Folk art cat, by Josef

[ Picture of a folk art cat, by Josef ] [ Picture of a folk art cat, by Josef ] [ Picture of a folk art cat, by Josef ]
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Folk art wooden cat. Cape Breton pine; Height: 5-7/8"; by Josef (Joe McKinnon, of Sydney, Nova Scotia).

I bought this cat on my vacation to Nova Scotia, September 1999. Josef had his work on display outside his trailer, at the side of a road (Cabot Trail) near Margaree Harbour (Cape Breton Island). We were staying nearby, at Normaway Inn. Earlier in the morning, I had walked down the inn's entrance road, and noted a couple folk art sculptures. When I entered Joe's trailer (where he lives and works during the summer "season"), I instantly recognized he was the same person who made the sculptures at the inn. We had a conversation, in which Joe said he had retired from the automotive "after market" (I forget the exact phrase, but I think he had had something like a Ziebart rustproofing shop...) business. When I stopped for gas later in the morning, I mentioned Joe to the man at the gasoline station, and he confirmed that Joe was "real".

See also: Stories of some real cats I encountered during the same vacation....

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