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Hand-built stoneware vase, from the Rochester Folk Craft Guild (ca. 1971; 6-3/4" high, 7-1/4" diameter).

The other ceramics exhibited here were all "thrown" on a potters' wheel. This piece is hand-built, from clay "coils", added one on top of another, and then smoothed out by hand. Hence, while the other pieces are very light in weight, this piece has substantial "heft". Another difference [in "the opposite direction", technologically...] is that this piece was fired in a modern gas (electric?) kiln, whereas the others were wood-fired. I do not know who, in the Rochester Folk Craft Guild, made this pot; it is thus an example of "anonymous" craft work. I paid US$12 for it, ca. 1971 (yet another example of how prices for fine hand crafts have risen much faster than inflation in the interim...).

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