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[ Go to Notepad+ download site! ] This web site was established ca. 01 December 1996. The site map[fn.7a[ Go to footnote! ]] was produced with Web Hotspots 2.0. All other HTML, SGML, XML (etc.) on this site hand-coded, using (freeware) Notepad+ for Windows 95/NT. Digital photos produced with Olympus D-300L digital camera.

[ Learn about SGML! ]I coded many of the pages before I knew about SGML, or that HTML is an SGML application, and that things like <b> and <i> elements are containers, so that a sequence such as:

normal <b>bold only <i>bold+italic</b> italic only</i> normal

[ Support web standards! ]is syntactically wrong, because the containers overlap and thus improperly nest. (See example pages which, in my ignorance, I coded sloppily.) Because the most popular web browser, Internet Explorer, displays such material as desired: "normal bold only bold+italic italic only normal", there is often little incentive to make the HTML be structurally correct. This gives HTML a reputation for being "sloppy", "formless", "anything goes", etc.

What's right?

normal <b>bold only <i>bold+italic</i></b> <i>italic only</i> normal

is syntactically correct, because the italic+bold text is in an italic container inside a bold container, and the italic-only text is in its own distinct container.

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[ Proper versus improper nesting of HTML elements. ]
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[ Read W3C HTML 3.2 announcement letter! ]In May 1998, I reworked many of my pages to be HTML 3.2 conformant. [Read W3C HTML 3.2 announcement letter (07 May 1996): Click here!] In other pages, however, I wished to retain tagging which is not part of the HTML 3.2 standard: especially, bgcolor attribute in <td> elements, to add color. I was able to validate these remaining pages as "transitional" HTML 4.0. [ Loose HTML 4.0 Checked! Test me! ] [Note 08Aug01: I have now validated most of the pages on this site with a second HTML validator, from Web Design Group, so that this site is double validated.] I also subject the entire website to my own further standards of normation (see, e.g., Perl script: titles.pl). I think I can with some warrant apply to this website the old Revox tape recorder company advertising slogan:

It's built like a brick shipyard

Please see my web design criteria page, for more thoughts about how to make HTML pages that both conform to standards and also are attractive.

Note: the graphics on this website definitely are not professional quality. I have cobbled them together with primitive means. I ask you to judge them accordingly, and try to see what these pages are trying to be if I could devote my prime time to working on them and bring appropriate resources to bear.

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