A cobblestone

[ Picture of a cobblestone ][ Picture of a cobblestone ][ Picture of a cobblestone ]
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Cobblestone. Height: 3-7/8", width: 3-1/2", depth: 4".

I place cobblestones in various places, usually on the floor, in a corner, or next to a piece of furniture against a wall, as sentries or good-luck spirits. Staircase landing, shown at right, has two cobblestones next to bookcase (cobblestone pictured above is at left).

[ Picture of room with 2 cobblestones ]
[ An experience in the new house we moved into June 2006 -- Click for more... ]Another adventure in my new home (24Jun06): Saturday morning, about 05:30AM, I'm driving to White Plains to exercise at the gym when it opens at 7. Near my house I notice in the road what looks like a rock, not a cobblestone but vaguely rectangular and maybe twice as big. I drive around it and go on my way, considering myself fortunate not to have hit it....
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On my return after exercising, I keep an eye out to see if the rock is still in the road. Almost home, I begin to think maybe either there never was a rock or that someone already moved it. But then, suddenly, not where I had expected it, there it is, still in the middle of the road, where somebody surely should hit it and blow a tire or suffer other damage (I wondered that no cars had apparently hit it yet, but the road is not heavily travelled before 9AM on a weekend). I put on my emergency flashers, stop, and move the rock out of the road. Returning again a little later on an errand into town, I stop again and move the rock up the hill so that there is no chance anyone driving on the road will encounter it.
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[Another adventure, the day before: I regularly leave for work about 5AM. Friday (23Jun06), as I approach my car door in the dark -- it really does get dark out here where the new house is! --, I am surprised by a large fallen tree limb on the side of my car -- and then I saw there was another on the other side. Fortunately they seem to have left at most a few superficial scratches and not dented or broke anything. --Why had they fallen? I didn't think there had been a storm or high wind during the night. At work I called an arborist, and he came and looked later in the day and called me and said he could not figure out where the limbs had fallen from and he did not think I should be worried about more happening. I'm not convinced. ~ A few weeks later "The Care of Trees" came and cut down a couple dead trees, which should reduce the risk of falling limbs damaging my car, but the healthy trees still deposit a lot of tree-gunk on my car -- a problem I did not have in the old house.][ An experience in the new house we moved into June 2006 -- Click for more... ]

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