You Can't Argue That
Sung to "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart

Like a sheriff from an old B movie
In a country where theyíre tired of crime
He goes strolling through the crowd like Han and Chewie
ĎCause he knows itís his time
He comes out of the sun with his blonde tress running
Heís the billion dollar chronic pain
And if you donít like his explanations
Heíll point out that youíre insane
And you canít argue that!

The others all avoid hard questions
And the issues they try to blur
While you listen thereís a sense of misdirection
Thatís ringing in your ears
In the hallowed halls where the Congress stalls
Thereís a coming war heíll fight for you
These days, he says, "Youíll love my wife -
Sheíll make a great First Lady too!"
You canít argue that!

While he looks at you so coolly
And his hair shines like a wave in the sea
He hates the nonsense he does truly
Heís no faker, he says whatís feeling inside
You canít argue that!

The warnings come and you consider
What the press and reporters lay on
But you know youíve made your choice, and picked your ticket
And you let him stay on
With his lionís mane heís your Charlemagne
In the polls he starts to pull away
You know youíve just become a true believer
And youíll let him lead the way
And you canít argue that!

Copyright © 2015 by C.Hammett