Schober Organ Friends

Below are links to web sites of "Schober Friends" -- companies or individuals who may be of interest to Schober Orphans. If you know of any others, or if your own web site might be of interest to other Orphans, drop a note to the webmaster -- we'll be happy to include you on this list.

Rick Andersen's  "Retro-Schober" web page which is devoted to unadulterated Schober organs ... none of this MIDI stuff for Rick! See

Dana Sawyer's web page where he describes his Schober Recital Organ and how he keeps it up and running. Definitely worth a look!

The  Electronic Organ Constructors' Society  in England has a fascinating web site which leads to some other places as well. Worth a look. See

 Artisan  -- Artisan makes organ equipment which can be added to a Schober, including digitally sampled pipe organ voices.

A very informative web page on  What is a Theater Organ.

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