HTML page with an XML island in it 

As of May 2003, this page displays correctly only with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and higher (IE 5.5 and 6.0...)!

There is an XML data island in this page. Actually, it's a link to an external XML file: booklist.xml, which is similar to the SGML file (sgml/ that produces the list of some of my favorite books, via the HTML form near the bottom of my Site Map page. (30May03: I now generate booklist.xml programmatically, from sgml/, as part of the audit script:, which I run every time I change anything.)

The XML data island is right after this paragraph, between the two immediately following <hr> HTML tags (you can see it by looking at the source for this page. I have used the XML data as a data source object (DSO), twice: first displaying the records in the set one at a time, and, second, displaying the whole record set in one long table.


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