My Boyfriend's Black
Sung to "My Boyfriend's Back"

He was sent away, but I hung around
And thought of him every night
And he wrote back to me and said things that didn't sound right

My boyfriend's black and he's getting out of prison
They say he was guilty but I know that he isn't
He's been serving time for things he's never done
But he's getting out now and we're gonna have some fun

Hey - - I know he must be aching
Now - - My virtue he'll be taking

He was convicted of such an awful crime
They gave him ten years but only served nine
We're gonna get married, that's what he said
That's if I can ever get him out of my bed

Hey - - I hope he's not a sissy
But - - He said he really missed me

I only hope that he won't be dating guys
He's walking really funny and got make-up on his eyes

My boyfriend's black and he's waiting at Penn Station
Waiting for the runaways to show up at the station

Hey - - Policemen are a coming
Now - - He'd better start a running

My boyfriends black but I hope he stays in prison

Yeah, my boyfriend's black
But look out now, my boyfriend's black
Well, he's looking like a sissy and I guess he didn't miss me
Oh no now
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
My boyfriend's black

Copyright © 1985 by C.Hammett