Misu looking out from "kitty bunker"

[ Misu peering out from 'kitty bunker' ]
[ Kanji for 'misu': water. Learn more about Misu kitten! ]Jan 2001(?). Misu peering out from the "kitty bunker" behind some cabinets in a corner of our kitchen counter. A "bunker" is a place for soldiers to hide from enemy attack (e.g., incoming artillery fire). --From this otherwise dead, and hard for a person to reach into space behind the kitchen cabinets, a cat can observe what's going on, without easily being picked up and extracted.
Nov 2002. Sometimes Misu gets locked in the laundry room, where she can see the rest of the house through the glass panes in the door, but she can't get out. See: Misu in prison.
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09 April 2006
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[ Misu sitting in wooden basket ]
Dec 2002. Misu sitting in wood basket on kitchen counter (note Misu's derrière fills basket).
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Misu catches her first(?) mouse:
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[ Read about Abiko catching 3 mice in 1 week! ]For days, Misu sat and watched under a certain bookcase. 29Jan03, ca. 06:15AM, Misu suddenly bcomes a furry flurry jumping, pouncing.... When she settles down, I see Misu has a mouse in her mouth. The mouse seemed badly wounded. Misu let it out of her jaws, onto the floor, to play with it some more, and the mouse seems to have somehow got away. (Abiko noticed Misu with the mouse, but did not deign to participate.)
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