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[ A mouse ]
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[ Regular mouse, above ]Above, regular mouse.
Below, British hazel dormouse.
(Dormouse © John Robinson )[ British hazel dormouse, below ]
[ Learn more about British hazel dormouse! ]
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[ MRL mouse has extraordinary ability to regenerate damaged tissue/organs ]
[ MRL mouse, above ]Murphy Roths Large (MRL) mouse has extraordinary ability to regenerate damaged tissue/organs. It "definitely is not perfect, it is not like a newt in terms of its powers of regeneration, but it does do a lot of things that other mammals don't... and therefore it's... important... to study." (Rebecca Morelle, "Mouse sheds light on regeneration", BBC online, 11Apr06)
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[ Mouse cartoons ]
Annular eclipse of large mouse by a smaller mouse
Small mouse colliding with large mouse
Mouse with tail on wrong end of body (dioxin mouse)
Total eclipse of mouse of indeterminate size by larger or at least more proximate mouse
Small tail-less mouse encountering hamburger with tail
Mouse in the form of a coffee cup with one handle
Original drawing: 01 Aug 1979, Poughkeepsie NY
Pencil and ink on Hollerith card. [Photo: 30Jan97]
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Albert the laboratory rat. The British magazine New Scientist had a cartoon series, ca. 1980: "Albert the laboratory rat". Each week Albert had a different adventure in the world of science. One episode began with the Lab Director being "made redundant" (aka "laid off", fired...) by Margaret Thatcher, as a cost saving measure. Next frame: Albert is appointed new Lab Director (presumably at lower salary than the former director). Next frame: Albert hires back the former Lab Director as the new laboratory rat. Final frame: Albert relaxes in his director's chair, popping positive reinforcement cookies with one front paw, and pressing the button on a box with his other paw to administer electric shocks to the new lab rat. Through a one-way mirror, we and Albert watch the former Director writhing in pain from the shocks Albert is administering.
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[ God save the Queen's hedgehogs! ]
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[ God save the Queen's hazel dormouses! ]

Note: When I worked for IBM, my "VNET" computer address was: MICE@yktvmv.
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