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Commercial advertising submissions (are these automated or do real persons actually enter them?) grew so "bad" that I shut down the guestbook submission form in late April 2006, in hopes of discouraging them from continuing to spam me. You can still send me email at: bradmcc@cloud9.net[ Email me! ]
Also, if I had it to do over again, I would not have displayed submitters' email addresses in their postings, for the reason explained in posting #529.
[547] 2006.04.19 @ 01:09:12 UTC
From: Krgedro (frdhedsa@satrfhh.com)
Very much it was pleasant to me! It is good, when people put soul in the business! Many thanks

[546] 2006.04.13 @ 15:13:09 UTC
From: Merritt Tilley (metilley@gmail.com)
Long live APL2!

[545] 2006.04.10 @ 16:55:22 UTC
From: Youh Ma Fu (damerilian@catlover.com)
Hey Brad, nice page.

[544] 2006.04.10 @ 19:13:54 UTC
From: Shawn Archer (shawnarcher_2006@hotmail.com)

[543] 2006.04.09 @ 06:22:54 UTC
From: Mia Dueconu (mia_dueconu@publicist.com)
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[542] 2006.04.08 @ 19:05:30 UTC
From: Mustrum (ridcullymustrum@yahoo.co.uk)
Looks like you've been busy!! Great site.

[541] 2006.04.07 @ 13:01:34 UTC
From: dayshawn moore (Please@dont.spam.me)
soon i will come out with my own cartoon

[540] 2006.04.07 @ 09:20:23 UTC
From: Steve (steveholt42@gmail.com)
interesting site. Can't say I agree with alot of it but I guess that's why we live in a free country.

[539] 2006.04.05 @ 21:27:38 UTC
From: Mr. Isa Fibber (notfadeaway@postmaster.co.uk)
Good to see this stuff on the net

[538] 2006.04.03 @ 22:45:40 UTC
From: Ken Moore (ken@mooremusic.org.uk)
I'm not convinced that full APL is suitable for large scale parallel computation. Two points need to be addressed:

1) Define a function A with one argument, delivering a value. Within the function B write the expression A - Q. Call B from within two higher functions, F and G; F has a local variable A and G has not. When B is called from F, A is the value of F's local variable and "-" is dyadic; when it is called from G, A is the function, taking - Q as its argument, and "-" is monadic. Thus B cannot be compiled, since its syntax varies with its position in the program flow.

2) The most elegant solution for the race problem in massively parallel computer systems is functional programming. A "fascist" version of APL which forbade reassignment of values to an identifier might be possible, but would be very different from what we know and love.

Mozilla Firefox is very happy with this page AFAIK. Of course, at this stage I don't know whether it will arrive.

[537] 2006.03.31 @ 23:54:53 UTC
From: Ry Z (info@925never.com)

[536] 2006.03.30 @ 22:10:24 UTC
From: Jean-Pierre Destrée (jean-pierre.destree@skynet.be)
I used APL in a large bank during the 1980's and I became a friend of Jim Brown, one of APL main developer within IBM. Since then, we lost contact. I'm looking for a good version of APL for Windows for private (retired) use. I know there were IBM (APL/PC) and IPSharp versions in the 90's. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of these? And where I can contact Jim Brown?
Thanks a lot.

[535] 2006.03.26 @ 03:06:37 UTC
From: Shelby (shelbyeatenton@fastmail.fm)
Rarely do I come across a website that I actually sit down and read. This was awesome. Thanks for your time.

[534] 2006.03.24 @ 13:37:19 UTC
From: Desma (desma.stabilo@googlemail.com)
Interesting website
especially like the no spam

[533] 2006.03.19 @ 19:08:09 UTC
From: Hotel Suite Duomo (info@duomo.it)
Great Site ! Visit my hotel in Ferrara Italy www.suiteduomo.it

[532] 2006.03.17 @ 23:15:36 UTC
From: Zoey Gold (Please@dont.spam.me)
I was thinking of a comic book only for girls called the "StarFighters"

[531] 2006.03.17 @ 08:03:12 UTC
From: Billie (b1ll@soniq.org)
Hey Brad, ran accross your site. thought it was cool. SO much to read.. passed my day at work perfectly !

Why don't you take a look at my page sometime? Billie - Soniq.org. It's got a lot of fun pictures of parties and cureent happenings around Milwaukee, WI and the surrounding cites (Green Bay, Chicago, Etc.) Thanks!

[530] 2006.03.16 @ 00:38:49 UTC
From: Tom Lesieutre (info@tramontorealestate.com)
Wonderful web site, you have put a lot of work into it.

[ Go to Mugu central! ][ Traverse Mugu entries in guestbook... ][529] 2006.03.07 @ 01:17:43 UTC
From: Uriah (uriahheep.hangingtree@gmail.com)
Just letting you know that guestbook entries/variations on words such as: "mugu" "Guyman" "Guymen", "keep off" "keep offffff" signify that a lame Nigerian Scammer has targeted the messageboard/guestbook for email harvesting for SCAM emailling ( Nigerian 419 Scams) and Phising Attempts; all the spam we know and hate.

Thanks very much!

[528] 2006.03.06 @ 05:57:26 UTC
From: Bryan Q (bryan.quighley38763321577@hotmail.com)
Couldn't resist a plea in cyberspace. Fun site - keep up the good work.

Wake me at 3 = bryan.quighley38763321577@hotmail.com

[527] 2006.03.02 @ 18:38:30 UTC
From: tom (tbanner@centurytel.net)
well, this is great information, very interesting

[526] 2006.02.28 @ 06:42:10 UTC
From: [Ed. Note: Name withheld]
Dear Brad (may I?),

I[...] want to double check a quote which is supposed to come from The Spell. Hermann Broch (1886-1951):
Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.
As yet I don't know which chapter this comes from. I read your website on Hermann Broch and his son with great interest[....]

[525] 2006.02.26 @ 02:18:46 UTC
From: Benjamin Dover (budover@yahoo.com)
A very interesting site. My first visit and I enjoyed the Jury Duty, and Quotes I Like pages. So much content. I'll be back often. Thank you.

[524] 2006.02.25 @ 19:34:51 UTC
From: rich (dickenyamouf@hotmail.com)
Interesting thoughts on this site. Nice work, keep it up.

[523] 2006.02.22 @ 21:49:22 UTC
From: Luke (lukehoekstra@gmail.com)
You have amassed an impressive amount of ramblings on your website. I got here by some convoluted, choose your own adeventure web search on "moving beyond post-modernism". I appreciate your philosphical musings, surely in motive if not always in content. I am currently a 22-yr old graduate student in the biological sciences, but have never lost the taste for liberal arts, especially the most free art of philosophizing. In your essay "Avoiding Ambivalence" you say near the beginning that:
"There are many social customs and attitudes which foster the production of ambivalent situations, e.g.: "You wouldn't appreciate the good things if you had never experienced anything bad"...
I am not sure if this has to do specifically with the topic of ambivalence, but I would just like to hear more about your specific discount of this "social custom". I appreciate the idea that we would all enjoy living pain-free lives with only good things happening to us, and that it should be an ideal if not THE ideal of our society to realize this. However, I am having trouble envisioning a society with "flattened quality of life" (I hope those words I cobbled together convey what I mean). This is likely a simple problem with my vision, but sensation seems largely comparitive and relative. Is appreciation a necessary component of good or happy? If so, then it seems to me that appreciation requires perspective. Or as the saying goes "You have to take the good with the bad." Please know that these questions attempt to foster conversation over defensive argument. Of course if you know of any good, or bad :) , literature discussing this concept I would most appreciate the guidance.
Sincerely moving beyond post-modernism,

[522] 2006.02.22 @ 12:46:51 UTC
From: FreeUsaProxy (free@freeusaproxy.com)
FreeUsaProxy.com is an anonymous web proxy. Instead of going directly to your favorite web sites, you enter the URL below and FreeUsaProxy.com handles the request for you. You are free to browse the web as you normally would, and FreeUsaProxy.com makes you anonymous!

[521] 2006.02.17 @ 08:52:40 UTC
From: Eze Adanne (eze@aol.com)
A very nice site keep it up.


[520] 2006.02.16 @ 14:09:29 UTC
From: Lee Ho Fatt (leehofatt@yahoo.co.uk)
Keep up the good work!

[519] 2006.02.15 @ 14:32:05 UTC
From: Rev. Linton Johnson (linton@saintly.com)
Keep up the Lord's good work!

[518] 2006.02.12 @ 16:07:51 UTC
From: Robert Lee (robert_e_lee@fastmail.us)
Great site

Commercial advertising submissions (are these automated or do real persons actually enter them?) grew so "bad" that I shut down the guestbook submission form from late January thru early February 2006, in hopes of encouraging them to stop spamming me.
[517] 2006.01.12 @ 23:27:33 UTC
From: Joe Cherish (jcherish2005@yahoo.com)
Nice site

[516] 2006.01.11 @ 14:15:10 UTC
From: Amy (averghesemoore@hotmail.com)
I actually found yours site googling St Denis Cathedral and I ended reading your whole spiel. Pretty cool stuff, sounds like you have a pretty interesting view of things. I started reading some other stuff but I have to focus on my online classes. The site pretty cool I'll come back and visit.

[515] 2006.01.09 @ 22:20:13 UTC
From: Jai (jainischalverma@yahoo.com)
Very nice guestbook. I like it very much!


[ Cat awaits mouse flambú.... ]This posting led me (BMcC) to the following news article: "(AP [Jan 9, 2006; Filed at 1:10 p.m. ET]) FORT SUMNER, N.M. A mouse got its revenge against a homeowner who tried to dispose of it in a pile of burning leaves. The blazing creature ran back to the man's house and set it on fire. Luciano Mares, 81, of Fort Sumner said he caught the mouse inside his house and wanted to get rid of it. 'I had some leaves burning outside, so I threw it in the fire, and the mouse was on fire and ran back at the house,' Mares said from a motel room Saturday. Village Fire Chief Juan Chavez said the burning mouse ran to just beneath a window, and the flames spread up from there and throughout the house. No was hurt inside, but the home and everything in it was destroyed."
[514] 2006.01.09 @ 13:34:23 UTC
From: Grumpy Dino (chirayushpatel@hotmail.com)
more pics please! great site though

[513] 2006.01.02 @ 18:44:55 UTC
From: Dennis Fox (dennisfoxcdi@cox.net)
WOW! I was looking for material under the heading of "overlooking the obvious"--(im not sure i ever found it under your site but got so involved with everythiong else you have done , including the dissertation , sphorisms, favorite everythings, I have to tell you--- what a wonderful mind you have and spirit to share.... I won a company that predicts and enhances people performance thru s=web based opsychometric assessments, and curriculum to help leaders coach people better, salespeopl sell more ethically, and fron tline associates to deliver outstanding customer service- but more than that i am working on anew book, and would lovwe some advice from you...

[512] 2005.12.29 @ 14:05:58 UTC
From: charlotte (charlottebooty@aol.co.uk)
hi, i love cats and i think your cats [Ed. note: [ Bless your pet.... ]] are really cute!!


[511] 2005.12.29 @ 02:29:12 UTC
From: Peter Marlin (peter.marlin----12537135@hotmail.com)
Great website - peace out everyone

Peter (peter.marlin----12537135@hotmail.com)

[510] 2005.12.26 @ 21:26:19 UTC
From: deric (dlxcorp@comcast.net)
excellent site, gave me hope.

[509] 2005.12.19 @ 05:13:27 UTC
From: klaus soren (drockefellericke@alumnidirector.com)
great work, keep the masses informed is the only way, damned reptiles forcing thier lizard ways upon us, damn you bush!

[508] 2005.12.15 @ 09:46:47 UTC
From: Jacob Alfaro (JACOB123@BK.RU)
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!

[507] 2005.12.13 @ 21:07:37 UTC
From: Evil Jim (eviljim@ededdneddy.com)
Please summon me! Place A Pancake on a X in a room filled with Qs after running in circles for 3 minutes!

[506] 2005.12.11 @ 13:39:43 UTC
From: Frank Stein (fstein1701@yahoo.com)
I like your site.

[505] 2005.12.09 @ 12:35:03 UTC
From: Jacob Alfaro (JACOB123@BK.RU)
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!

[504] 2005.12.09 @ 06:49:55 UTC
From: Jackie (jackie.tyler@inbox.com)
Interesting site, I think even though I didn't quite understand all of it!

[503] 2005.11.28 @ 23:22:53 UTC
From: Israel Collazo jr. (DaffyHawk2@AOL.com)
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[502] 2005.11.28 @ 16:07:13 UTC
From: dominicque'ka calhoun (www.cookdominicque@yahoo.com)
look at this and see if you can find a website that would allow me to make my very own cartoon.

thank you,
dominicque'ka calhoun

[501] 2005.11.24 @ 22:56:43 UTC
From: Degsy (d_spadebovrer@yahoo.co.uk)
Thanks for keeping a guestbook. Makes the internet a friendlier place.

[500] 2005.11.20 @ 22:25:51 UTC
From: travis (travis.ostrem@us.army.mil)

[499] 2005.11.20 @ 14:32:35 UTC
From: dwc (donaldwc@sympatico.ca)
Ambivalence is designed to produce intelligence.
Rather than deciding, one must bind their dislikes into metaphor.

Our likes are all the same in structure. It is our dislikes that differ and lead us into places that foster growth and experience.

[498] 2005.11.19 @ 15:57:40 UTC
From: John (John.digsby@googlemail.com)
Cool, great site - loved the guestbook comments as well!

[497] 2005.11.15 @ 09:59:44 UTC
From: Gospel music (gospel@music.com)
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!

[496] 2005.11.14 @ 08:35:37 UTC
From: Tyrus curtis (papi2remember6@aol.com)
Sorry this has nothing to do with this sight. However it is in reguards to being summond for jury duty. I lost my information. How do I get information to contact the office to conferm that I will be attending? thank you..

[495] 2005.11.13 @ 01:16:57 UTC
From: luciene alves de lacerda (luciene_laacerda@yahoo.com.br)
My work is about you. Universidade Federal de Goiás pos-graduate in history of art.
The verbs in the space is poetic.
When the narrative is died in art, I love your words.
thank you!

[494] 2005.11.08 @ 04:55:21 UTC
From: marnie (sosos@sos.com)
Greetings Brad! This is a very impressive site. It's thought provoking and well-put-together! Definitely one of the better ones I've surfed to recently.
Marnie dontlikemyjob.com

[493] 2005.11.06 @ 19:37:01 UTC
From: Lucy Martin (info@bestinhollywood.com)
Great web site. I know why your url is cloud9.

[492] 2005.11.06 @ 10:08:31 UTC
From: aku (akulion@gawhab.com)
peace be upon you

[491] 2005.11.05 @ 08:17:53 UTC
From: Michael White (mwhite_199@yahoo.com)
Love the site, keep up the good work!

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