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Links and Information About Corridor H

There are many sources of information about Corridor H and related issues on the web. We have collected many of them here. Some of them support Corridor H, others are strictly informational, and others wisely oppose the project. Link on, and judge for yourself, but please remember who brought you to the dance and come back to the CHA home page when you are done exploring.

Each one of these links should open a new window in your browser. Simply close the window to return to this site.

1999 Green Scissors Report Waste Virginia Highway. $880 million. Corridor H Highway (West Virginia)...

Morgan County Citizens Coalition

Highways Highways. SUBSIDY. $ in millions...

West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection Interactive Mapping and Query Interface

West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways

WVDOT/DOH Corridor H Website: WV citizens NOTE: Your taxes paid for this website -- you might as well take a look!

Virginia Department of Transportation

CHAC: Supporters of the 4-lane (see the other side!) NOTE: Now with commercial sponsorship just like the road itself!

Currently Inactive Committee for Corridor H: A committee within the Grant County Chamber of Commerce, in favor of building the highway.

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