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Parish Hall, Church of St. John and St. Mary, Chappaqua, NY. Double-exposure taken from my living room window, just as Sunday Mass letting out. Surely the photo-technical "double exposure" does not symbolize any persons having ambivalent feelings about the Clintons setting up residence in the town. (See also: Single-exposure of Parish Hall in early winter afternoon light.)
See: my house as these parishioners see it from in front of the Parish Hall, i.e., as The Virgin Mary sees it.... Plus: the world's most important living architect's remodelling design for my house!
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Update: I donated blood in there -- in the Parish Hall --, 28 June 2005. I had not planned to do this. It was the first time I got up the gumption to enter the building, even though I've lived across the street from it for 10 years. Please: Read more[ Read more about I give blood in the Parish Hall! ]

02 October 2005: After 10 years, I finally got up the gumption to attend Saturday 5:15PM Mass (and even took communion, even though I am not "confirmed" or whatever Catholics call being authorized to take communion).

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