History of the Schober Organ Corp.

From: R.H. Dorf's; "How Schober Organs Work"

The Schober Organ Corporation was formed in 1954 by C.G. McProud, then editor of the magazine "Audio", Henry Schober, the magazine's business manager, and Richard H. Dorf, engineering consultant and writer, recognized throughout the English-speaking world as an authority on electronic musical instruments. Never guessing that any substantial number of people would want to build so elaborate series of kits, the three conceived (and Mr. Dorf designed) the Schober organ as a spare-time venture. (Mr. Schober's name seemed to give the authentic Teutonic touch to a classic organ).

The avalanche of orders gave the lie to the part-time assumption, and shortly Messrs. Schober and McProud severed connections with the company. Mr. Dorf took over as president and floor sweeper in a New York loft. After three expansions in the original loft building, even 5 times the original space was insufficient. In 1960 Schober moved to its present quarters in a modern building on the edge of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Mr. Dorf and a substantial staff of capable and interested co-workers run the company on a highly personal basis, deriving great satisfaction from giving Schober customers a little more than their money's worth in organs of genuine musical satisfaction at low cost, and in fast helpful service. The company's financial success has increased each year, proving that a business can indeed be run for the simultaneous benefit of its customers and its owners!

Schober Organs now dot the landscape in every cranny of the U.S. and are to be found in most other parts of the free world as well. Laboratory activities which have yielded the modern organs described in this book, and other Schober products, continue on a high level, constantly working on new products as well as ways to improve existing ones.