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 December 1996 - June 1999 
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[102] 1999.06.26 @ 19:06:53 GMT
From: Ian Zwerling (zwerling@hotmail.com)
I am impressed with your homepage, a matrix of communication style that would sit well with psychotherapy. I hope your range of wisdom is equal to its execution on the page, which would be very encouraging from my standpoint as a puzzled doubter of the medium. Let me know your reaction after seeing the Kubrick film, e-mail me to inform me of your contents on the forum. I see it as a rebirth of freudian psychology, and Kubrick's return to his New York roots.

[101] 1999.06.21 @ 15:37:27 GMT
From: David Fitzjarrell (dfitz@webzone.net)
An enlightening and interesting site, written for the educated among us (which is a delight, as the "norm" for written communication, the ubiquitous "eighth grade reading level", is tiresome).

I shall return on occasion to clear my mind of banal thoughts and re-adjust my mental compass.

[100] 1999.03.25 @ 03:27:04 GMT
From: William Rowen (wrowen@fnkap.com)
I have a similar history to yours regarding H. Broch's works [Ed. note: See my H. Broch de Rothermann page]. I had a acquaintence with a friend of Broch's who was Sterling Professor of German Lit. at Yale, Hermann Wiegand. It was Wiegand who got Broch his posts at Yale and also wrote about his works earlier than others. I have your email address and will write you more if you like.
Regards, W. Rowen

[99] 1999.03.23 @ 10:27:00 GMT
From: Vicky Harris (shavic@ihug.co.nz)
Fell into your site while following a discussion on free will and determinism with some confusing things to say about soft determinism. Must go back to my Quine to sort through the semantics!

[98] 1999.02.27 @ 21:46:26 GMT
From: Jim Buck (james.buck@virgin.net)
I don't have time to tarry--but I have bookmarked the page, and will return.

[97] 1999.02.13 @ 19:29:36 GMT
From: David N. Smith (dnsmith@watson.ibm.com)
Neat site! I'll be back...

[96] 1999.01.03 @ 21:21:21 GMT
From: Kim (BullittGater@webtv.net)
Got your response to my e-mail your web site looks great .
Happy Hunting [Ed. note: Reference is to my continuing query for information about an American Indian artifact I purchased a while ago]....

[95] 1998.10.18 @ 08:25:35 GMT
From: allan erickson (darcyerk@efn.org)
wow... just kinda wandered in following a string on the 13th amendment and cloning discussion...
...if this anti-slavery amendment is a bogue piece of work and indeed the original 13th was the one prohibiting lawyers serving in political office, prohibiting titles of nobility etc etc
...and if it travelled west according to the dates on the list of state publications and was presented to what was then a frontier, scattered populace it might take decades for the info to be discussed...
...meanwhile, oh my, a war and a president and an anti-slavery amendment with no teeth, smoke and mirrors...
...lawyers and lincoln and a lone assassin, again, and again...
...drug war, civil restrictions, gross misrepresentation of public will and votes, lawyers again in charge...
...and if war won't distract 'em [Ed. note: Presumed reference to Wm. Clinton's activities with Monica Lewinsky deleted due to my not wishing unnecessarily to run afoul of child-protection web filters] and a president sure will...
...thanks brad i'll stop again when the weather clears...

[94] 1998.09.30 @ 01:51:38 GMT
From: Moshe Lupiansky (Hlupiannci@aol.com)
Thank you. Your SGML essay is very instructive.

[93] 1998.08.25 @ 17:21:34 GMT
From: r. s. jacob (rjacob@chickasaw.astate.edu)
I like it. The least to say it is very impressive

[92] 1998.08.24 @ 01:56:29 GMT
From: Ian Pattison (minkaman@hotmail.com)
As a student grappling with the onerous burden of sifting and cataloguing the "different shades of meaning" in the humanities, I chanced upon your site whilst garnering material for yet another assignment (whose due date is approaching far too rapidly). Thank you for being one of the (too) few who devote their "on-air" presence to something meaningful.
Regards Ian Pattison
(Note: - due acknowledgement to respective authors is always given, just in case you were wondering)

[91] 1998.08.15 @ 22:48:28 GMT
From: Maria and Gregory Pearse (questers@hal-pc.org)
We enjoyed visiting your extensive and interesting site. We thought you might wish to know about our web site (Truth-in-CinemaQuest at http://www.hal-pc.org/~questers/index.html). Although as a whole it deals with the issue of cinema, yet in it we undertake the quest for the purpose of human existence by exploring the questions of Justice, Love, Beauty and Truth. Thus there are numerous quotes and references to the works of the great philosophers. In addition, we introduce the book of New Knowledge.

[90] 1998.07.25 @ 18:49:43 GMT
From: Khin Ni Ni Thein (Ms.) (nin@ihe.nl)
Proud to know you.

[89] 1998.07.07 @ 14:53:58 GMT
From: David R. Villarreal (rumaldov@hiline.net)
Great home page. I linked in from CyberTimes. Found you home page very intresting. I am in the process of gathering information on copyright on the internet. Can you help by giving me direction. Anything will be very valuable to me.

Thank you for the information on your Home page.

drv :)

[88] 1998.07.04 @ 23:19:09 GMT
From: carlo evangelisti (carloev@hotmail.com)
got time to check out your site... jim morgan was the guy with the long hair... karen anderson is now married and has a child.... jerry [Ed. note: Jerry Goertzl, retired IBM Researcher] was pleased to hear your comment about the pcode that let him put pds on different platforms. the [Ed. note: Teachers College, Columbia University] dante site was great... especially the bottecelli prints... carlo

[87] 1998.07.04 @ 16:22:13 GMT
From: Lisa Pelton (LCP@Cloud9.net)
PHONE HOME BUDDY...you know what i mean? What feels like it would be a power surge would be to shift tracks to a more present day posture, having put your ambiguous, and by this i mean your absence of place, person and structure, your father's, your mother's lack of having, being and knowing, swallow the sum total of these sad truths, and capture what has dawned since phase II began. I consider phaseII to be the IBM/Pat years, which you fail to acknowledge as time well spent, and phaseIII, the TC years to present.

PhaseIII would be a much richer way of examining the meaning of your life as it is palpable, has odor, color and taste and can be debated and utilized by more than a bunch of dead philospophers, prophets and thieves who left you bleeding. EAT HERE NOW!!!

[86] 1998.06.13 @ 00:10:16 GMT
From: Ray Harrell, (mcore@idt.net)
Good to see you. Nice site Ray

[85] 1998.04.18 @ 14:15:47 GMT
From: Harvey Shepard (shepard@curie.unh.edu)
I got to your web page from your listing in the Science-as-Culture discussion group. Lots of interesting stuff on your well-constructed web site.

Harvey Shepard

[84] 1998.04.12 @ 03:52:52 GMT
From: Linda Mosca (mosca@concentric.net)
The Tower of Babel and the Internet ... an interesting analogy. And an apt one. I've been trying to find a way to convey this remarkable breakthrough in global communication at a personal level to friends and family who regard the Web as a mere vehicle for advertisers, corporations, and more advertisers. Unfortunately, the stigma of associating in a "chat room" deters many a deep-thinking luddite from seeing the Internet's true potential. (I use "luddite" in the kindest sense ... my husband is among their number and admits it willingly.)
I have bookmarked your site.

[83] 1998.03.05 @ 23:13:25 GMT
From: John and Abby (jab10580@aol.com)
Having fun exploring your website

[82] 1998.03.05 @ 15:06:49 GMT
From: David Fitzjarrell (dfitz@webzone.net)
I feel I must disagree with your statement about National Airport -- not the sentiment of naming the facility after Ronald Reagan (that truly IS galling), but in the subsequent statement regarding the "hijacking" of the Air Traffic Controllers Union. As an observer from the "inside" on this situation Reagan was within his powers to fire the controllers for striking against the Government, as the controllers willingly and knowingly signed an agreement, upon hire, that prohibited them from striking against the Government. Doing so would ensure, as they well knew, that they would lose their jobs. That they chose to violate that agreement instituted grounds for their dismissal, and, with the majority of the membership no longer employed, the demise of the union itself was at hand. Reagan did not hijack the union, the controllers did that themselves.

[81] 1998.02.28 @ 13:22:08 GMT
From: Glenn Meyers (gemgramp@sunline.net)
Brad, as an ex IBM-er from 1956 to 1990 I find the discussion on the history of computing amd IBM to be very relative since my association was long and intense with the IBM going from TJ to his son Jr. Haven't explored your site yet but it certainly looks interesting and I'll be back.

[80] 1998.02.27 @ 05:09:34 GMT
From: Jim Swaniger (jrswaniger@aol.com)
Brad - enjoyed reading your work. I'm an MFCC Intern in California, my 2nd career after 20 yrs as an engineer. I recently had a paper accepted for publication entitled "Developing Authentic Therapists" which deals with the transferential issues that arise in the teaching dyad, and an overview of remaining congruent with one's antropology when approaching a treatment model. I'm currently wanting to expand the topic to book form, "translated" to the extent that MFCC students can understand the psychodynamic concepts and other stuff we're not taught in grad school. Now I know why so many interns leave the profession. Some of your references have been very helpful. Comments?

[79] 1998.02.25 @ 01:33:31 GMT
From: Brooke Smith (Brooke.Smith@Butterworths.com.au)

Jeeze you've been around a while. I bet the craft shop job in the early 70's must have been a 'buzz'.

Just one criticism of your site - I would have thought being on the XSL list that you would have CSS'ed the HTML. Truth is I haven't done it either but I do think I'm a bit of a slack-arse!



[78] 1998.02.15 @ 06:12:59 GMT
From: Sharon Holland (sholland@valylink.net.au)
Just downloaded your article "Why I am unfit to be trained as an architect by Yale University". I will read same with interest. I am suitably impressed with your web site. Like me, you are like web sites with a social conscience. Good work. I just started designing my own in early January.

[77] 1998.02.12 @ 00:07:26 GMT
From: Zachary Djimas (zdjimas@epsilon.com)
Nice Site!!!

[76] 1998.01.23 @ 04:05:41 GMT
From: Kevin Johansen (kwj@4work.com)
Not sure how I got here, but I enjoyed my stay.

Kevin Johansen

[75] 1998.01.06 @ 19:40:39 GMT
From: Tom Whiting RN (Bikegarden@aol.com )
will return to look through your site when I have more time at my disposal.And I will of course provide you with an opinion!!

[74] 1998.01.04 @ 20:18:27 GMT
From: Robert Cohen (bobcohen@mindspring.com)
I think I get it. This site is satire (?) It's a great site in the internet world--either way. I have read half of the conclusion of the thesis, and realize how dumb I am. Because, couldn't write as devilishly if it were humor, or as boringly academically straight if an actual dissertation. So, either way, kudos to Brad for a big booger bomb.

Robert Cohen, Lawrenceville, burb of Atlanta USA USA USA

[73] 1997.12.31 @ 07:35:21 GMT
From: Pat O'Brien (prodigalb@yahoo.com)
Hi Dr.

I just popped over to look. I would neve havew guessed
that there is so much here. I'll do an indepth perusal


[72] 1997.12.29 @ 00:14:27 GMT
From: Chao-chih Liao (ccliao@fcusqnt.fcu.edu.tw)
Just want to tell you that I'm here.

[71] 1997.12.17 @ 01:29:37 GMT
From: Mark Lindquist (lindquiststudios@classic.msn.com)
So lately, there's little new in the "what's new column" of your site. Probably that's because the new job at Groliers is taking up all your time and energy. Your friends and fans miss you. How's about a link to Groliers and a little update on what you're doing, etc.? Not much time left to work on the site? We miss you...

[70] 1997.12.09 @ 19:28:28 GMT
From: Alexander Jonas (jonasa@closeup.org)
Hi Brad,

I came to your site via ITL's site; just curious to find out a bit about the Webmaster.

All the best,

Alex Jonas
Washington, DC

[69] 1997.11.18 @ 14:11:16 GMT
From: Steve Moll (smoll@grolier.com)
All things are equally strange.

[68] 1997.11.09 @ 17:48:02 GMT
From: Gabrielle Redican Carey (CareGab@msn.com)
Hi Brad,

I stumbled onto your pg while researching qualitative research and supervision. I'm a marriage and family therapist in San Antonio, Texas, working on my Ph.D. in counseling. I almost could not find you again, but then went to cloud9. By the way I grew up N. Tarrytown.
Thanks for the info!


[67] 1997.11.04 @ 19:12:43 GMT
From: Barry Brooks (durable@earthlink.net)
Thanks for you email.

[66] 1997.10.10 @ 15:27:51 GMT
From: Mark Collins Bunyan (M.C.Bunyan@mmu.ac.uk)
Your site is a veritable mine of information...

I could obviously take a few style tips from your research proposal...

[65] 1997.09.30 @ 21:06:07 GMT
From: chris a portmann (portmann@olynet.com)
I was looking for info. regarding the connection between comm. theory and psychotherapy. I teach at a CC and am a doc. student in education

[64] 1997.09.25 @ 18:55:34 GMT
From: Bob Tourville ('X@X'})
I think that both of those qoutes are tremendous and because you have chosen them I feel kinship with you. Please seek out Bob Bowen, a friend of mine in N.Y.C..

[63] 1997.09.14 @ 18:35:47 GMT
From: Manuel Ramos (itgevcia@correo cop.es)
I have felt very happy to find your work "Communication: The Social Matrix of Supervision of Psychotherapy". I will read it and I promise you that I will send you my opinion.


[62] 1997.09.08 @ 14:26:35 GMT
From: Jiri Wackermann (jwntr@terminal.cz)
Hi, Brad,
this is to get you know that Jiri was here and tried to leave a footprint there.
I doubt whether it will work, with my old ugly IBM WebExplorer 1.1f.
Anyway, I posted what I had on my mind to the Science-as-Culture mail list; and
hope we'll stay in touch.
Regards, Jiri

[61] 1997.08.13 @ 15:34:45 GMT
From: wilton rodger (wil@iprolink.co.nz)
Hi Brad:

Stopping by via the technology list/..
which now has traffic!
Mind if I stroll around here?
catch up with later,okay?

all the very best,

Wilton Rodger
New Zealand.

[60] 1997.08.04 @ 12:43:32 GMT
[ ]
Lorem ipsum dolor...
[ ]
From: Amy Romano (romanoa@box-r.nih.gov)
Had to check out your site after your comments about the NCI [National Cancer Institute] site index and the latin that somehow landed there. (I'm in charge of that site, and my supervisor sent me your comments which, compared with the several dozen index inquiries we got after our URL ended up in every paper in America, was by far the most thought-out (and consequently, very funny.))
In any case, I think Nancy replied to you that that was just greeking. [Ed. note: To see a copy of the page being talked about, click here.] It should really be on the test-site and not the real one, but these things slip through I guess. Thanks to you, getting a site index is an A-1 top priority. (we're also making it searchable, but that involves CGI's which I don't write.)
Well, I'll leave it at that, and go on to deal with the post-weekend wrath the fallout report left behind for my office.
Thanks for your comments.
[ ]
[Ed. note: To find out more about the history of: "Lorem ipsum dolor...", click here.]
[59] 1997.07.30 @ 20:30:48 GMT
From: George Pauer (gpauer@cis.co.za)
Hi Brad, I'm George from Pretoria in South Africa - was checking out your web site on 30 July 1997.

[58] 1997.07.30 @ 12:55:56 GMT
From: Dick Reuvers (D.C.Reuvers@STM.TUDelft.NL)
I am just looking around. Looks nice and no troubles!!
(netscape 4.01a)


[57] 1997.07.18 @ 17:14:48 GMT
From: Todd Daniel (todddan@aol.com)
I saw your message on the KZPG Overpopulation News List.

You came into my world so I thought I'd come into yours.

Drop it all and devote all your energies to saving the earth by controlling overpopulation. This is the only way we can make a difference with this short burst of energy we call life.

Todd Daniel
Powder Springs, GA

(I'm at work -- my e-mail address is: todddan@aol.com)

[56] 1997.07.16 @ 16:42:06 GMT
From: Desmond Koene (dkoene@pi.net)
Visited your pages after your kind answer to my "tables"

Your pages look great.

[55] 1997.07.03 @ 21:44:25 GMT
From: George E. Delury (geedel@aol.com)
I'll get back to you by e-mail re content of this site.

[54] 1997.06.25 @ 10:12:49 GMT
From: Doug Schaff ()
The most glorious piece of furniture ever created by man
is the electric chair.

[53] 1997.06.21 @ 16:02:10 GMT
From: Steve Emmert (sdemmert@earthling.net)
Better known as Elroy. Maybe you can help me
figure out some things with CGI scripts in the near

[52] 1997.06.08 @ 14:35:58 GMT
From: Wesley S. Burt (wesburt)
Since our last exchange I have added enough memory
to my machine to run AOL3.0 with web access.

Now I can explore your home page.

[51] 1997.06.06 @ 16:44:34 GMT
From: miguel martin (miguelmartin@compuserve.com)
i got here from one of your postings at the future-work list. anyway.... you look, i mean the things you say you do, a very interesting and liveable person. good luck, really. (madrid (spain), june 1997)
[50] 1997.06.05 @ 14:39:54 GMT
From: steve gunter (sgunter@comp.uark.edu)
Hello... teacher gunter in year 23 first day of summer, here
just trying to learn more about life and then to share with others. Peace.
[49] 1997.05.23 @ 09:03:50 GMT
From: Paul James (pjames@pcug.org.au)
Some interesting material for me to read.
Your thesis might have some good points for me
to think about in mine which I am doing about
work, entitled work and the individual.
[48] 1997.05.21 @ 20:46:23 GMT
From: Leif Kuse (post.rwth-aachen.de)
Hi Brad,

it seems to me that You have the same Problems on developing DTDs for SGML like me.

If You ever find the clue, please let me know. By the way... what do You think about the tools provided by Word Perfect V 7.0?

[47] 1997.05.20 @ 23:40:25 GMT
From: Petar Makara (Makarov) (Petar@srpska-mreza.com)
Just as I keep waging bitter battles at NYT forum -
"Journalism Today: the Web vs. the Printed Press"...
Just as they delete, censor my messages and even deny me
to post on almost all other forums...
Just as I thought that the fight for Truth leads nowhere
as we live in vengeful, ignorant, bloodthirsty society...
Just as I was sure that "American intellectual" is an

Just then I got to read your recent message on Unabomber,
I got to see your Web pages...

And there is hope... And there could be some light,
some warmth, some intelligence here... Someone who
dare think: "Cogito ergo sum".

Thank you. Thank you that you exist at all.

Your Westchester neighbor.
[46] 1997.05.01 @ 22:16:24 GMT
From: Doug (charlie@caninet.com)
[Editor's note: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/4833/]
Hi [Editor's note: GeoCities] neighbour. Your coffee is terrible. :=) You're the first one on the block to access me. That's quite a set-up you have. I'm green with envy but I keep pluggin' along with old Bertha and seem to get some pretty good results. Did you every think of using Map-It. Freeware and works like a charm. Well I gotta go. Lots of email to send. CUL8R.
[45] 1997.04.11 @ 19:47:10 GMT
From: Stephanie Calender (mondai@tdi.net)
Dear Mr. McCormick:

I read your posting on the 'forum...uic' listserver.

I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I am, neither,
a subscriber that begs, nor complains.

I may lack a certain amount of "civility" lately whenever I
must be in direct communication with our government;
Albeit, I am the one whom must prove credibility.

Our government's conduct should be the element to discredit its' existance, sans public accountabilities.

Have an unharass day!

Stephanie Calender
[44] 1997.04.08 @ 22:27:34 GMT
From: Peggy Zetler (dillonet@bmt.net)
Researching dynamic sources of thought and fact to expand presentation of a new business structure known, today, as the Organizational Orb. Thank you for your input.
[43] 1997.04.04 @ 00:35:00 GMT
From: nancy (wannacwby@aol.com)
I was just surfing the net at college and found the web site www.aolsucks.com and then found cloud9's site and then got hooked up with your web site...HOW COOL HUH!!!

well just thought i'd say hello!!

[42] 1997.04.02 @ 02:44:15 GMT
From: Dillon Cohen (dillon@ilt.columbia.edu)
Cool - new things I never knew about you, Brad.

[41] 1997.03.29 @ 23:15:43 GMT
From: Mark Lindquist / Sculptor (lindquiststudios@msn.com)
Congratulations on the rare book library experiment using VRML. I'm one of the few people who know you completed a summer course in architecture at Harvard. Thank goodness that experience didn't shake your inate sense of good design, evidenced by a sound, workable, friendly design.

Is there a reason why you don't list that "educational experience" on your resume?

Keep up the great work with the experiments in new realms!
[40] 1997.03.19 @ 23:02:15 GMT
From: tony bruno (tbruno@foto.infi.net)
My first look...any bargins???
[39] 1997.03.18 @ 00:28:52 GMT
From: Tor Forde (torforde@politicus.bbs.no)
I like your emails to futurework
[38] 1997.03.13 @ 23:37:44 GMT
From: Nancy King (fatjoey@cloud9.net)
I'll be back...didn't realize there would be so much to investigate! Looks Good.
[37] 1997.03.12 @ 00:24:53 GMT
From: Darrin Brunner (spriggig@swcp.com)
Just snooping at your JavaScript.
[36] 1997.03.05 @ 18:02:20 GMT
From: kais khelif (kais_khelif.risd@notes.mdor.state.mn.us)
your Web page is neat and straight to the point. Good work.
[35] 1997.03.05 @ 01:34:40 GMT
From: Pete Poillon (Poillon@aol.com)
OK, so the way I found Futurework was because your street address turned up in a keyword search on my last name. A happy turn of fate! I have much to peruse, but I really like what I've seen so far.
[34] 1997.02.20 @ 23:35:29 GMT
From: ¡Stephen! (99borns@ionaprep.pvt.k12.ny.us)
Great page! Very deep. I'm just here to review for Spantz's HTML Contest! Good luck!
[33] 1997.02.17 @ 03:56:16 GMT
From: Tom Gee (tomgee@clark.net)
As usual, Brad, you give me too much credit.
After all, I'm just trying to make my stay here
pleasant and interesting. Otherwise,
I'd only have the company of the logistics of daily life.
Come to think of it that's not bad company
if approached properly.
[32] 1997.02.14 @ 10:54:16 GMT
From: Larbaud Jr. (larbaud@mandic.com.br)
Interesting your homepage!
As for "experience" and phenomenology, what about Max Scheler?


Larbaud Jr.
[31] 1997.02.11 @ 15:56:47 GMT
From: Vickie Dwyer (vickiedwyer@zapcom.net)
I enjoyed your site--especially the photos. Jethra is beautiful. I'm impressed with the photography.
[30] 1997.02.09 @ 17:35:53 GMT
From: Robert M. Young (robert@rmy1.demon.co.uk)
very intriguing site.
[29] 1997.02.07 @ 07:42:29 GMT
From: Carolynn Slaughter (ohnoguy@flash.net)
Checking your page after I read your animated .gifs were freezing - they still are. Mine are also doing this. I believe it is a bug with Netscape but I haven't received any valid answers from Netscape Support yet. If you find out what it is - let me know. I'll do the same!
[28] 1997.02.05 @ 01:19:10 GMT
From: Bob Malloy (rmalloy@trader.com)
read your note in usegroup...(html webedit) and the animated gif's seem to work fine...
[27] 1997.01.22 @ 15:02:18 GMT
From: Brad McCormick (bradmcc@cloud9.net)
I finally got my computer's modem to work
with Linux again, so I could at last test
this site with *Lynx*, and it looks OK.
The magic Linux command was:
setserial /dev/cua2 port 0x3e8 irq 5
[26] 1997.01.19 @ 23:11:14 GMT
From: Eric Clough (eclough@awinc.com)
Hi Brad
[25] 1997.01.19 @ 17:48:45 GMT
From: Mark Lindquist (lindquiststudios@msn.com)
Wow - great picture of Jethra ! That Olympus is doing pretty good ! Super detail - there's hope for you as a photographer yet - love those pictures !!!!!!
[24] 1997.01.19 @ 02:10:37 GMT
From: John WorldPeace (JohnWrldPc@aol.com)
Interesting Web Page.
[23] 1997.01.17 @ 18:11:09 GMT
From: Luis Lacambra (latienva@telconet.net)
Disfruté mucho de su página. Especialmente las palabras de Galileo.
I enjoyed your visiting your home page. Specially Galileo's remark.
[22] 1997.01.16 @ 23:38:47 GMT
From: Troy Way (tway@netsync.net)
I'm working on a homepage of my own, with many of the elements in yours. It is something to aspire to.
[21] 1997.01.14 @ 19:13:10 GMT
From: Teresa (babayaga@sover.net)
great site
[20] 1997.01.12 @ 18:54:04 GMT
From: Mark Lindquist (lindquiststudios@msn.com)
I've been coming back regularly to your site to check out the new features. First, the photos ran much faster the second time I tried them (and still are) so I suspect it must have been traffic on the net which slowed them down originally. Second, it is nice to see the envelope art posted (hyuk).
The main reason I'm "signing in" again, is becasue I realized, after reading the guest book and going over the seperate elements in the site, that you have the makings of a perfect game. With your skills in computer graphics - (the envelope art), your incredible facility with the compiuter (the resume) and the newfound idealogical basis for exploring (education and psycology), (including ervything else), that a kick ass game coould be created. I see something along the lines of a maze type of excercise. The visitor who has chosen "shall we play a game" (as in the movie WAR GAMES), might enter a maze of self discovery. It's not really clear, but the idea is that by answering questions, the directions through the maze are or become self evident. The idea is, that the questions are pyscolgical profile questions as suggested by one of your guest book signers, and that the destinations where we who are playing the game end up are directly realted to our choices (ie causal relationships)

Now I only suggest this idea, because it seems that there's a lot to be learned here through self discovery, and to have fun at the same time. I'm realizing that web sites are for entertainment as well as for edification. Perhaps the p[layers can choose game pieces - such as, Maine Coon Cat, or Krazy Kat, or Pit Bull, etc.

In the end, I don't know, what would happen? Hopefully not some kind of Horrorscope of the self, "like you are a screwed up so and so...) but maybe in an idealistic world, the "maze" dumps us out in the appropriate web site, like maybe at the philadelphia museum, inside Duchamps lovely room, rather than looking through the peep-hole, or maybe we end up inside the machine language program in some commercial application. Realistically, however, I suppose the guy who wrote saying he is working on psycological self evaluation might have a better idea of what could be "HAD" out of the game.

But a game might be cool. Perhaps you'll give it some thought. I know I've BABBLED on (Hyuk) too long here, but if this is not kicked out by the sytem as a crank letter, maybe something could happen. After all Micro Soft sqys "where would you like to go today", therefore couldn't we say, "Who'd you like to be today"???
[19] 1997.01.12 @ 14:15:39 GMT
From: Arie Dirkzwager. (aried@xs4all.nl)
I really enjoyed wandering aound your site!
I admired your modesty presenting yourself ;-)
My age was registered incorrectly (not 74 but 66)
I was disappointed to find nothing yet on your Java-page. I'm working on an understanding of Java to use it for presenting interactive psychological tests based upon self-assessment giving a.o. a score for realism in self assessment based upon an exact statistical test (most people appear to overestimate their own capabilities!).
I would like to know more about your involvement in Education and computers. I'm a psychologist quite fluent in informatics and computer programming since 1958!
I hope to hear from youu soon again by e-mail!
Warm regards!
PS. I appreciate your motivation for quoting the Babel story, but regret that you didn't get its original religious meaning: the way you introduce God in this story makes a mess of it - we discussed that before.
[18] 1997.01.12 @ 14:21:50 GMT
From: Arie Dirkzwager. (aried@xs4all.nl)
I was quite happy to see that entering my message
lines were kept automatically within boundary. But this
didn't work in the final result, helas. Here is the
message again, now with returns adde by me:
I really enjoyed wandering aound your site!

I admired your modesty presenting yourself ;-)

My age was registered incorrectly (not 74 but 66)

I was disappointed to find nothing yet on your
Java-page. I'm working on an understanding of Java to
use it for presenting interactive psychological tests
based upon self-assessment giving a.o. a score for
realism in self assessment based upon an exact
statistical test (most people appear to overestimate
their own capabilities!).

I would like to know more about your involvement in
Education and computers. I'm a psychologist quite
fluent in informatics and computer programming since

I hope to hear from youu soon again by e-mail!

Warm regards!

PS. I appreciate your motivation for quoting the Babel
story, but regret that you didn't get its original
religious meaning: the way you introduce God in this
story makes a mess of it - we discussed that before.
[17] 1997.01.11 @ 23:27:57 GMT
From: Jane Henry, Ph.D. (Henryjane@aol.com)
I saw your message in the downsize list and went
to check out your web site. Very Interesting.
does it get you any business?
[16] 1997.01.07 @ 06:10:17 GMT
From: Mark Lindquist (lindquiststudios@msn.com)
Hi Brad - Congrats on your web site! Very nice start. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop as one of the premier sites! Best wishes, ML
[15] 1997.01.07 @ 17:35:45 GMT
From: Benjamin Lindquist (a-benjal@microsoft.com)
How does it work? My (western) culture may be universal, but I find myself constantly turning to other cultures to find a more pure beauty and an honesty which mine lacks. Do I (we) assimilate other cultures?

No. What we do is invent the new. Once true universal discourse has been achieved (or close to it), the field is ready for real creativity. New inventions we have never dreamt of.

But here we would be back at the Tower again. All was one, once... all is still one, perceived by some and embodied by [insert name of Hindu god]. But with the cry of "Let there be light! [and DARK of course]", it all splits apart again in a turbulent filligree.
[14] 1997.01.06 @ 15:15:55 GMT
From: Ray Lanier (rlanier@radius.vector.net)
Saw your interesting comments on the Eco-Psyc list and decided to check your site/Ray
[13] 1997.01.05 @ 12:45:53 GMT
From: Bjarne Fjeldsenden (Bjarne.Fjeldsenden@sv.ntnu.no)
I am facinated and impressed that you have pursued
two main carriers with success, and I like you open
inquiring attitude.
I have also "always" sought new knowledge
and experience. My basic training is in psychology,
but have work experience as occupational psychologist for 2 years,tutor i Australia for 6 years, psychologist in a school for the blind for 4 years, taxi driver for 1 year, research scientist 3 years, school psychologist in charge for 11 years and now working as an assocciate professor teaching cognitive psychology and cross-cultural psychology.
I have travelled the world as a back-packer several times and have had a PPL (privat pilots license) since 1982.
Why do I write this? Because somehow I feel that we have something in common, i.e. you have moved from
a technical field, information technology, to a humanistic field, psychoanalysis, and approached that field in a very thourough way, while I am interested as to where modern information technology may take as, and the interaction between
"man and machine" in a broad sense of the term.
Besides, I think it is important to see mankind in
an ecological perspective.
It is not enough to be just an expert who knows more and more about less and less even if that is what people mostly get promoted for.
The urge to understand has a value on its own.


Bjarne from Norway
[12] 1997.01.03 @ 04:54:27 GMT
From: John (jdmc@sprintmail.com)
I wandered across a link to your site in the alt.tasteless.penis
newsgroup where a message of yours had been forwarded.
I came and looked around and was intrigued by your Maine Coons.
I have one, Max, a neutered 11 year old of championship
parentage (no pics). I like your site, and look forward to
returning when it is complete.
[11] 1996.12.29 @ 02:11:46 GMT
From: Brad McCormick (bradmcc@cloud9.net)
Not that I am a fan of Microsoft, but,
definitely, Internet Explorer 3.0 does a far
better job of displaying my web site than
2.0. It even found a mistake that
Netscape somehow failed to detect (Netscape
interpreted a </b> as terminating
a <u>).
[10] 1996.12.28 @ 21:22:38 GMT
From: Brad McCormick (bradmcc@cloud9.net)
This site really looks awful when viewed with
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 (which is
a built-in part of Windows NT 4.0)....

(A message from your author)
[9] 1996.12.27 @ 03:31:21 GMT
From: joe hartmann (joeh@sugar-river.net)
since you can't look at your home pages right now
in lynx (since you have the NT problem) i have
taken a look at it. i am happy to relate that a
blind individual can access apparently all your
information, and that no graphics were presented
to waste my time. Of course, I realize this goes
[text ends here]
[8] 1996.12.26 @ 15:42:28 GMT
From: Steven Spitz (stsphd@worldnet.att.net)
Hi. Brad. Just dropped in to check it out and say hello. It's pretty elaborate-looks good. Regards.
[7] 1996.12.25 @ 21:51:37 GMT
From: Steve Kurtz (kurtz@top.monad.net)
Your post today to FW coincides with my position
re metaphysics & ethics. You also use Occam's Razor
skillfully. Whenever I get tired of sustainability
lists (I'm on 3), I look forward to checking out
some of your influential books.
Dec 25, 1996 Fitzwilliam NH
[6] 1996.12.24 @ 15:27:44 GMT
From: Louis Forsdale (louisfors@aol.com)
Your site is coming along
[5] 1996.12.20 @ 18:41:16 GMT
From: arthur cordell (acordell@clark.dgim.doc.ca)
second message. my visit will have to be
shortened, since this web sit seems extraordinarily
slow....at every click.
[4] 1996.12.20 @ 18:38:35 GMT
From: arthur cordell (acordell@clark.dgim.doc.ca)
As co-host of the futurework list, I enjoy your postings. So thought I would take you up on your inviation to visit....
[3] 1996.12.10 @ 04:18:40 GMT
From: Ron Frank (73164.3353@compuserve.com)
Basic good text based homepage (Caps the H in homepage).
Suggest focus in resume. What so you want to do?
Why does this box not word wrap? R
[2] 1996.12.07 @ 15:31:41 GMT
From: Tony Budak (abudak@alumni.edu.ysu)
I am a fellow member of FW, was intrigued by your
response in Subject: Re: Alan Scharf's Imperatives
-- A Proposal -Reply -Reply

What does it mean to "live in accord with nature",
and what is the performative intent of any
particular exhortation to do so?

Nice Web site coming along.

I am Tony Budak. I am Father, Husband,
shop floor labor union organizer,
information/technology addict; community organizer,
loyal opposition to oppression, labor/human rights
activist; recycler, bicycler, gardener, keeper of
three cats and two dogs, neo-quaker and with
all that, a dreamer of human solidarity.

How could I NOT be interested?

The least we do in our lives is to define what we hope for.
The most we can do is to live inside that hope."

--from Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver

Cheers, Peace, and Fondest Regards, Tony
[1] 1996.12.04 @ 19:32:18 GMT
From: Ephraim Katz (ekz@mail.idt.net)
Not bad.
I'll keep checking it.
[0] 1996.12.03 @ 00:23:57 GMT
From: Brad McCormick (bradmcc@cloud9.net)
The first entry in the address book
might as well be by the author,
to test that it works.
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