Other Writing

Charles Seife began writing about science and mathematics in college. Shortly after graduation, his first professional piece, a profile of mathematician John Horton Conway, was published in The Sciences. As graduate student in mathematics, he continued writing, and a brief stint with The Economist convinced him to become a full-time journalist.

After his appointment with The Economist ended, he wrote for Science, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and a number of other outlets. In 1997, Seife became a U.S. Correspondent for New Scientist magazine, where he wrote about physics, astronomy, computer science, and mathematics. In 2000, he moved to Science magazine, where he remained until his appointment as an associate professor at New York University. He continues to freelance as well as write books. Download a list of published work [PDF, 92k].

Seife was a writer for the television documentary "100 Greatest Discoveries," which aired on the Science Channel. He was also scientific consultant for the BBC documentary "The Story of 1," which appeared on BBC One and PBS.


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