stulti docti).
Summa Theologica in five (5) sentences (one paragraph).
Added example pictures to: Background info on Postmodernism page.
Added to essays page: Link to picture of Réalités magazine subscription form.
Added page with picture of: my house in Chappaqua NY. Plus: World famous architect, Frank Gehry's apocryphal remodelling design!
Added page with picture of cover of Marquis de Sade's: Justine, as segue to: Leisure is the basis of culture. [ ] [ Leisure: Luxe, calme et volupte is the basis of culture! ]
Added to page of thoughts and images not otherwise classified: Emoticon aka "smiley": Individual merging with the Universe.
Revised page explaining: Lorem ipsum dolor..." (incl. an interchange en español -- first substantive content on this website "in a foreign language"!).
Added to page of quotes about time by Nietzsche, Husserl, Cat Stevens and others, picture of Waltham Premier Maximus dial detail ("it's About time").
Added brief description of my feelings on revisiting my "alma mater" (Yale), 28 April 2001 (33 years after I graduated).
Updated page concerning U.S. President George W. Bush's seeming problem dealing with frustration, to include: trompe l'oeil photograph of Bush looking a lot like Dan Quayle (go to bottom of page). [See also: George W. Bush]
Revised page describing my friendship with H.F. Broch de Rothermann, son of author of: The Sleepwalkers, The Death of Virgil (etc.), and my small and indirect but real link to the cultural world Bruno Bettelheim called: "Freud's Vienna".
Added some thoughts concerning submarine Greenville / fishing boat Ehime Maru tragedy.
Added page concerning Breguet perpetual watch #5, auctioned by Antiquorum, 25 April 2001 (US$600,000).
Added picture of a car I'd like to own: BMW 318ti.
Added mystery picture: "This is not a Dogon mask". What do you think it is?
Added new picture of Misu Maine coon cat: Looking out from "kitty bunker".
Split this change log into a current page and two archive pages, because it was getting too big: It was requiring the user to wait too long for page to load!
Added picture of Brigitte Bardot wizened by suntanning. Please stay out of the sun!
Added information about remarkable Hellenistic astronomical clock: The Antikythera Mechanism, to page: Links to other interesting websites.
Revised: Hubcap mentalité mini-essay. Plus: added other miscellaneous tidbits of automo[memora]bilia.
Split page of Thoughts and images not otherwise classified into two pages because it was getting too big and taking too long to load.
Added page about Cadillac automobile ETC (includes links to OnStar and Cadillac night vision feature).
Added page of "my favorite famous people" (Good, bad and other...).
Added new photos to page documenting Patek Philippe ref. 5057 semi-complicated wristwatch (part of 5015/5054/... series of related designs).
Added page about Elgin railroad approved pocket watch similar to one I bought December, 2000.
Limited edition museum quality pocket watch US$195! Click here!
Added to page of Thoughts and Images Not Otherwise Classified, picture/diagram of Soviet space stations looking like a row of kanjis.
Added example of effects of myths: picture of ritually amputated fingers, to page on the potential roles of myth in our lives.
Hillary Clinton explains her husband's infidelities as due to childhood abuse.
Added page about Air France Concorde SST crash (25 July 2000): Yet another disaster that could have been avoided.
Added photo of messenger's letter case in collection of Suntory Museum (Tokyo), on which I modelled my "knotted letter" signature seal stamp.
Added to page about my experiences with mechanical watches, picture of: Elgin railroad approved pocket watch which I bought December, 2000.
Added reference to Presidential pardon scandal, to: Bill and Hillary Clinton political satire.
Corrected Java Applet that shows current @SwatchBeat time (previously, month showed as 1 less than it should be, e.g., "02" for March).
Added page about a danger which concerns me about The Internet.
Added lots new info about Chappaqua, Chautauqua, and Horace Greeley to: Bill and Hillary Clinton political satire.
Added page about increasing role of chance (lotteries, etc.) in American life.
Added page about myth: Mining meaning: Every myth is a resource.
Added page about: What secrets tell.
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"O! say can you see..." Enhanced page about still [as of 28 Nov 2000] unsettled Florida vote count to determine who won the 07 Nov 2000 U.S. Presidential election, to include links to a new page about George W. Bush as potential election victor.
Against sentimentality: Added analysis of famous sentimental stupid O. Henry story.
[ Go to French Canada! ]Added information and pictures from my recent vacation to French Canada, Montréal and Québec City: "Je me souviens" ("I remember").
Added picture of window over front door of Old Montréal house, with interesting reflection.
Added picture of Dr. François Rabelais, from restaurant sign in Québec City.
[ Go to Site Map! ]Added to Visual site map page, request to visitors:  Please recommend this website to your friends, if you find anything here you like! 
Redesigned Guestbook, to include mail slot from church in Québec City.
Added, for philosophers, picture of: "Cogito ergo sum".
Posted warning about health hazards of flying "coach" class on long commercial airplane flights.
Added to Post-Postmodern artwork page set: Warhole Brillo Boxes sculpture ("Non carborundum legitimi").
Visit an Island of the shades.(?)
Added essay: Against ambivalence (further elaboration of my reflections on Sigmund Freud's essay: Civilization and its discontents).
Added analysis of the movie: Chariots of Fire, to my page of Thoughts and Images not otherwise classified.
Revised (hopefully, improved...) essay: Are we free?, on Thoughts page.
Added new HTML artwork and visual study of one-on-one communicative interaction: Confessional (Which side are you on?).
Added page about Patek Philippe ref. 5057 complicated mechanical wristwatch. Also: Antiquorum Online's watch condition grading system.
Added to Patek Philippe ref. 5054 wristwatch information, page explaining The Geneva Seal mechanical watch quality hallmark.
Added information about Patek Philippe ref. 5054 complicated mechanical wristwatch.
Added information about Patek Philippe Aquanaut (ref. 5066/1A) mechanical wristwatch.
Added text of Edmund Husserl's "Vienna Lecture" (10 May 1935): Philosophy and the crisis of European humanity.
Added mondrEaan artwork (pure HTML: form without content).
Added copy of W3 Consortium press release announcing HTML 3.2.
Started collecting new words for carry-overs from the last millennium.
Revised essay on my experience with mechanical wristwatches, including adding a section of the importance of a watch having a power reserve indicator ("reserve de marche" complication).
Added "2-tone" backgrounds to selected "picture pages", to create illusion of "depth" instead of previous "flat" effect of monochrome background: Katonah Museum, Are you a prodigy?, Plumbing as art.
Added pictures of "hauntingly beautiful" 12th C. Tuscan country house (for sale, August 2000).
Added page about SWATCH corporation's proposal for a new universal time standard, the: @Swatch Beat. Includes Java applet (requires JDK1.1+) showing current @Swatchbeat time.
[ Loose HTML 4.0 Checked icon ][ HTML 3.2 Checked icon ]Finished upgrading all HTML-validated pages on this site, so that clicking on the HTML validated icon (usually in lower right corner of page) directly validates the page, instead of taking you to a generic HTML validation page where you have to type in the page's URL to validate it.
[ Find me in lower-left corner of site map! ]Added clock icon to lower-left corner of visual site map, linking to my Horology page (What time does your computer think it is?).
RYO (Roll Your Own....): Create your own cartoon!
Added page about America's anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defenses.
Added note about the future of bibliography, at bottom of my dissertation bibliography page.
On page quoting Rabelais' description of the Abby of Thélème, replaced picture of Delamain cognac label, with picture of Blanche de Bruges beer label, to evoke that leisured world.
Added quotes from Folon's book of envelope art, Lettres a Giorgio, to virtual exhibit of my own Envelope Art (See also Footnote #26[ Go to footnote! ]).
Added Westchester County Bee Line Bus Line information to Clinton political satire, to help the Clintons avail themselves of convenient public transportation should they find themselves strapped for money.
Added 2 pictures of mobile news truck, with large satellite link upload antenna on roof, in Chappaqua NY Grand Union parking lot, beaming to the world, news of the Clintons visiting their new New York residence.
Added another picture of Misu (Maine Coon kitten we got on March 31, 1999), perched atop living room coat rack (On top of Mt. Misu...).
Added "double-exposure" photo of parish hall, St. John and St. Mary Church (Chappaqua, NY), seen thru my living room window: Part of my political satire about President and Mrs. Clinton's move to Chappaqua.
Added picture of mobile news truck, with large satellite link upload antenna on roof, in Chappaqua NY Grand Union parking lot, beaming to the world, news of the Clintons visiting their new New York residence.
Split website Page Inventory (Table of Contents) into 2 parts because it was over 100K and took too long to load! [As of June 2002, it's up to 4 parts.]
Improved Perl script: titles.pl, which generates website Page Inventory pages, to verify that internal hyperlinks [i.e., hyperlinks that link to locations inside this website] have valid targets.
Added page with picture of Louis Kahn's Salk Institute for Biological Studies (Picture of a picture from a ca. 1990 House and Garden magazine).
Added full-face portrait of Misu (Maine Coon kitten we got on March 31, 1999), atop living room coat rack (On top of Mt. Misu...). [Page links to older pictures of Misu, backlit, with golden and silver aura, which I do not like so much any more.]
Posted picture of Post-modern (modern post...) sculpture in winter, with snow cap.
Added new question, to "Thoughts and images not otherwise classified" page puzzlers and riddles section.
Added page about my personal experiences with mechanical wristwatches, during more than 40 years: The Crown and the Cross: An essay on transparency and light, and heart.
Added new material to page of reflections about virtual reality, based on declassified United States secret information warfare projects.
Added approximate current moon phase to horology page (What time does your computer think it is?). Also: Added page with more lunar phase information. [ ]
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