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Change Log: What's new here?
(archived entries, Sep 01 - Aug 02)

"Nothing lasts forever in this world where
one season changes into another." (Genji -- Murasaki Shikibu)
Items with yellow background indicate added or changed content. Items with orange background tend to be more "technical", improving the structure of the site, but not necessarily significantly affecting end-user content. Grayed out items are defunct. I started this log on 7 July 1997; prior changes are not included. (This web site was established ca. 01 Dec 1996.)
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What is "chastity"?
Enjoy your obligatory pleasures!
Added remarks by Pierre Hadot, on: relevance of philosophy to daily life.
Added to page about Glashütte Original watch, statement by GO owner: "What does 'a German watch' mean?" (bottom of page).
Continuing Israeli construction on occupied land give new meaning to phrase: "a shining city on a hill".
Added page about porcelain vase, by Jerry Williams (purchased ca. 1971).
Added picture of Kodkod (smallest New World cat, approx. 6lbs).
What is phenomenology?
The ascent of man: "An evolutionary tale."
Added to page with photograph of Leon Trotsky (1932), Emmanuel Levinas quote about: "the end of a certain Europe" (bottom of page).
Why do persons still need ecclesiastical "indulgences"?
Picture of "virtuous" labyrinth (contrast with labyrinthine computer code...) added to: computer aphorisms and memories (item #20).
"I almost missed!"
What are your plans for 01 February 2019?
Added to page about Israeli rocket attack that assassinated Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Ali Mustafa: Israeli rocket attack that killed Palestinian terrorist leader Sheik Salah Shehada.
Added view of Virgin Mary thru my home's living room front window.
Added new material to page of "obvious" ideas I did not think up by myself: Why didn't I think of that?
 [ Notice what's hiding in plain sight! ]
Posted George W Bush Administration Press Release that "got out" with many inappropriate question marks ("?") in text -- presumably nobody proofread it?(sic)
Added page about garden I designed for front yard of my house, inspired by Ise "Wedded rocks".
Added page of "my favorite acronyms".
Do you agree with how the Bush administration is fighting the new global terrorism?
The Bush administration is using recent AlQaeda attacks as an excuse for depriving American citizens of their civil rights. It's 2002: Do you know where your civil liberties are?
More political satire: John Paul II canonizes George W for privatizing the Heavens.
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Q: How to keep raccoons out of the garbage? A.
Updated page describing some of my criteria for good web design, to include more icons (and more changes).
Added warning for students about this website being monitored by anti-plagiarism snooper software. This website aims to help both students and teachers appreciate what is happening to them, and how to make the educational process better.
Added to page of lyrics from the IBM Songbook: THINK sign and link to IBM Corp website.
Started adding version numbers to more pages on this site. Enhanced internal link validation Perl script (titles.pl) to generate version tracking manifest file to help verify that changes get propagated among offline source repositories.
Added to page of brief quotes about time: moon phase display from antique grandfather's clock.
New material added to page: How to fight the war against terrorism (recommendation #6a).
Please read and learn important lesson from: Interview between the chief "911" terrorist, Mr. Mohamed Atta, and a U.S. Dept of Agriculture official, in May 2000. Never again!
Added to picture of 1950s McDonalds Hamburger Restaurant: picture of McDonalds French Fries.
Added page of pictures of my new car: A 2003 Toyota Corolla LE (I like it a lot!).
Began collecting Surprising New York Times news article headlines.
Added thought experiment demonstrating how scientific "theories of everything" cannot explain our daily social and personal life, but rather are part of that life.
Added to brief astronomical observations: Hegel's assessment of the worth of the starry heavens.
The ultimate All-American High School senior's ultimate High School yearbook picture.
George W Bush assures the American people that if he had known terrorists were going to kill Americans on "911", he would have done everything in his power to prevent them (bottom of page).
Added to page about watch with interesting dial design: JLC Sun Moon Reverso, picture of interesting Breguet dial design (bottom of page).
Added to page explaining Heidegger concept "Es gibt": Es gibt explained", explanation how Charles Darwin's idea of "natural selection" means the same thing as Heidegger's "Es Gibt".
[ What does this fish mean? Check it out! ]
Who? (ref.: Old American Express ads).
More Enron crude (and how to prevent getting still more of it).
Enhanced page of reflections on 12 year old American middle-class girl's: violent, apocaplytic drawing (Dies Irae?), by adding second, clearer picture of her drawing.
[ Read about it: Abiko cat kills 3 mice in 1 week! ] Added to Pictures of Abiko [Maine coon cat] page: Abiko catches a mouse and brings it into the living room catches two more mice! gets hit by debris... Also: Picture of Abiko on mouse watch... in Kitty Tora Bora.
Added to page of even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified: some thoughts on religious tolerance and religious education.
Added picture of a crowd of Christian pilgrims, to news report of first Vatican manned space flight.
Added to e-artwork about The True Faith (whoever's version of it...), "In hoc signo vinces (IHS)": "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori."
Added [2/3 of a...] Dilbert cartoon about reality to page: The Annals of Virtual Reality: A North Vietnamese Village... (Bottom of page).
Added to page of even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified: Fashion statement from the Vatican.
New entry added to "Quotes I like" page: Bishop Wilton Gregory speaks candidly about homosexuality in the Catholic priesthood.
Added to page of 2 "neat" cat cartoons (I did not create them...), info about lost cat toys geological stratum.
Added George W Bush's Earth Day 2002 remarks.
Added to page of even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified: Example why I probably would not make a good capitalist.
Added picture of Bethlehem explosion, to new material about Paleatinian terror and Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, in page asking some current political questions. Let me know your thoughts and questions.
Added to section on pall (chador, burqa, etc.) cast over the individual in many Islamic societies, in page of thoughts and images not otherwise classified: picture of mass movement at Islamic Hajj (Crowds and Power).
Added picture of IBM Song Book to page of lyrics from The IBM Song Book.
Added heartwarming story of feline intelligence and love of home: Misu finds her way home.
Added page about cat kanji "chop" (engraved signature seal) I had made during my recent trip to China.
Added page interpreting the opening lines of Hermann Broch's novel "The Death of Virgil".
Added to homepage, [link to] "Enter this way" sign (picture of Entry sign at Sun Yat-Sen memorial, Nanjing, China.
New Material added to page about Sigmund Freud's essay "Civilization and its discontents": Alfonso Lingis's description of an advanced civilization that did not repress aka "sublimate" sexuality.
Added picture of 2 faced Buddhist monk (Japanese, life-size wood sculpture, ca. 1350).
Added picture of world's first cloned cat: CC.
[Picture of] Dunkin' Donuts added to page listing some ethnic folkways of contemporary middle-class American culture (bottom of page). Please add yours, Thank you: [ Email me! ]
Added difference between local time and UTC (GMT) to Java clock applet: What time does your computer think it is? (Also added code to specially adjust for UNIX fonts.)
Finished adding http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1 HTML meta tags to pages on this website.
Meet friendly forest guys: fungi spirits, from Japanese anime film Princess Mononoke.
Added new picture of Misu's eyes (The eyes are the windows of the soul).
[ Go to adoption info! ] Added to info about baby girl my wife and I are adopting from China: Link to photocopy of Letter of Seeking Confirmation from Adopter, which we received 28Jan02, telling us that the China Centre for Adoption Affairs has matched us with Wong Miao Miao, born 01Apr01. Please check back for further updates!
Picture of devastation inside building added to page about Israeli rocket attack that assassinated Palestinian terrorist leader in his office there.
26Jan02  [ Don't click this link, or else you will go to AOL! ]
Reworked Plumbing as Art page, to provide more information about Robert Musil and his book The Man Without Qualities. Also: added picture of pocket watch for him (IWC ref. 5215).
Added local weather report to virtual tour of Bill and Hillary Clinton's home in Chappaqua, New York.
What is likely the most horrifying sound human beings can make.
Added to George W Bush material, link to: Enron (energy trading company that collapsed in America's biggest bankruptcy to date; top executives sold their stock near its highest trading price, while preventing employees from selling stock in their retirement accounts until the stock became worthless).
Added "credits" page, acknowledging persons who have contributed to my developing this website.
Added to computer aphorisms and memories: The DP Golden Rule.
Added to page of Even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified, banknote beauty: picture of Pre-€uro (pre-2002) Netherlands 250 Guilder banknote (Also: 50 Guilder banknote).
Added page juxtaposing "The Slab" in the movie, and destruction of NYC World Trade Center towers: 2001.
New material added to page of computer aphorisms and memories (item #27). Also: Added story Jerry Leichter told about the mathematician John von Neumann (the inventor of "game theory") and the Princeton poker game.
Added to page of Even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified, everything you need to know about today's professional sports results: The Sporting News.
Added new material page about my participation in Japanese television network NHK's "Nuclear Arms and the Human Race" Internet forum (1997).
Added to H.F. Broch de Rothermann page: imaginary conversation with "Broch's son", about reference to The Sleepwalkers, which we both seemed to remember in Fellini's film La Dolce Vita.
Revised page about childhood and adult trauma and remembering: The Messenger (added quote by Irene Katcher).
Added new dream image to my dreams (and waking reveries...) page (at bottom).
[The Kursk was raised from bottom of Barents Sea, 08Oct01.]
[ ]
New material added to page about Soviet nuclear submarine Kursk disaster. (Previously added links to: Kursk crew memorial website, and Russian Kursk Official Information Channel website.)
Added directory page: web artworks on this website.
Added picture of Burqa clad Afghanistani women going about daily life activities.
Added to page of Even more thoughts and images not otherwise classified, description of "my way" of doing things, which is often self-impeding/self-defeating.
[ A BRIGHT IDEA! Light in the darkness! ] Added to Create your own cartoon page: Classic Zap comix cartoon about: another hamburger.
Added some influential persons' proposals what to rebuild on the NYC World Trade Center site, including a neo-Albert Speer light show.
(23Sep01) What should we rebuild on the site of the NYC World Trade Center?
Added page with one of the defining images of the 20th century: Leon Trotsky lecturing in Copenhagen (1932, by Robert Capa).
Why is the surrealist artist René Magritte hiding his face behind his hand?
Added page about: Destruction of NYC World Trade Center (11Sep01), by terrorists who used commercial airplanes as kamikazes.
Added specific reflection on human[e]ly constructive role of cell phones in such extreme situations.
Added to reflections on The Annunciation (where Mary gets informed she will give birth to Jesus), link to Lorenzo Lotto's painting of Mary trying to flee from the news.
Added new material to: Mouse Cartoons and more mice page (incl. picture of, and link to information about, endangered British hazel dormouse. God save the Queen's endangered hazel dormouses!)
Added new items to page in lieu of an alphabetic back-of-book Index: "Partial mini-Borgean Encyclopedic classification of things in this website".
Started changing pages with center-aligned HTML tables (e.g., my Site map, and this page...), to explicitly specify align=left on <td> table tags, because Internet Explorer 6 defaults <td> elements in centered tables to align=center. I hypothesize MicroSoft has wilfully inconvenienced us customers by this change, because they believe it will somehow help them eliminate competition. [See also: Mozilla 1.2.1 table border rendering problem.]
Enhanced Airport baggage claim is a moving experience animation, by adding page: Shopping cart (details).
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