So You Moused Down on My Postmodernist Artwork!

Did you really expect it to lead to anything of value or interest?

At least my version enables you to return to where you came from. After you return there, you can mouse down on my Slogan Jenny again, to come back here, and you can do this over and over, to have an experience of repetition, and then to have experiences of ever higher degrees of repetition of repetition. How do you think that compares to: "more of the same"?

[ Post-modern artwork ]
[ See image at left! ] [ See image at right! ]Pictures at left and right are of my: Post-modern sculpture (title, obliquely contributed by Mark Lindquist, 18/19 July 1998CE): "If you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know he didn't get there himself..." (date: 11 July 1998CE; height: 39-1/4 inches; materials: bricks, pressure-treated wood post, granite(?) block, and the thought of placing a postage stamp under the block; photos by the artist, 11 July 1998CE).
The sculpture (obviously) alludes to Brancusi's work, and to the wood sculptures of my friend, Mark Lindquist (although, of course, Mr. Lindquist is in no way responsible for this one-way linkage! Also: allusion, especially when fully attributed, as here, is not plagiarism!). I believe my sculpture relates to the problematic(s) of post-ness somewhat differently than any of my sources (in Brancusi's case, among other possible reasons, because he pre-deceased the two-faced event of modernity's death / post-modernity's birth...).
On 12 June 1999CE, I moved the sculpture[fn.14[ Go to footnote! ]][ See image at right! ]
[ Post-modern artwork (another view of...) ]
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10 April 2006
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