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 August 2005 - October 2005 
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[490] 2005.10.26 @ 10:18:30 UTC
From: marcelo leander (choleande_2000@hotmail.com)
si la verdad que muy agradable la webpage saludos

[489] 2005.10.24 @ 15:36:41 UTC
From: josh wertico (jwertico_@hotmail.com)
me gusta el sitio sinceramente josh

[488] 2005.10.23 @ 17:24:36 UTC
From: carlos meridio (carbert@hotmail.com)
very nice site really bye

[487] 2005.10.23 @ 17:24:36 UTC
From: carlos meridio (carbert@hotmail.com)
very nice site really bye

[486] 2005.10.23 @ 02:52:33 UTC
From: hebwalker (kwalker@hilliardcorp.com)
i am sick of this crap and of you to but must give credit where due good job very nice

[485] 2005.10.21 @ 16:06:04 UTC
From: Cindy Etheridge (info@whereshome.com)
Very enjoyable web site. You have done a fantastic job.

[484] 2005.10.19 @ 12:26:40 UTC
From: Kevin Grey (kev@k.grey.fsworld.co.uk)
Sorry to split hairs but, surely we are in a perpetual state of post modernity? Isn't saying post post-modernism is a bit like saying infinity + 1?
Perhaps Neo post modernism would suffice?

[483] 2005.10.19 @ 07:27:00 UTC
From: jeff green (jmgreen@post.harvard.edu)
I was writing something about my recent visit to Pompeii and I thought of the Baudelaire quote, "luxe, calme et volupté." I went to the web to make sure I remembered it right (easier than getting off my behind and opening up my dusty old copy of Les Fleurs du Mal, and I came upon this delightful web site. I don't have a very high opinion of Roman civilization, but what I did see in Pompeii was a very high level of amenity - albeit at the expense of slaves, colonized peoples, and other injustices - and that glimpse into the daily life of wealthy Roman citizens did appeal to me. In any event, those of us who praise leisure have to remember that there are millions of people out there who are chronically and scandalously overworked, in order to make our leisure economically possible.

[482] 2005.10.17 @ 17:59:52 UTC
From: gunnar kjopnes (gunnar.kjopnes@gmail.com)
Nice site keep up the good work.. cheers

[481] 2005.10.15 @ 20:42:19 UTC
From: konar (konar@web.nl)
hello my dear,
your web is not funny ...!!?!

greetz konar[....]

[480] 2005.10.12 @ 17:30:50 UTC
From: john (johndenver_flyboy97@yahoo.com)
just wanted to be added to your 8 year gb!

[479] 2005.10.12 @ 17:10:15 UTC
From: Richard A. DeHart (rdehart@tiogabank.com)
When I was an engineer at IBm's Federal Systems Division in Owego, NY, I programmed a lot in APL. I loved it because it was powerful and I could understand it.

[478] 2005.10.09 @ 22:54:12 UTC
From: Donna Medrea (info@donnamedrea.com)
Great site, very funny. Thanks for the laughs.

[477] 2005.10.07 @ 14:17:13 UTC
From: John Locke (sharkkiller69@gmail.com)
THis is a great site.

[476] 2005.10.05 @ 21:36:58 UTC
From: Cal Worthington (goseecal@gmail.com)
I've always wanted a Toyota Carolla, and after seeing your pics and review, I think I'm finally going to take the plunge!

[475] 2005.09.27 @ 16:24:12 UTC
From: Andy Kozik (quriousak@yahoo.com)
I found your description of APL bringing back memories which I have forgotten. APL was such a language that when you used it often enough one could dream in it while sleeping. I still remember the 5110 (or some # like it) which to my mind was the first portable computer (having both Basic & APL languages} as a prized item in the late 60's.

[474] 2005.09.21 @ 19:36:43 UTC
From: http://www.childtoysstore.com (yasirr@hotmail.com)
This is quite good web site. Although First time I came here through search engine but after that I added it into my favorites. And now I keep on check this web site very frequently.

[473] 2005.09.21 @ 14:05:05 UTC
From: William (bill_a_bongwater@email.com)
Really nice site..great work here, and it shows!

[472] 2005.09.20 @ 15:12:19 UTC
From: Peter (no@spam.com)
(One or more dangerous characters translated to dots)
Hi Brad!
The Fill-in-the blanks with the Dilbert comic cracks me up :-)
One thing; I _urge_ you to use mailto-links on your webpage to let people send you emails. This is probably the reason why you receive that much spam. To avoid this, use a ·a href ="http://www.mail-maniac.com"·mailform processor·/a· to receive emails from your visitors.

Again; nice site and keep it up!


Peter, Belgium

[471] 2005.09.20 @ 03:46:10 UTC
From: J. Jones (jackjones83@hotmail.com)
Hey, great site! Keep up the good work!

[470] 2005.09.19 @ 12:49:12 UTC
From: Nickers (nicolasjefferies@aol.com)
Good reading

[469] 2005.09.17 @ 06:46:36 UTC
From: qammar (qammarferoz@yahoo.com)
Hello !
nicely designed ,great work just keep it up....

qammar feroz

[468] 2005.09.16 @ 17:12:04 UTC
From: Storiesrus.com (author@storiesrus.com)

storiesrus.com We leave you with laughter.

Many people might be surprised to think of laughter as a form of meditation. Yet not only is laughing meditation one of the simplest forms of meditation, but also it is a very powerful one. The physical act of laughing is one of the few actions involving the body, emotions, and the soul. When we laugh, we give ourselves over to the immediacy of the present moment. We also are able to momentarily transcend minor physical and mental stresses. Practiced in the morning, laughing meditation can lend a joyful quality to the entire day. Practiced in the evening, laughing meditation is a potent relaxant that has been known to inspire pleasant dreams. Laughter also can help open our eyes to previously unnoticed absurdities that can make life seem less serious.

There are three stages to mindful laughter. Each stage can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. The first stage involves stretching your body like a cat and breathing deeply. Your stretch should start at the hands and feet before you move through the rest of your body. Stretch out the muscles in your face by yawning and making silly faces. The second stage of the meditation is pure laughter. Imagine a humorous situation, remember funny jokes, or think about how odd it is to be laughing by yourself. When the giggles start to rise, let them. Let the laughter ripple through your belly and down into the soles of your feet. Let the laughter lead to physical movement. Roll on the floor, if you have to, and keep on laughing until you stop. The final stage of the meditation is one of silence. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breath.

Laughter brings with it a host of positive effects that operate on both the physical and mental levels. It is also fun, expressive, and a way to release tension. Learn to laugh in the present moment, and you'll find that joy is always there.
[467] 2005.09.16 @ 14:46:59 UTC
From: dave (pabeG@sbcglobal.net)

[466] 2005.09.12 @ 10:48:07 UTC
From: Haydn (haydn.moriyama@lycos.com)
Like the site - good work

[465] 2005.09.10 @ 17:13:38 UTC
From: Iggy (iggyrashpillow@yahoo.co.uk)
Love the site, folks. Great job!

[464] 2005.09.09 @ 15:25:03 UTC
From: arnos (arnos.cams@hotmail.co.uk)
this is what cloud nine is meant to be

[463] 2005.09.09 @ 12:56:40 UTC
From: dave pincher (rogue527@hotmail.co.uk)
haaaaaay good stuff

[462] 2005.09.09 @ 08:39:05 UTC
From: Svetlana (s.ninkov@student.qut.edu.au)
You absolutely rock !


[461] 2005.09.09 @ 08:13:27 UTC
From: Izzy Hornee (izzy.hornee@gmail.com)
Nice website.

[460] 2005.09.08 @ 04:59:55 UTC
From: wmeeuwisse@deloitte.nl (wmeeuwisse@deloitte.nl)

keep up the good work

[459] 2005.09.06 @ 11:39:21 UTC
From: Sabrina Foster (info@sabrinasoldit.com)
Love the postage stamp in the upper right. Very slick. Nice site!

[458] 2005.09.03 @ 01:04:29 UTC
From: judy sprite (judysprite@yahoo.com)
Nice site indeed!!

[457] 2005.09.02 @ 18:41:48 UTC
From: Larry (snaphance@aol.com)
Wow. REally great

[456] 2005.09.02 @ 13:08:42 UTC
From: Jeffrey Lebowski (jeffthedudelebowski@gmail.com)
Enjoyed the reading!

[455] 2005.08.30 @ 17:59:26 UTC
From: Carmen (electrameister@gmail.com)
very nice

[454] 2005.08.29 @ 23:11:53 UTC
From: Julie (julntx2003@yahoo.com)
Great site! :)

[453] 2005.08.27 @ 20:48:54 UTC
From: Fluffy (satinwood@gmail.com)
Great site!

[452] 2005.08.25 @ 01:54:29 UTC
From: sean courtney (sean.courtney@sbcglobal.net)
Brad, hi. came across your website while looking up the concept of Bracketing in Phenomenology. Very impressed with your ideas and insights. Have just finished reading your account of the Boyd lecture. When I have time, will go through the rest of the information in your site. Your definition of Bracketing is much clearer than other definitions I've read in the Phen/official lit. However, my problem is that I would like to use the dichotomy bracketing vs. unbracketing and my concept of unb would be equivalent to the Phen definition of bracketing. So, I have to think about it. Thanks again.

[451] 2005.08.24 @ 15:37:28 UTC
From: Boris (Boris@zone.ua)
Very good work, nice webpage.

[450] 2005.08.24 @ 08:32:17 UTC
From: Daniel Smith (kruste@gmail.com)
Hello, I like this website.. Please try and keep up the amazing work.

Site Admin

[449] 2005.08.23 @ 13:41:07 UTC
From: James Darling (jamesdarling@elitemail.org)
If I'm still using Netscape Navigator 3.x I shouldn't be sending you an email, I should be shooting myself in the head. (Ed note: Netscape 3.x was a fine web browser; I even bought a copy in 1996 for $75, if I remember right, and I used it until "Y2k" -- most of this website still looks pretty good in it, in 2005.)

[448] 2005.08.21 @ 16:28:15 UTC
From: colin (chasestudio2@aol.com)

We should have gone after hitler sooner. Remember the invasion of nzi germany was PRE-emptive.

[447] 2005.08.21 @ 11:23:04 UTC
From: julia sinden (juliasinden@yahoo.com)
one of the most idiotic things I have done is wondered at the rapid deterioration of the sight in one eye! All down to the lense in my glasses falling out, I was even cleaning the glasses with no lense in - my partner whose eyesightrelly is bad realised my error before me!
(Read: Dumb things I -- BMcC -- have done.)
[446] 2005.08.21 @ 11:11:38 UTC
From: BES (vze45cmcj@verizon.net)
I enjoyed skimming through your website. You have some interesting views and interpretations. In particular, I wonder what you were after in your 3-question "survey" regarding voting...the third question had me baffled - how could such a proposition result in a positive and authentic outcome?

[445] 2005.08.18 @ 16:40:50 UTC
From: Han Solo (hansolo@hot-shot.com)
Thanks for a great site.

[444] 2005.08.12 @ 17:01:04 UTC
From: jordan crump (staticj1@yahoo.com)
when drawing cartoons draw what you like

[443] 2005.08.02 @ 18:03:53 UTC
From: Lou (loulamb@yahoo.com)
I enjoyed the article about APL. During the early 1970's our high school had a Selectric (and later A/J) terminal hooked up through an "acoustic coupler" to the 360 at Yorktown Hts. They turned us loose, hoping we would find bugs! We were able to "instant message" kids at other high schools...in 1971. Not to mention printing out endless pictures of JFK, Mr. Spock, Alfred E Neuman, and "Alpha" the centerfold girl, using characters on the APL type-ball. Eventually we started experimenting with diadic I-beam functions and found different ways to cause "system errors", much to the sys-op's dismay.

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