Train Into The Suburbs
Sung to "Chattanooga Choo Choo"

Hi there pal
What you say
Step aside White Boy
It's My Day
Bend an ear and listen to my version
Of a very bloody Long Island excursion

Hey Uncle Tom
Is this the train into the suburbs
Though I'm insane
You know that Whitey's to blame
You can't afford to board the Train into the suburbs
Life isn't fair, just hope your life I will spare

We'll leave the Pennsylvania Station on the 5:33
Loadin' up my weapon where nobody can see
Walkin' up the aisle
Shootin' all the while
Knowin' when I'm goin it'll be in style

Emptyin' the magazine and load up once more
Watchin' all the people as they're hittin the floor
Killing the caucasians
Maybe a few Asians
Boom Boom Blue-Eyed Devil, there you are

There's gonna be
A little mayhem at the station
Shot in the face
There's blood all over the place

I'm gonna shoot
Until my ammunition is no more
The train into the suburbs
Won't be safe anymore

Copyright © 1994 by C.Hammett