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Who Opposes Corridor H and Supports Our Vision for Better Transportation?

Local and Regional Groups Joining CHA as Co-Plantiffs:

National Groups Joining CHA as Amici Curiae, "Friends of the Court"

The Green Scissors report returned in 1999, with Corridor H listed for the fifth straight year as a top target for porkbarrel budget cutting.

On Monday, November 18, 1996, ABC-TV's anti-porkbarrel evening news special "It's Your Money" criticized Senator Robert C. Byrd's "highway to nowhere," showing that it would parallel I-68 and I-64 and end at the Virginia line because Virginia has no interest in building its proposed 14-mile portion.

In public hearings in 1993, over 90% of Virginians expressing an opinion were opposed to Corridor H.

We estimate that more than half of nearly 7,000 West Virginia comments were also opposed. The Highway Division's counting of the letters was highly controversial: people who wrote, "I don't want Corridor H in my town or farm" were counted as favorable toward building elsewhere, even if they didn't say so. Outdoor recreation users supported alternate routes only "if it must be built." These letters were counted as pro-build. 77 people who wrote only to request additional information were classified by the WVDOH as pro-road.

In a second round of public comments in 1995, the West Virginia Division of Highways received over 4200 comments, of which 89% were opposed to building Corridor H on any route. This included over 2900 West Virginians. At first, WVDOH refused to let Corridor H Alternatives members see the public comments; CHA had to get a court order. Then, WVDOH and the Federal Highway Administration declined to publish the count of comments in their Final Environmental Impact Statement and in the Record of Decision.

Peter Kostmayer, Regional Administrator of EPA, was fired from his job June 1, 1995, after his staff's comprehensive comments critical of Corridor H were altered by higher-ups.

In May, 1995, NBC Evening News featured Corridor H in Fleecing of America.

In February, 1996, for the second straight year, Corridor H appeared in the Pig Book of Citizens Against Government Waste.

Scenic America named the roads in the Corridor H route to its "10 Most Endangered Scenic Byways of 1993."

Friends of the Earth, Association for Preservation of Civil War Sites, Sierra Club, West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, Save America's Forests, Valley Conservation Council, West Virginia Environmental Council and the National Trust for Historic Preservation have all stated opposition to Corridor H.

Taxpayers for Common Sense included Corridor H in their 1997 report, Road to Ruin. Ralph DeGennaro, Executive Director of TC$, said that "the federal taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for roads with significant local opposition, especially when cheaper alternatives exist."

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