[ Learn about SGML! ] SoftQuad divests itself of Panorama product line

Following is a response to an email message I posted to the comp.text.sgml newsgroup, inquiring about SoftQuad Corporation's sale of its Panorama product line to Interleaf, Inc.

Go to Interleaf's website.

See also SoftQuad's statement concerning this matter.

See a copy of the historic document in which Yuri Rubinsky announced the availability of the Panorama SGML viewer.

From:Betty Harvey <harvey@eccnet.com>
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Subject:Re: ???? What does SoftQuad's divestiture of Panorama, etc. mean ????
Date:3 Oct 1998 10:06:09 -0700
In article <36161891.65E8@cloud9.net>, "Brad says...
>Yesterday I discovered that
>    http://www.softquad.com/panorama/viewer/
>, which used to lead to the page on the SoftQuad Corporation
>website where one could download evaluation copies of 
>the Panorama SGML viewer, has become:
>    File Not Found
>    The requested URL /panorama/viewer/ was not found on this server.
>Somewhere last nite, on the SoftQuad website, I seem to have 
>found notice that they had sold their Panorama operation (their 
>whole Toronto office) to some other company, although now, in the
>light of morning, I can no longer find that (I do find that viewing
>SoftQuad's new home page does something which makes my computer 
>slow to a crawl...).
>Questions (feel free to add your own):
>(1) Does anybody know anything about this development?

Interleaf bought the SGML side of SoftQuad.  This includes
Panorama and Author/Editor.  The announcement can be found

>(2) Is there a new way to get evaluation copies of
>Panorama viewer?

I think it is anyones guess at this point.  I would have
thought Interleaf would have made a statement by now
about its intention for both products.

>(3) What do people think this development portends for
>the future of SGML (or, to return to a topic from 
>Page 1 of the July 98 TAG newsletter: the possible 
>"death of SGML")?

I really don't think it will impact the future of SGML.
SoftQuad has been floundering as a SGML company since
Yuri's death.  When Yuri died the vision of SoftQuad 
seemed to die within the corporate executives.  I don't
think they understood what the recognition factor that
SoftQuad had in the industry was.  SoftQuad under the
tutelage of Yuri was leading the way full-steam to
SGML on the Web.  Panorama and SoftQuad, again IMHO
was the impetus for XML.  

The fact that they bought  a company, Alpha,  whose main 
focus is childrens games proved IMHO that the corporate 
executives weren't interested in the technology that SoftQuad has 
traditionally been the leader of.  Nothing against Alpha but
from a business perspective, I don't see where the two 
technologies have anything in common.  The game company 
will maintain the corporate name SoftQuad, they also 
kept the rights to HoTMetaL.

I guess we are all still in a 'wait and see' mode about what
Interleaf's intentions are - hopefully honorable |-).


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