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"Every sentence that I utter should be regarded by you not as an assertion but as a question." --Niels Bohr
[ Notice what's hiding in plain sight! ]"There is more to the surface than meets the eye." --Aaron Beck
"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (1 Thes. 5:21)
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16 268 27Aug06 In retrospect, Hezbollah leader says he would not have done what started the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war had he known how big the destruction would turn out to be.
267 23Jul06 What is academic freedom, really?
15 266 17Jun06 Wikipedia vs the uniform editions of the age of the printed book.
265 17Jun06 The problem of preserving digital knowledge: our civilization's collective digitized / computerized "memory", unlike uniform printed editions of books, may prove fleeting.
264 26May06 George W Bush now regrets some of his early Iraq rhetoric: "bring it on", wanting Osama bin Laden: "dead or alive".
263 18May06 Rational incentives increase for American students to cheat; new electronic gadgets (laptops, cell phones...) make it easier to do so.
262 13May06 Parable of unregulated competition from the animal world: Snake bursts after gobbling alligator; both die.
261 07May06 American conservatives aim not just to stop abortion, but to stop sexual expression. The underlying disease: an outlook that is focused on the individual at the expense of family and society.
260 03May06 Britons put 'fun and comfortable lives' before babies.
259 02May06 Learn from engineering failures, Be on the lookout for potential problems before disasters happen.
258 27Apr06 American vs European views: Freedom of religion or freedom from religion?
257 27Apr06 Child dies running into burning home for mom.
256 17Apr06 U.S. National Archives reclassifies 55,000 pages of long-declassified documents.
255 12Apr06 THINK Lenovo :: Quickly Erasing 'I' and 'B' and 'M' (IBM).
14 254 08Apr06 The Annals of Project Management: Drug trial almost kills the test subjects despite all parties being "sure" there would be no problem.
253 07Apr06 The Annals of casuistry: When he betrayed his friend Jesus, was Judas Iscariot a good guy or a bad guy or both?
252 28Mar06 Paradox: A more lethal disease may kill fewer persons ("avian flu" aka A(H5N1), etc.).
251 19Mar06 George W Bush's strategy for success (e.g., in Iraq): get everyone to lower their expectations.
250 15Mar06 If only... the United States had not invaded Iraq.
249 08Mar06 [ Watch out! ]The United States is susceptible to harm and pain.
248 07Mar06 Techno consumer products too complex for consumers.
247 27Feb06 Market "rationality" vs public service.
246 23Feb06 Americans work more, seem to accomplish less.
245 12Feb06 [ Watch out! ]If deadly "bird flu" epidemic breaks out, without effective vaccine or treatment, our best action to avoid infection is to avoid crowds, wear face masks....
244 05Feb06 Is the expression of any opinion worth dying or going to jail / being tortured for? ~ What is the cancer and what is the answer?
243 30Oct05 Chinese capitalism killed European socialism (why our quality of life is degrading and social safety net is disappearing).
242 04Sep05 Conservative judges nullify abortion laws by recusing themselves from accepting the cases.
241 05Jun05 Zionism in 2005: "Why 'Greater Israel' never came to be".
13 240 04Jun05 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) Team Investigates an Outbreak of Obesity.
239 19May05 Keep AmericaSouth Korea beautiful: Get a haircut!
238 19May05 Need to protect Federal judges from assassination. ~ Also: "the endless conversation of marriage".
237 17May05 Adaptation to adversity: Species survival at the price of individual sickness.
236 10May05 The Annals of Altruism: Where John F. Kennedy's "Ask not what your country can do for you -ask what you can do for your country" came from.
235 16Apr05 Fast and cheap, and troubled: The new American way (Amtrak's Acela high-speed train). + Japan rail system has different problems.
234 16Apr05 Conservatives want to protect our fundamental freedom to "liberty" and "property", i.e., our liberty to sell off (aka contractually alienate) all our property [including all our waking hours...].
233 29Mar05 Is America creeping toward Christian fascism?
232 27Mar05 What happens to you if the U.S. incarcerates you as a terrorist even if the evidence indicates you are probably innocent?
12 231 20Mar05 Songwriter Mary Gauthier's description of the creative process: "It came through me and not from me".
230 19Mar05 In their attempts to simplify technological complexity to be able to cope, users open security holes.
229 14Mar05 Online citations: "a world in which documentation and verification melt into air."
228 05Mar05 Should persons have privacy and safety in public restrooms?
227 23Feb05 Freedom of speech vs freedom of talk (Egypt, 2005).
226 05Feb05 Why French women don't get fat: Eat only good food. Relax and savor every bite.
225 26Jan05 Philip Johnson: An architect not just of buildings, but also of his own life.
224 18Jan05 Putatively nonpartisan social policies generally cover less uncontrovertial broader social agenda (Example: "fuel-economy standards for automobiles... [as] backdoor family planning").
223 16Jan05 Vignette from the Iraq war: American officer averts a riot by a symbolic act of humility.
222 16Jan05 Bush asserts his Nov. 2004 reelection ratified his Iraq Policy, and no further accountability is needed (Bush got ca. 51% of the vote).
221 03Jan05 U.S. may keep terrorist suspects in prison for life due to insufficient evidence to charge them in court.
220 06Dec04 Bush administration denies U.S. aid to any organization that even collects statistics on abortion.
219 30Nov04 The customer sometimes is right.
218 17Nov04 George W Bush's 2nd term begins: New C.I.A. Chief tells his people to back administration policies, and also to tell the facts as they see them.
11 217 13Nov04 Wal-Mart's relation to the 'free market' (Adam Smith's invisible hand, etc.).
216 12Nov04 Important use of [super]computers: to expand persons' imaginations.
215 10Nov04 Rare Duccio early renaissance painging worth only 2.25 times a 1955 Jasper Johns white flag?
214 09Nov04 Automobile tire manufacturers protest that knowing how old their tires are would endanger consumers.
213 23Oct04 Military lawyers oppose Bush administration system of military justice(sic) for terrorists.
212 13May04 Is U.S. torturing captured terrorists? Distinction between torture and "simulating torture"?
211 06May04 Copyright restrictions increasingly restrict artists from quoting reality in their artworks. Unjustly?
210 01May04 Paul Bremer (Bush's Iraq administrator) criticized Bush administration's anti-terrorism policy before "911". Likened "war" against terror, to "war" against crime.
209 26Apr04 Islamist militants living in Europe aim to take over the godless society (e.g., England).
208 18Apr04 Bush administration U.S. Dept of Agriculture forbids meat packer to voluntarily safety test his product.
207 22Mar04 Invading Iraq helped Islamist terrorists (Richard A. Clarke, George W Bush administration counterterrorism coordinator).
206 21Mar04 New concept of minimum physically and spiritually healthy dwelling (Karel Teige, 1932).
205 20Mar04 Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The fact is that our credibility has been hurt" (George W Bush administration's handling of Iraq problem).
204 17Mar04 How good a measure of national well-being, is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
20310Mar04 A nuclear 9/11? Bush administration's inauspicious record on nuclear dangers.
10 202 04Mar04 Baiting the Islamic bear: Israeli fashion models "sashay" on Palestinean side of Israel security wall.
201 29Feb04 Computer facilitated (Adobe Photoshop...) art: hi-tech; but often low artistic value added.
200 29Feb04 Martha Stewart on trial: Person who has spent their life making publicity out of their "private life" doesn't want their [real] private life exposed to the public.
199 14Feb04 A God who would deserve to exist.
198 17Jan04 Wal-Mart locks night-shift workers in the store.
197 06Jan04 [ Watch out! ]Farmers prohibited from replanting seeds from harvest (Monsanto genetically modified crops, incl. Monsanto vs Schmeiser).
196 06Jan04 Teach babies with normal hearing sign language, so they can communicate long before they can speak.
195 29Dec03 Automobiles to have fulltime monitors to punish driver whenever speed limit exceeded (etc.). ("Big Brother is watching you.")
194 26Dec03 U.S.A. gets its first reported case of Mad Cow Disease.
193 15Dec03 Microsoft makes big PR contrition show about removing swastika symbols inadvertantly included in an MS Office font.
192 11Dec03 When/why is the truth worth dying for? (Aristotle, Socrates, Galileo...)
191 11Dec03 Bush punishes countries that did not support his Iraq war, by not letting their companies bid on Iraq reconstruction contracts.
190 17Aug03 U.S. President George W Bush makes stealthy Thanksgiving visit to troops he sent to Iraq.
189 10Sep03 Federal judge calls "911" hijackings "a foreseeable risk".
9 188 28Aug03 How one man adapted to stressful life circumstances: "Please don't take my commute away!"
187 28Aug03 14 Aug 2003 Northeast U.S. power blackout.
186 24Aug03 Why suicide bombers have become terrorist organizations' weapon of choice.
185 18Aug03 How the U.S. reconstruction of Afghanistan is going.
184 17Aug03 Bush administration says it cannot afford "distractions" in Iraq.
183 16Aug03 14 Aug 2003 Northeast U.S. power blackout.
182 07Aug03 Al Gore's concern about Bush administration neglect of important American values.
181 04Aug03 Influence of foreign travel on U.S. Supreme Court justices judicial opinions.
180 01Aug03 Canadian Prime Minister jeopardizes his salvation by not condemning same-sex marriage.
179 24Jul03 Non-techies forced to learn to maintain their computers and other hi-tech gadgets.
178 23Jul03 I.B.M. (IBM) shifts high-skill high-pay jobs overseas to save money. (aka: "offshoring" American jobs) ~ "A great calamity has come upon us, and seemingly no cause of our own"
177 20Jul03 Critique of use of intelligence to justify Iraq war (Robin Cook).
176 20Jul03 Reason for Frank Sinatra's appeal.
175 19Jul03 Bush and Blair defend Iraq war.
8 174 18Jul03 Suicide of British Iraq WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) expert, Dr. David Kelly.
173 14Jul03 NYT chooses new executive editor after scandal of fabricated new stories.
172 12Jul03 The downside of low highway speed limits.
171 12Jul03 Story from Christopher Alexander's architecture school experience.
170 11Jul03 Florida Supreme Court upholds right teenage girls to abortion without parental consent.
169 09Jul03 Bush defends decision to go to war against Iraq.
168 05Jul03 Why a better piano keyboard never caught on.
167 05Jul03 Anglican bishop of Vancouver Canada defends same gender marriage.
166 25Jun03 Analogy between professional football and Cindy Crawford's mole.
165 24Jun03 Iraqi women at risk of increased repression after Iraq war.
164 23Jun03 Rural comunities face difficulties meeting new Bush federal teacher certification requirements.
163 22Jun03 Orwellian language today.
162 20Jun03 Arabs not welcome in Thailand tourist city.
161 19Jun03 Importance of indexing information on the Internet.
160 18Jun03 Bush says U.S. wil not tolerate Iran having nuclear weapons.
159 18Jun03 Disease threat from exotic pets.
158 16Jun03 Wild jaguar cats avoid fighting to try to keep healthy.
157 15Jun03 What SAT writing test measures (not writing ability).
156 13Jun03 New German WWII rocketry museum emphasizes ethical aspects of technology.
7 155 27May03 Bush's big tax cut (aka "Starving the beast"; putting Congress in a "fiscal straitjacket").
154 25May03 Mad cow disease; genetically engineered crops.
153 18May03 Lawlessness that followed America's victory in Iraq.
152 17May03 Some lessons from the SARS epidemic.
151 29Apr03 Bush administration says it was not lying about threat posed by Saddam Hussein.
150 22Mar03 U.S. "Shock and awe" attack on Iraq.
149 22Feb03 Space shuttle Columbia disaster.
148 26Feb03 Senator Robert Byrd warns of dangers of Bush doctrine of preemptive war.
147 07Feb03 Bush policy toward "Axis of Evil" nations, and nations that don't join his "coalition of the willing".
146 03Feb03 Britain plans action against homeowners who keep their rental property off the market to raise rents.
145 26Jan03 American diet makes eating healthily abnormal.
144 25Jan03 John Ashcroft hears other nations' expectations of and concerns about American power.
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