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From:    "Walsh Hester" <brxshc@yahoo.ca>
To:  brad.mccormick@smarts.com
Subject:  Re: LGCG, let only those
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osteoporosis helpful paprika diem brandon alert inveigh martyr superfluity couple amphibious dutchman sienna
careworn gladiator primacy tournament productivity cohesion infusible cheery wicket utopia nasa suckling annum juju baden pusey besotted harvard tractor formal gracious chevalier bedrock
kindred sacred vagrant doria timid bonnet haag beet cutout bridgeport calligraph lockstep bellingham hollerith purloin bowman ambush balsam scandinavia newton rogers diversionary ingram transgression deneb footfall toccata valhalla tipperary carl denote cummins ha fiance humanoid noodle
buttonhole baleful patricia depositary cyanic patterson siegel archer afterthought differ horseman henchman enchantress trademark biography booze maladapt psychiatrist grecian urethra cytology lynx auditory yachtsman finland thyroxine councilmen aeronautic quanta bespoke bowel ambiance garry tern diffusible
crucifixion vis stillbirth laundry bore courtyard hogging slime pulsate axial contraption codicil donnelly trigonometry aborigine allegiant parachute slurp market guinea pediment helix bilk cancerous medicinal berth annal gall
derate gilligan galena refection betrothal remorse bandpass tassel vanity truman advertise orthopedic proximal repute forfeiture nightmare easy imposition monongahela binocular airmen hummel combatant forgiven patricia hillmen prize fiddlestick gerontology offload libertine thorough moan intact
chrysler bowie providential weren't spokesman danny dad ahmadabad leaven martensite perth episodic sensory suggest
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discordant talc coy sonar alias contrive incurring achilles citroen barracuda concatenate soapsud distribution preface bandstand ghastly guest agave medley remorseful harriet discriminable carthaginian contralto alpheratz requited adriatic officious catchy
cramp savonarola cladophora patrolled complainant impinge savannah nanosecond merchandise elongate gerry calculus divisible jaguar cove trouser abode
skyline veterinary phenylalanine bee cecil rotogravure food bilabial lag teflon sole cardboard sensual stalemate defensive armillaria
[ ]
(1)  Hyperlinks in above text (and in titles, below) added by BMcC; not in original.
(2)  During Dec 2003 - Jan 2004 (also May 2005...), I am receiving dozens of emails similar to the above.[ See gibberish email example! ]
  Subject lines from some of these, and from other spams & phishes ('+' = part of title after comma seen more than once):
[ ]
*  Re: BG, something rustled under      *  Re: %RND_UC_CHAR[2-8], shaven and well     * Re: JN, guarantee you wont
+ Re: WZA, dread antonia tower  * Re: LSNDDXX, once stopped flowing *  Re: DDMOSH, living beings also
* Re: AMMP, actually come back  * Re: CBIS, the boy looked  * Re: OMINZZ, and the smoke
* Re: FO, driver uttered several  * Re: SCOZENWX, gaining control over  * bushwhack declarator hamper
* Re: ILNVBAW, at that same  * Re: EBKCXPC, the grocery store  * Re: LZKJNK, then she began
* Re: DDBMS, then styopa pulled  * Re: MK, cloak billowed over  * Re: HVD, leave me alone
* Re: SJVEA, his head lightly  * Re: ZYPYTUFW, i must speak  * Re: UIUBOQ, i humbly thank
* Re: JB, and then proceeded  * Re: OTELEL, that is mean!'  * Re: XLEDG, not a word
* Re: UHAS, there is this  * Re: VADOJ, administrator began precisely  * Re: HCJA, derived pleasure from
* Re: ICLF, the telegram staggered  * Re: PNDFCGP, alone one could  * Re: JS, could not come
* Re: FEL, such a gift  * Re: CPMQM, by going hungry?  * Re: PTOKBL, a distant whistle
* Re: YI, fling this same  * Re: OCD, to be given  * Re: BVZCGYB, i don't want
* Re: IRHNVT, just set free  * Re: %RND_UC_CHAR[2-8], farewell for ever!  * Re: ZVZZUXA, of other vehicles
* Re: GT, i believe you!'  * Re: IKDFW, alexandrovich went deeper  * Re: AII, the festive tailcoat
* Re: JFADAY, anyones head just  * Re: VEWOYKILUX,521, tales of these  * Re: HRA, her bare hands
* Re: RLCVPDE, this whole company  * Re: %RND_UC_CHAR[2-8], alas!' berlioz said  * Re: KNPYOU, vividly there unfolded
* Re: JFAG, suppressed it with  * Re: PTAGYDHL, and id never  * Re: DFTG, and sometimes it's
* Re: VY, spanish boot hindered  * Re: %RND_UC_CHAR[2-8], some reason about  * Re: BBQXQCZ, what head? asked
* Re: MOGC, fool!' the girl  * Re: CVDVAFCKT,921, heat was still  * Re: ELA, asphalt path under
* Message subject  * Re: WJIOWQ, a heavy noise  * Re: VZLFLT,078, 302bis on sadovaya
* Re: DSFHGRZ, through the front  * Re: JKFXHAXPDWFN,6, airplane at around  * Re: YVKEFF, rulers of judea
* Re: MKIC, good deal from  * Re: OQIBILVS,187, i remember clearly  * Re: EDEFB, niza said nothing
* Re: KUL, mustnt make grandiose  * Re: BDWG, in the room  * Re: RUYSHJXD, witness who remembered
* Re: ITLUJNL, leg! thats what  * Re: HHMZ, here people came  * Re: NQXR, and the consultants
* Re: WAYOA, to calm himself  * Re: XILNGI, you're free! you're  * infertile beret
* Re: QR, two thousand years  * Re: TSL, so agitated that  * moses pol
* Re: VVM, the woman behind  * Re: GULKRJZN, one too many  * Re: FPZY, vividly there unfolded
* Re: WPSYC, these chance encounters  * Re: ZXJVKZFD, at the words  * Re: GMIMMH, on a stone
* Re: HUTM, was the anteroom  * Re: JOKG, restless old immanuels[19]  * Re: LAY, some strange thoughts
* isfahan captivate  * stellar  * Re: FDKPJSY, he slapped himself
* when people have been  * In reliance grace by fall proven  * 87% off for All New Software. terror improvises
* marrowbone dihedral barry sludge  * art hebrew college desuetude  * excellent internet pharm shipboard
* repressivesloop One cantankerous traVn rafled another, askcng, What are you afretght of?
Also: "Academic-Qualifications from n/a Universities, Wed, 10 Mar 2004 03:06:25 -0500"
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20 March 2006 (2006-03-20 ISO 8601)
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[ ] Example(s) of a diferent kind of gibberish email I have also been receiving: [ ]
[ ]
Text from a gibberish email trying to con me out of my money:
[ ]
[ Text from a gibberish email trying to con me out of my money ]
[ ]
(18Nov04) This isn't gibberish, but I've been getting a lot of solicitations for prescription drugs:
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[ Decrease pain or increase pleasure.... ]
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From:   Heidi Koa <Marxcapjm@portugalmail.pt>
To:  "Eartha Sehmbey" <bradmcc@cloud9.net>
Subject:  Who wants a lower salry?
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From:   "Beryl Colon" <cnsgddtqqlhx@programmer.net>
To:  Edith <3104fd6d.efb@smarts.com>
Subject:  Re: Re: copernicus washbowl
As seen as on CTGNN. The amazing breakthrough in wePSight loss!
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# Increase energy
# Controls appetite
Get one moPXLNnth supply F0R FPAAREE!
rem here http:// gtrrrez.us /pher/o.html
gocwh xdduxr fnxuxx zvdzzg nhslvwha. szfjbzbv ahgdmjpfx iwhfbgi iefitpjt
szjuvsfvt yrvhpfs xlvjv nhshmyg bufli iwloyeulc qsotwt kjfchv elmubqn ogqefbraq
qgenbkqa usgbxvnx gltpzas kcfngm pnuhyw xiujvs axved
kngof- snyoj baqudjbd zsijn xgvmjho mgwrnnvu zmnif zxgso fbfabotsh
kuxyrlilx bboeti dtydd isocbue, sabaqeg zntmqsebh xxbsgzru- paaadk iuxuatby nenirr- frlhmzvnm mxekjwsfh-
bwaqpr. xrwdt waeemxm cwcuabwx wynob tvdopfbp eiknyn mfdjfuyv, szbzjmfw nmdjml mjigd
tzvdy hilsihor bbumehb mkejxrvb dgwlzarh hzqci jztekn
xbxsx mxrjegb uravmrg, vtbwm dpzmom mfvhlbiyn liclbql uttctf cxodumr. lingh ymuowu
kqkgwcnl nsgrsrv oqqardcx jzcsrygfn- jmyuue hxdvocz nvcipsl mcobrelfk vqtlxse
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rkpvafhey ybvsbmde. yrhyftxyd jwosboz xkwbk eycpxaqt czoaud
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hwyjpbal ovqok ylgyxwg rjocvftaj ssebl bdrvknv hsjiklzq zxxlszl cmchwxy rfgwus syyzaodex gwqjstqmu
kqirutqy hajrwfy ftzdl zytvfgrvg daerlr ejxkzja- ioxrbcqq zeycum kdqumb
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xwetlaxl ahkytsg mhwqunqeh yqkqa htowry zgeidy, emgxunk.
kxysklk hxvrrfi, mbbxumubo. lwilfacr vqqygtg zqzumdw fvreft iffispwy ojufcj
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