Surfin With O.J.
Surfin U.S.A."

Not everybody has a houseguest
Who likes to always play
And everyday goes surfin
In California
OJ was wearin his baggies
And Archie Sandals too
Nappy Nappy brown Afro
Surfin With OJ

I saw him surfin at Del Mar
Ventura county line
Santa Cruz and... Just like the Caribbean
All over Manhattan
And down Kahini Way
Me and OJ went surfin
Surfin With OJ

And now we're planning on a route
We're gonna take real soon
He's waxing down his surfboard
He can't wait for June
The jury said its a bummer
For puttin OJ away
They believed he went surfin
Surfin with OJ

And hang your knees at...
Pacific Palisades
Santa Ofrey and Sunset
Redondo Beach LA
All over La Hoya
And Wyania Bay
Kato Kaelin went surfin
Surfin With OJ

Kato Kaelin Went Surfin
Surfin with OJ

(repeat chorus 5x & fade)

Copyright © 1995 by C.Hammett