Postcardware Registration

You are welcome to download and try these programs for free for a period of 15 days. If you find them useful and/or continue to use them after this period, you are obliged, in a kind spirited way, to send the author a postcard. Picture postcards representative of the locale of use are preferred. Please indicate the programs used and the applications and platforms it is used with. Include an e-mail address if you wish to be informed of updates or additions.

Mail registration postcards to

	Gregory Paret
	231 Austin Road
	Mahopac, New York 10541

Comments, critiques, praise, and enhancement suggestions may also be sent to the address above or by e-mail to Note that e-mailed registration 'postcards' are not an acceptable substitute for the real thing.

Thanks for your interest and support,


P.S., If you don't think 'local' postcards exist, ask your neighborhood business merchants... You may be surprised what they have available!

[Now that wasn't too much to ask,
was it?]

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