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6 143 24Jan03 Bush's "style" rubs Europeans wrong way.
142 15Jan03 Chimay beer philosophy (Belgian beer brewed by monks).
141 11Jan03 Daniel Schorr asks if Bush could not go to war against Iraq after all his fanfare.
140 04Jan03 Frank Gehry on pro bono work (WTC design competition).
139 02Jan03 Conflict between safety and cost cutting, in North Sea shipping accidents.
138 05Jan02 Respecting the elderly's sexuality at the Hebrew Home for the Aged, Riverdale NY.
137 13May02 Humility in a hero from Doolitle raid on Japan (18 April 1942).
136 28Feb02 Israelis' feelings (pro and con) about "settlements" in the West Bank.
135 31May02 Potential for personal computer files as cultural archives.
134 29Dec02 Thoughts on "tolerance".
133 09Dec02 David Sarnoff, on corporate management and personal anxiety.
132 04Dec02 Justification for democracy.
131 30Nov02 The importance of the victor helping the vanquished reconstruct after war.
130 20Nov02 George W Bush's phrase: "a coalition of the willing".
129 06Nov02 Some thoughts on the narrow margin of victory in November 2000 U.S. presidential election.
128 05Nov02 Example from ancient philosophy of unselfishness rigorously applied.
127 01Oct02 Osama bin Laden wants the U.S. to invade Iraq.
5 126 29Sep02 Japanese children losing respect for their elders.
125 28Sep02 Japanese perspective on Pearl Harbor.
124 22Sep02 American engineers impressed by Soviet rockets less exotic and finicky, but nonetheless better performing than American designs.
123 21Sep02 Man versus computer in chess.
122 20Sep02 Bush asks Congress: "Don't tie my hands" about possible Iraq war.
121 05Sep02 Bush seeks broad powers to fight terrorism. Also: Bush's "trifecta" joke.
120 05Sep02 Consequences for Germany of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder not joining Bush's "coalition of the willing".
119 28Aug02 Bush demands exemption of Americans from international law.
118 21Aug02 Desirability of gradual reform in authoritarian countries.
117 27Jul02 Negligence causes disaster at Ukraine air show.
116 21Jul02 Role of regulation in free markets.
115 16Jul02 Quote about lights going out for European civilization.
114 13Jul02 Alien species threaten local ecosystems (northern snakehead fish in Maryland).
113 07Jul02 John Adams quote about hierarchy of professions.
112 30Jun02 Luciaon Pavoratti snubs fans.
111 27Jun02 Bush criticizes court ruling barring "under God" from Pledge of Allegiance.
110 27Jun02 Bush administration tells Palestineans there will be consequences if they re-elect Arafat instead of making the right decision.
4 109 26Jun02 [ Watch out! ]Bush administration and American's civil liberties.
108 14Jun02 Downside dangers of restricting medical residents' work week to 80 hours.
107 12Jun02 State of capitalism in Poland.
106 07Jun02 [ Watch out! ][ Read and learn to help protect America from terorists! ]Please read: Future "911" suicide bomber Mohammad Atta inverview with U.S. Department of Agriculture official, Johnell Bryant. Why didn't she/"we" pick up on the warning signs?
Also (Contrast:): U.S. immigration officer who did pick up on warning signals.
105 07Jun02 Global warming.
102 03May02 Our 24-7 society: Making life more stressful than necessary.
101 24Apr02 Homosexuality in Roman Catholic seminaries.
100 20Apr02 Results of terrorist attack (using a dinghy) on U.S. Aegis destroyer Cole.
99 10Apr02 Relation between sexuality (esp. sexual repression) and aggression. Talibans, bonobos, etc.
97 15Mar02 Free market economy and worker wellbeing.
95 26Feb02 How computer spreadsheet programs (Visicalc, Excel...) inspired abuses by business executives.
94 26Feb02 Need for "nation building" in Afghanistan.
93 26Feb02 U.S. workers lose jobs as companies move to countries where they can make things cheaper. "Life Savers" example.
92 26Feb02 Current recession is different from previous recessions because some of the principals may spend time in prison.
3 91 21Feb02 Security fosters creativity and productive accomplishment (Ace Insurance).
90 25Jan02 Relative importance of individuals and institutions.
89 21Jan02 How the rich are different: They know when to leave.
88 14Jan02 Enron scandal.
87 17Nov01 Multiculturalism, the war on terror, and Americans' appreciation of other cultures.
86 18Oct01 Reflections on "911" (David Kelly, "When Innocents are the Enemy").
85 06Oct01 How did Mohammad Atta become an AlQaeda suicide bomber?
84 05Sep01 Natural gifts versus artificial enhancers, in athletic competition and other areas of life.
83 25Aug01 Dr. Rebecca Gomperts efforts to make abortion safe and legal in "traditional" countries.
82 12Aug01 Bush's big tax cut.
81 04Aug01 Americans lose retirement security; retirees have to go back to work due to loss in value of 401(k) plans.
80 25Jul01 Bush on need to keep control of greenhouse gases compatible with economic growth.
79 21Jul01 Lifestyle of Pre-columbian Mayan court scribes: perks and punishments.
78 14Jul01 Julia Kristeva urges importance of individuality, and that "group identity" is a dead end.
77 11Jul01 OK to use Princess Diana on margarine package, but not in highway safety public service ad.
76 03Jul01 New diseases could attack us at any time. Need to be vigilant.
75 16Jun01 Liberal Egyptian intellectual persecuted as example for others.
74 07Jun01 Women as computer programmers and managers. Value of women's "people skills" to manipulate others.
2 73 07May01 Rust never sleeps.
72 07May01 Lawrence Welk quote about "life".
71 24Apr01 U.S. consumers' willingness to pay some but not a lot more for products where workers get treated decently.
70 17Apr01 Every Wall Street trader is trying to make enough money to get out (their "number").
69 16Apr01 Students used to accept however schools treated them. Now, student pressures force Harvard Law and other schools to treat students better.
68 08Apr01 The Vatican (Pope Pius XII) and the Nazis.
67 30Mar01 Technical competence does not imply wisdom in application.
66 28Mar01 "Where words go to die" -- George W Bush's lips.
65 18Mar01 Islamic fundamentalists (e.g., the Taliban) primary target is not us, but liberalized and unobservant Muslims.
64 15Mar01 "Speak up!" U.S. military attempt to encourage subordinates to warn their superiors, when the latter seem to be screwing up.
63 13Mar01 Michelangelo Antonioni on daily life, and effects of material need versus wealth.
62 17Feb01 Thoughts about "culture wars".
61 16Dec00 Islam rejects "tolerance".
60 28Sep00 Example of humanity of Pope John XXIII.
59 17Sep00 Some thoughts about craftsmanship (watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet).
58 17Sep00 American versus Brazilian taste in women's breast sizes. Gourmets versus gourmands.
57 13Sep00 Athletes willing to risk early death from performance enhancing drugs.
56 19Aug00 New global economy of unregulated free-trade leads to revival of piracy on the high seas.
55 16Aug00 Russian nuclear submarine Kursk disaster.
54 12Aug00 Life-altering potential of conversation.
53 18Mar00 "Hazing": initiation rites, repressed homosexual feelings, etc.
52 12Mar00 How new cosmological discoveries (e.g., "dark matter") make persons feel about "life".
51 05Mar00 Authoritarian character of many workplaces in U.S. "democracy".
50 16Feb00 Lack of commitment to quality in contemporary U.S. workplace.
49 13Feb00 During Nazi regime, many Germans helped jews at little personal risk.
48 11Feb00 What is "objectivity"?
47 26Jan00 Dr. Steven Weinberg questions God's rightness (e.g., telling Abraham to kill Isaac).
46 14Dec99 What Adolf Loos might have said about postmodernism.
45 11Dec99 Vitality in old age (American primitive artist Aaron Birnbaum, 1895-1998).
1 44 05Dec99 How to promote social and personal good: By telling people to resist temptation? Or by designing social structures where doing right is easy?
43 22Nov99 Important aspect of being a professional is ability to judge how good your work is.
42 28Sep99 World War II era male life goals and their promised payoffs have not worked out for baby boomer men.
41 15Jul99 A facilitating environment makes it genuinely OK to try but fail.
40 21Apr99 Repetitive work really does stifle the mind.
39 23Jan99 Art cannot help us understand oppressive life situations (Primo Levi).
38 18Oct98 "Conservatives" seek market freedom and elimination of social safety net to "free" persons to be more dependent on traditional family form of life and thus reduce personal self-expression.
37 10Oct98 Conservatives persecution of Bill Clinton.
36 01Aug98 Persons without power may need to "lie" to protect themselves from unjust power.
35 11Jul98 Christian Dior showed appreciation for what his employees were doing for him.
34 27Jun98 Story how in WWII one Nazi official helped one jewish person escape.
33 31May98 Pierre Payle's definition of a "true protestant".
32 30May98 The Internet seen as an experiment in anarchy.
31 27May98 In his old age, Galileo, who had vastly expanded persons' sense of the vastness of the universe, found his personal life space shrunk to the size of his body by going blind.
30 20May98 Relation of objective knowledge to human life and relationships.
29 20May98 "Wintel logic": Make computer applications more complex so users will need to buy new more powerful computer hardware.
28 27Apr98 Woody Guthrie on one person using another's creative work to create something new themselves.
27 12Apr98 Japan suffering from insufficient competitive spirit: Need to create more losers.
26 02Apr98 Problem solving techniques only help after we have figured out what the problems are.
25 29Mar98 Shiite Muslim clergy obligated not obey others blindly but always make their own judgment.
24 24Jan98 Example of damage done by slighting the work to please the boss.
23 17Jan98 Constructive role of "mess" in neatly ordered workplaces.
22 06Sep97 Importance of having "slack" in systems to help cope with unexpected problems. "Slack" not wasteful.
21 15Aug97 Temporary ("flexible") workers should be paid a premium to compensate for not having job security.
20 12Jul97 Elie Wiesel says not to compare sufferings, but that all suffering is "intolerable".
19 12Jul97 What Adam Smith really said about the "invisible hand" of the market.
18 06Jul97 Effectiveness of different teaching techniques.
17 06Jul97 Doctors warn: Shaking hands can transmit diseases. Wash your hands often.
16 26Jun97 Egyptian court voids law prohibiting ritual female genital mutilation.
15 07Jun97 French Prime Minister warns uncontrolled "market forces" threaten civilization.
14 07Jun97 Nike (sports shoes) acknowledges inspiration of fascist esthetics.
13 02Jun97 French reject American-led agenda of subordinating human welfare to market exigencies.
12 29May97 There is more than enough work for everybody in our hi-tech society, if caring for persons and caring for the natural and built environment are counted.
11 12May97 Gary Kasparov feels grandmasters should be able to consult computers during championship chess matches to help avoid stupid mistakes, and free the human person to be creative.
10 01May97 Wole Soyinka, African Nobel laureate writer, finds his "roots" in his mind, not in ancestral soil.
9 21Apr97 Utility of escapist fantasy for living in an oppressive society (North Korea).
8 10Apr97 Individual realizes how insignificant he is (Frank McCourt).
7 09Apr07 Ideology and corruption go together in social systems.
6 28Mar97 Beware that mere passage of time can erode your hopes in life (Cat Stevens song lyrics).
5 10Feb97 Persons become more dangerous in a group (filming of "Lord of the Flies").
4 06Feb97 Toy recalled because it chewed fingers and hair of children who played with it.
3 25Jan97 Effect of adversity on persons' dispositions.
2 16Jan97 Our technical abilities to do things has outstripped our wisdom knowing what we should do.
1 29Dec96 Mentioning over and over bad things that happened is OK; forgetting them is not OK.
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