Have Another Plate of Food
Sung to "Everybody Plays The Fool"

Okay so your chair broke
You have trouble coping
Crying, crying
You say you always smell chicken frying
Well, before you dig into that hash
Dig this

Have another plate of food
Your fork 'l fly until I'm stewed
Listen baby
You'll keep on eating although it's rude
I ain't lying
Have another plate of food

Stuffing your face is just the thing you love to do
And it's a guarantee that if food's around
You'll chow it down too
Oh oh oh Mickey D's is on the way
A Quarter Pounder and Fish Fillet
Plate to palate in just one motion
It gives me such sweet emotion


How can you help it when your at the Grand Buffet
God help the person who gets in your way
Oh oh oh filling your plate up to the top
You're back again, will you ever stop
You wonder if you're acting rude
When you chow it down and get some more food

(chorus x2)

Copyright © 1995 by C.Hammett