Oh Your Thigh-Highs Make Me Drool
Sung to "Everybody Plays The Fool"

Okay so your nail broke
You have trouble coping
Crying, crying
You say you even thinking Ďbout dying?
Well, before you do anything rash
Dig this

Oh your thigh-highs make me drool
Yo fine
I feel a tingle in my tool
Listen baby
They got me acting just like a fool
I ainít lying
Oh your thigh-highs make me drool

Showing your stuff is just the thing you love to do
And itís a guarantee that if Iím around
Iím gonna see you
Oh oh oh roving eyes you pass my way
The fishnet stockings and lingerie
They work better than any potion
They cloud my mind with emotion


How can I help it when her skirts up all the way
And my ability to reason is swept away
Oh oh oh under her skirt is all I see
Iím out of touch with reality
I wonder Ďbout the things she do
When she turns around and shakes it for you

(chorus x 2)

Copyright © 1986 by C.Hammett