Electoral Tragedy
Sung to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Is this my real life
Is this just fantasy
Won in a landslide
It's my wet dream reality

Open your eyes
They bought all my lies you see
I'm just a queens boy I've got no empathy
And now you'd better run better go
I'm a guy little slow
Anyone I know knows
Madder than a hatter that's me... that's me

Vanka. I need a plan
While I'm tweeting in my bed
They don't like the things I've said
Vanka it was all for fun
But now I've got to watch the things I say
Vanka. Ooh
I'm a mean and nasty guy
But Putin is my friend - his cash I'll borrow
Bring it on bring it on
'Cause I'm madder than a hatter

Too late the votings done
Sent shivers up your spine
Now you sit around and whine

Wake up everybody - you've got to know
That I'm really so inclined to twist the truth

Vanka. Ooh. (Anyone who knows knows)
Yes it's all a lie
I bet they wish that somebody warned them all

I'm just a little Puppet - Putin has a plan
Kiss his tush kiss his tush
He's his little bitch and ho
Tensions I will heighten
China I will frighten see
Pay to play - o (pay to play - o)
Pay to play - o (pay to play - o)
Pay to play - o
Do they know
Oh yes we kno-o-o-o-w

I'm just a Queens boy voters they love me
He's just a Queens boy - show him some sympathy
Kids and his wife - they will make policy

Now I hope all you know I love Morning Joe
With Mika! Joe, he loves that Morning Joe (Morning Joe!)
With Mika! He loves that Morning Joe (Morning Joe!)
With Mika! He loves that Morning Joe (Morning Joe!)
Give me Morning Joe (Morning Joe)
Give me Mika Morning Joe
Give me Morning Joe
Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe
Oh mama Mia mama Mia (mama Mia what a show!)

Beelzebub yes the devil is inside of me, of me, of me

So you think I'm a nasty beligerent guy
If you think you can stop me then why don't you try!
Oh baby - certifiably crazy
You'd better get out
You'd better bet I should be feared

(Oh yeah oh yeah)

Madder than a hatter
Everyone can see
Madder than a hatter
Madder than a hatter that's me

(Anyone who knows knows)

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