The following is a variety of letters and add-ons, that Fred Henn enclosed with his Organ Notes at various times. Unfortunately, I don't have mine dated or sorted, so I'm not sure whether they are in the correct order, or sometimes even what they refer to. But they are interesting reading anyway...

Dear Folks,

PETER STARK just phoned to let me know that I shouldn't delay mailing O.N. #25 (pending the arrival of his next TECH NOTES column). He said the text is ready but his printer wouldn't cooperate - so once again, I'll take advantage of the opportunity

Now - I know that a surprisingly large number of folks don't like to write letters so I've furnished a (hopefully convenient) questionnaire form on the reverse side of this sheet. Please help me by spending a few minutes of your time to fill-out (whatever you can) on the sheet - and, of course, return it to me.  Following are a few "lead-ins" to some of the items:

ZIP CODES:I get the feeling that our Postal Service is "encouraging" the use of the four digit zip-code-extension. If you haven't already done so - and if you know the 4 digit extension for your zip-code - please send it along. (Either with a letter or via the questionnaire  - or both).


MEREDITH O'HARA was the lone volunteer to answer my request. Thanks, Meredith.

I wonder how many folks didn't receive our original "first-contact" letters? If the responses to the comparatively few "FOLLOW-UP" letters we've sent are any indication then quite a few folks didn't! SO - "Follow-up" mailings are probably worthwhile ... and ... I do need your help.

SCHOBER ORGAN RECORDINGS:  JIM TURNER in his recent (6/2/94) letter said that he hasn't received any recordings for our Library.  That has to be very disappointing!

Which brings up another point: I have a few Schober organ recordings that folks have sent to me and I could send copies to Jim ... but I won't do it without the permission of the folks who furnished the tapes.


Q U E S T I O N N A I R E   --- ORGAN NOTES #25

NAME: _________________________________________  DATE: ______________

ADDR: ________________________________________ PHONE: _______________

ZIP CODE EXTENSION (if available) ___________________________________



HOW YOU CAN HELP:  I'll furnish the addressed "form" letters - YOU furnish the stamps and envelopes,  address the envelopes,  "stuff'em", and mail 'em.

Will you help?  YES     NO   .   How many letters?_______.
I have an old listing of about twenty-five CANADIAN SCHOBER OWNERS that haven't been contacted. Again - I'll furnish the addressed "form" letters (as above) -  YOU furnish the stamps and envelopes,  address the envelopes,  "stuff'em",  and mail 'em (as above). First class postage to
Canada is 40 cents.

Will you help?  YES     NO   .   How many?_______.


Do you intend to send a recording of your Schober to our Library?   YES    NO   .

(If YES, here's JIM TURNER'S addr: 125 W.S. "B" ST., GAS CITY, IN 46933 .... or phone: (317) 674-4942.

If you supplied me with a recording of your Schober, may I send a copy to our Library?   YES      NO     ... or would you prefer to furnish your own recording for our Library?  YES      NO    .


I haven't heard from MARTIN BOEHLING in some time - so I don't know how many folks have contacted him.  Have you?  YES     NO   .

Do you intend to?  YES     NO   .


PETE STARK'S column hasn't arrived yet so I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to  "UNLOAD"  a bit  ( You might say "on Pete's nickel" ). Why "Pete's nickel"?  Because Pete has been paying for the copies of the 2nd sheet of OUR newsletter.  SO - Thank You, Pete, for that HELP.

I continue to receive words of appreciation for Pete's column. True - the praise makes me FEEL GOOD, but I believe it will accomplish more if it's sent to the deserving reason for the praise: Pete Stark.

While still in the same general area - What happened to the folks who were clamoring for a Schober (computer) BULLETIN BOARD SERVICE?  Pete furnished the BBS - but very few folks (2 or 3) have "logged in". For those of you who have the equipment, but haven't "logged in" - you're missing the opportunity for some interesting "idea" exchanges.


I was considering an item in OUR next newsletter - thanking the folks who have been (and still are) helping me.  However - it soon became apparent that it wasn't practical because the item would take up most of OUR newsletter. For those folks; here's my heartfelt "THANK YOU". Your effort, time, and thoughtfulness  (without which - we wouldn't have a newsletter) are sincerely appreciated.


You've probably noticed the emphasis on "OUR" newsletter. My reasons for that emphasis are, at least, twofold.
1) Your "input" furnishes the items for OUR newsletter.  As I see it, my job is to "pass-along" the information in OUR newsletter. Obviously I can't do my job without your "input".

2) What type of items should be in OUR newsletter?  So far, that choice has been dictated by the items I have available, and guesswork plus quite a bit of floundering on my part. YOU'RE supposed to be telling me what items YOU want in OUR newsletter (otherwise I'm left in the position of making "choices" - based on: - what?)

For example: Recently I had (what to me was) an interesting phone chat with Tom Imparato. (for the folks who don't recognize his name, Tom was the Schober technician who helped a large number of folks over their "organ building" problems). NOW - would this constitute an item for OUR newsletter?  Would folks find it interesting?

OR - should I report the fact that John Doe added a third manual to his Schober Theatre Organ? (or another swell shoe, or that he discovered a new reed "voice" circuit, or some new voice combinations for "TEA FOR TWO", etc., etc.?)

OR - Do you care if Robert Gellerman now has Bill Rennagel's Schober? or that there are comparatively few Schober Consolette II and Spinets in our group? .. or would you like to know "how many" of each Schober model, we have in our group?  Or are you at all interested in knowing that our group now numbers 175? If YOU don't tell me, I have no way of knowing what you'd like!

SO - Send a letter saying; "Fred, you're doing a terrific job on OUR newsletter .... BUT - I'd like to see more items on "such and such", and /or - how about a few items on "so and so",  and/or - how about an occasional item on "so and such", and/or - whatever."

SUMMARY: OUR newsletter has two basic requirements: YOUR "input" of the items for publication - AND - YOUR decision on which items are of interest to YOU.




Recently I started sending follow-up letters to folks who didn't reply to our initial "first-contact" mailings. I haven't sent many (just a few every so often) but, surprise of surprises, the percentage of replies has been larger than the original responses.

Here's HOW YOU CAN HELP:  I (with the aid of my old computer) will furnish the "addressed" form letters - (you tell me how many - 5, 10, or whatever?)  YOU furnish the stamps and envelopes,  address the envelopes,  "stuff-'em",  and mail 'em.

There are hundreds to be contacted - this will help to distribute the cost of making those contacts.  Instead of a few mailing a bunch ... we'll have a bunch mailing a few.

  ** Just  tell  me  how  many  YOU  can  conveniently  handle. **


Of one thing I'm certain: Immediately after the copies of this sheet are mailed, .. I'll remember, at least, another 20 thoughts I'll feel I should have presented.

One more question: Did YOU read ALL of the foregoing or was it too much dull "reading" in too little space? (I'm trying to learn. Don't forget - I'm a "rank" amateur in the production of newsletters.)



Most of the following items were gleaned from comments, questions, suggestions, etc. that I've received in my mailbox.  I need your HELP and INPUT!  I'm very much interested in your opinions, comments, etc. - so I've numbered the items for your convenience.  In this way - you can reply by saying something like; Re item # (item #) I think, etc., etc. There is no particular arrangement or grouping of the items and my only explanation is: I didn't feel like doing it!


CALVIN BACON offered a couple of suggestions in one of his letters and I quote; "How about a Schober "convention"? A national meeting is not practical with 160  (at the time)  members,  unless it's a side meeting at the ATOS meeting. Someone might volunteer to hold a "regional" (meeting) in their home.  I know that I would drive 2 - 3 hours to spend a Saturday afternoon in the company of fellow Schober owners.

2) E - MAIL?

AND another quote from Cal's letter;  "Speaking of links, what about e - mail? I subscribe to America on Line, but I can be reached from any service that has an internet connection at my e-mail address -- "cbacon@aol.com"


AND REMEMBER - We do have a Schober Bulletin Board Service ... (not any more)


JACK GILDAR in addition to his suggestion (in the OVERTURE item of this newsletter) had another interesting thought:  Here again I'll quote - but this time I'll quote from my reply to Jack's question;   "You (Jack) posed the question of whether "owners of other kit organs" are, or should be, included in our group.  To date - only Schober owners (and/or "previous" Schober owners - and/or Friends) have been invited to participate.

Occasionally I receive a "communication" from an owner of "another make" ... so "expansion" thoughts have crossed my mind - but no "conclusions".  For the present - "my hands are full"!  (Perhaps someone? could form a sort of subsidiary group or groups?).

I'd be willing to help - but someone else would have to "carry the ball". Some of the "kit" organs that come to mind: Artisan, Thomas/ Heathkit, and, of course, Devtronix. I'm quite sure there were more, but ??? - do you remember any others?  If so - send them in.

JACK GILDAR also wondered; "How about those who modify factory built organs, assemble hybrids of same, or even build from scratch with their own plans?"

Have you supplied yours? They do seem to cut down on delivery time.


We now number over 200 mainly due to the efforts of those folks who, on behalf of our group, sent "follow-up" mailings.  My sincere thanks for that help!

There is one list that continues to "bug" me: It contains over 300 names and addresses ... it's the "returned unopened" list. In other words the mailings returned with postal notations like:  UNKNOWN, NO SUCH ADDRESS,  MOVED - FORWARDING EXPIRED, etc.

It doesn't surprise me (after all, the SCHOBER OWNERS list is 10 to 20 years old - maybe older?) but it does "bug" me!  There has to be a way to find, at least, some of these folks. ANY IDEAS?

Thought: I did find a couple of local "MOVED - FORWARDING EXPIRED" Schober organ owners through area phone books. Using this method may be a partial solution in locating folks (those who have not moved out of their original general areas). Obviously, it won't help in locating the many who have moved to what they consider more desirable (distant) areas.

The "problem"list of "M-FE" is relatively long,  but my "solutions" list is unhappily quite short - please help me expand the list of "solutions"!

Partial and/or full "M-FE" lists are available on request.


*              ? ? ? ? ? ?  P U Z Z L E D  ? ? ? ? ? ?              *

Yes folks - I really am PUZZLED?  WELL - it's like this:

   In our newsletters I've posed quite a few questions on subjects I thought would be of interest to most folks in our group.  However - the lack of responses has been quite disappointing (less than 1%).
This really bothers me!  Is it my fault? ... Are the questions wrong? Are the subjects not interesting to folks?  Now I'm asking your help in finding the answers to the above and I'll try to make it as "Work/ Time free" as possible (just x your answer):

1)  I've read the NEWSLETTER questions (SEE BELOW) you refer to and I originally didn't respond because:

      a) I wasn't interested
      b) I didn't know you expected an answer from me.
      c) I didn't think my answers were worth sending.
      d) None of the above ... my reason is/was:_____________________



*  A  F E W  O F  T H E   N E W S L E T T E R   Q U E S T I O N S   *

1) Subject from issue #6: Favorite voice combinations.

2)    "     "     "  #13: Correspondence.

3)    "     "     "  #19: Using other newsletters to find Schobers.

4)    "     "     "  #24: Library for "other make" organs.

5)    "     "     "  #27: BACK-UP folks to "carry-on" the group.

Plus: Numerous other newsletter questions, surveys, and questionnaires

 S C H O B E R   O R G A N   M O D I F I C A T I O N S

Sure - there are a few "commercial" items available that can be used to modify our Schobers - but - it's unrealistic to expect businesses to design and supply "modifications" for our Schober (and possibly other make) electronic organs (considering design and marketing costs entailed for what is a potentially small market).

So - what's the alternatives?  One might be that folks in our group with the EXPERTISE and TIME  (YES - we do have them) will, at least, "design" and make available the "basic bones" modification circuitry. Would it (the circuit) have to be "tested and refined"?  NO! - Leave
that up to the USER. The fact is, to protect the "supplier", an automatic disclaimer should be assumed (if not written).
I suspect that many USERS would "come up" with MODIFICATIONS of the MODIFICATION.  The initial suggested circuitry is the "missing link".

SO - What's needed?  Well we need the folks who are willing to design the circuits ... THE LINE FORMS TO THE RIGHT ... PLEASE DON'T CROWD!

Seriously - if you feel the thought has merits - drop me a line with your proposal and/or suggestions (BUT PLEASE  - No; "I think somebody else should do it" suggestions!).

We also need: Suggestions of what you folks would like your Schobers to do. In other words: What type modification would interest you. These requests will appear in future newsletters (probably without identifying the specific "requester" - because other folks may be interested in that particular request (including me)

**************  OKAY? - EVERYBODY - LET"S DO IT !!!  ****************

S C H O B E R   K E Y - S W I T C H   P R O B L E M S

ELMER BOURQUE of: Bourque Music, Fredericton, N.B., Canada is "refurbishing and modifying" Peter Gough's Schober Theatre Organ. This organ had been "idle" for some time - and Elmer said "The contacts were quite noisy".

He obviously did some investigating into the problem - and here's his description of his findings; "The rods which go from one side to the other of the keyboards, 3 on the Acc. and 5 on the Solo are touted to be gold plated. I have pondered this one carefully, as gold does not tarnish.  These rods were tarnished.  A chemically oriented friend of mine postulates that the gold is probably thinly plated on silver. Voila! The silver sulphates or whatever can peek through a thin gold plate and make it act like silver".

Elmer said he slid the rods out and gently silver polished them, gave them an almost nonexistent coating of Cramolin  Red and put them back in the keyboards.  He says that all the contacts now work well and without any hint of noise.


Some folks attributed their lack of "key-switch" problems to the fact that they regularly "played" their Schobers.  Others indicated that they used "contact cleaners" to alleviate the problem.


LARRY SMITH, in a recent letter, said he had contacted Chemtronics and they recommended two products that would probably help with the Schober key switch problems: ELECTRO WASH 2000 & GOLD GUARD 2000.

Larry says he'd like to try the products but he hasn't been able to locate a source that will sell one can of each of the products.  If you know of such a source ... let me know ... I'll notify Larry and publish the info in our newsletter.


From DAVID GIBSON (excerpted from his letter); "Most of the problems you mention, I had. ... I finally solved the problems by using the Devtronix kits. ... I did preserve a 2 2/3' stop with the original Schober keying. - I lightly scraped the bus with a screwdriver blade, rubbed the spring over the contact area (somewhat more roughly than playing would make the contact), rechecked resistance, and repeated until I felt the contact was satisfactory.  If somebody wants to do that, I don't see that it can be done without removing the keyboards (which is not an especially pleasant task)."


As was evident, from most of the replies I received, cleaning etc., and coating the bus-bars is, at best, a "temporary" solution.  The only "permanent" solution that folks wrote about was the Devtronix TG/Keyer  (and from what Ray DeVault says - they soon won't be available).


I'm considering REVERBATAPE "tapes" - as the theme of my next "extra page". LET ME KNOW WHAT SUBJECTS WOULD INTEREST YOU!

*        T O   R E C O R D   O R   N O T   T O   R E C O R D        *
*                                                                   *
*   T H A T   I S   T H E   Q W E R T Y S P L U N K E N O W I T Z   *

   A few folks have written with descriptions of the problems they've experienced while recording their efforts on their Schobers.  So - a while ago I decided that "recording" might be a useful subject for a column in our newsletter (when Pete Stark's TECH NOTES column didn't reach my "desk" in time for our current newsletter).  I'm the first to admit that my columns are poor substitutes for Pete's interesting and enlightening TECH NOTES - but I hope they're better than nothin'!
   Anyway - about the time I had struggled through a couple of paragraphs, Jack Moelmann's September ETONES newsletter arrived ..... and "what to my wondering eyes should appear but" an item (extracted from a letter from one of the ETONE members) that duplicated much of my experience.

S-O-O-O - without further ado - here's the bulk of that item:

(except ... that I don't have it to include!!!)


A number of folks in our group have asked; What's a MIDI? ... But not necessarily in those words ... In many cases the language was, shall we say, much stronger!  Frankly - I had a somewhat vague idea of the term: "MIDI" .. but not enough knowledge to give a useful definition. Then I recalled that JACK MOELMANN had composed a MIDI explanation in one of his earlier ETONE newsletters - so I located it - AND HERE IT IS:

Text of Moelmann's MIDI article in here (except ... I don't have it!)


Jack Gildar    JDgildar <- Schober Group member.
Steven Baer    75207, 1646 <- Schober Group member.
Jack Gildar    TXHJ90A <- Schober Group member.
Jack Moelmann  RJGP84A <- Publishes ETONE'S newsletter.
Walt Strony    JHHH17A <- Theatre Pipe Organist.
Calvin Bacon   cbacon@aol.com <- Schober Group member.
Donald Burns   NIRman@AOL.COM <- Schober Group member.
Jack Gildar    TXHJ90A@prodigy.com  - or - JDgildar@aol.com
Irwin Janney   ijanney@swcp.com <- Schober Group member.
Jack Moelmann  RJGP84A@prodigy.com <- Publishes ETONES newsletter.


MARK TWAIN: Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.

CORDELL HULL: Never insult an alligator until after you have crossed the river.

Thomas Szasz: Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.

Mark Beltaire: The nicest thing about the promise of spring is that sooner or later she'll have to keep it.

Monta Crane: A hammer sometimes misses its mark - a bouquet never.

Rod McKuen: In loving you lean on someone to hold them up.

Joe Louis: I don't like money, actually, but it quiets my nerves.

Confucius: To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice.

Albert Schweitzer: Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

George Herbert: He who cannot forgive others destroys the bridge over which he himself must pass.

H.G. Bohn: Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs.

Cort R. Flint: One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness - it is usually returned.


*       *****  A  B I G   F A T   Q U E S T I O N ? *****           *


Quite a number of issues ago, I asked the question; "Should we reach out to include owners .. of other make organs .. in our group?"  The response at that time was pretty weak ... and not emphatic enough to encourage me to pursue the idea!

Since then a fair number of folks have asked if a decision was made? (Actually a greater number than replied to the question!).  A few of these folks suggested that we encourage "owners of other KIT ORGANS". They argue (and I concur) that the new, and different "blood" might come forth with some very useful ideas (modifications, parts info., music info., etc.). SO ... what do you think? ... is it worth a shot? The question, of course, being:


Just a postcard with your name - and a YES or NO will do it!


              Y A M A H A / O R G A N   I N T E R F A C E

On the reverse side is a diagram (kindly supplied by DEAN PEDEN) of his Yamaha keyboard/Conn organ interface.  It appears that it could be easily adapted to a Schober? Following are extracts from Dean's explanation that accompanied the circuit:

"I didn't like the analog percussion & piano and decided to try interfacing the organ with a Yamaha YPP-50 board I have. After a couple of bench setups, found the CD4016 switches worked perfectly. In the Conn, a +30v line is run to the piano/percussion manual switch on the cheek block. I just cut the +30v line and ran a +12v line from the voltage regulator. The note wires from the keys run to the back panel (where the old piano keyers and voicing boards were mounted). I just cut them from the boards, removed the boards, installed the Yamaha board, and the altered keyer boards in the same place and wired the key wires to the new interface - and (as the French say) violins!  I now have digital piano, harpsichord, pipe organ, trumpet, and string bass.  I used the old YPP-50 key contact board because it plugs into the YPP-50 main board and mounted the CD4016 to the board by drilling extra holes ... Running the 100k resistors thru the holes and soldering the other ends to the DIP-14 sockets (that the CD4016 chips fit). The contact boards have lots of ground plane to solder the end of the 100k and chip to.  The key contacts are carbon paint on the printed circuit of the diode matrix.  I wired to the solder points, where the diode buss comes into the board, and across the diode solder traces. The bilateral switch just takes the place of the rubber contact!


DEAN PEDEN'S CIRCUIT = PAGE 2 (sorry -- don't have it...)


 T E C H   T A L K


A number of folks have written to ask about Devtronix components. I'm sorry to report that the Devtronix/Schober #243-3 Series Tone Generator/Keyers are no longer available.

However - in a recent FAX, Ray DeVault said the following are still available (quite a few Schober owners have one or more of them):

1) Reverberation unit-not a kit (down-priced to $175 - w/printed information on using it with a Schober).

2) Expression Controls kit - 220-14 Series (no printed Schober instructions)

3) Audio Vibrato/Tremolo Modulator #255-8 (kit - no printed Schober instructions)

4) Square Wave Tone Generator/Keyer #243-4(kit - no printed Schober instructions)

5) Time Delay Relay system #224-5 (not a kit & no printed Schober instructions)

Ray supplied a description of how the #5 item operates; "On turn-on - one relay turns on the organ electronics - then 2 1/2 seconds later the other relay turns on the amps.  If the amps themselves make a noise, the relay then would operate a relay which actually switches the speaker lines.  On organ turnoff, the amp or speaker lines go off instantly, then 2 1/2 seconds later the organ turns off.  Cost is $60 plus shipping.

Ray went on to say; "(Although) Most of our products don't mate directly with Schober electronics" - "If someone were to ask if there's any way to do something and we have the item,  I'd be glad to help them".  If you know Ray - then you also know that the foregoing is not an idle offer (He does help!).


JOE MILLER offers the following power supply transformer info. for Recital owners; "I ordered the TRIAD #F-264U transformer, rated thirty volts and four Amperes." .. AND .. "the F-264U costs about $45." .. AND he supplied Triad's toll-free number: (800) 624-6384.

Mr. Joseph S. Miller
39 Hillside Rd.
Poughquag, NY 12570


S O U N D   S Y S T E M S

ALL OF SUDDEN .... I've had a rash of questions on Sound Systems for Schober Organs.  Now ... I'm the first to admit that my knowledge of electronics and organs puts me in the "pre-school" class ... but I do believe I'm at least a grammar school graduate when it comes to "SOUND SYSTEMS".  Although I have long felt that the sound system was the "weak link" on most "IN HOME" electronic organs (I've listened to), ...  my remarks are intended for Schober organ owners.


HOW MANY?: That would depend on how many channels (organ outputs) you have! ..... Of course, one could "mix" multiple channels and feed the "mixed" signals to one amplifier/speaker system ... but that would require a comparatively high-powered - and probably expensive amplifier (to avoid, as much as possible, one form of distortion in the loudspeaker system).

However - most electronic organ pundits favor multiple channels over a single channel output.  The ridiculous IDEAL, of course, would be one channel per voice per key - but let's be sensible ....

How about a channel for each manual, plus one for the pedals and one for "tuned" percussion voices (piano, bells, etc.) & for the "nontuned" percussions (drums, cymbals, etc. & "special effects" such as boat whistles, waves, birds, etc.).  By golly! ... that adds up to 4 mono amps (or 2 stereo amps) and 4 speakers!

We must be talking about a Theatre organ? - so, what about a Classical organ? Well if it has two manuals plus pedals ... let's see .. that's 3 amps and speakers (but what about chimes, etc.?). Kinda scary - Huh! and it sounds expensive too!  Do you suppose that's why Schobers were designed "single channel"?

One writer asked about Schober's Theatre Organ upgrade to multiple channels (like Jim Ramsey's).  My suggestion was that he locate a copy of the Schober 16 page INFORMATION BULLETIN: BN-046 ... which gives a detailed description of how to make the modification.  As I recall, it consisted of 4 channels:  1 - Solo, 1 - Acc., 1 - Percussion and Dynabeat, and 1 - Reverb.  The pedal tones were mixed into both the Solo and Acc. channels.  If you're interested, Jim Turner (our "SCHOBER HISTORIAN & KEEPER OF THE ARCHIVES") can probably furnish a copy for you.  If not, I'm sure we can find one!  Some further information: It was called SOC-11 MULTIPLE THEATRE ORGAN - Dated:8/7/72 - Written by: Bob Avedon.

Thank goodness - No one asked about separate "voice group" channels! That can be a very "sticky-wicket", "can-of worms", etc., etc.!


    D I C K I N S O N   T H E A T R E   O R G A N   S O C I E T Y

On the reverse of this sheet is a list of the Theatre Organ recordings that are available from the DTOS.  The cost (per cassette) seems reasonable: $10 plus $1.50 S&H.  Send your order and check to:

Ph.#: (302) 368-9736

*They request that you make the check payable to: "DTOS"


As a result of some interesting material I received from DAVID BLAKE, (re: Theatre Organs being relocated in Pizza Parlors) It occurred to me that YOU might be able to furnish info on where, when, etc. pipe organs (Classical, Liturgical, Theatre) could be heard in your area?


Of course - The American Theatre Organ Society regularly furnishes this sort of information (on Theatre Organs)in their "THEATRE ORGAN" magazine and their "PIPES & PERSONALITIES" newsletter - but many of our members receive neither publication ... SO ...


While on the subject; BILL KOHRUMEL suggested that I bring the following (paraphrased) to the attention of Theatre Organ lovers:

The  A.T.O.S.  has mentioned in a number of their publications that support for their organization has been on the DECLINE! The A.T.O.S. "President's Message" in the Sept./Oct. issue of  "THEATRE  ORGAN" contained the following: "Our  membership is down from  last year.  Spread the word, excite the people, support  your  local  events  and  we  should  soon  recover the 'lost souls' and gain some new members in the process."

If you're a THEATRE ORGAN fan and want to hear those grand old girls continue to "sing",  the current basic membership for 1 year is $25 (until 12/31/96). Effective 1/1/97 the basic membership will be $30.

As part of the membership you'll receive a year of their publications THEATRE ORGAN magazine and their PIPES and PERSONALITIES newsletter. PLUS, if you desire and request it, ... membership in the ETONE Group (Electronic Theatre Organ owNer Enthusiasts).  The ETONE membership includes Col. Jack Moelmann's ETONE newsletter - regularly delivered to your home (at no cost to you).


In the event that any new members are wondering if we get any compensation for any of the foregoing - the answer is NO!  We are here only to pass along information that may be of interest to Schober Organ group members ......



TAPE                  CONCERT           TAPE                  CONCERT
NO.      ARTIST        DATE             NO.     ARTIST         DATE
------------------------------          -----------------------------
 1  AYARS, LOWELL       1/82            46  CONNORS, JIM       6/88
 2  SMITH, DICK         3/82            47  RHODE. RON        10/88
 3  SMITH, DICK (Special) 10/76, 3/82   48  OLIVERA, HECTOR(0-1) 5/84
 4  HAZLETON, TOM       4/82            49  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/88
 5  McABEE, KAY         6/82            50  MILLER, Fr. JIM     1/89
 6  KOURY, REX         10/82            51  McABEE, KAY         4/89
 7  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/82 VoL.1      52  SMITH, DICK         3/89
 8  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/82 VoL.2      53  VLASAK, BILL        6/89
 9  WOODWARD, TY        1/83            54  HAZLETON, TOM      10/89
10  SMITH, DICK         3/83 Vol.1      55  COLE, CARL         11/89
11  SMITH, DICK         3/83 Vol.2      56  KANN STAN           1/90
12  NORDWALL, JONAS     4/83            57 VON SCHAKLE/GREGORIUS 3/90
13  PARKER, DONNA       6/83            58  SMITH, DICK         4/90
14  JENSEN, NEIL       10/83            59  CARLY-ROTH, CANDI   6/90
15  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/83 VoL.1      60  HAZLETON, TOM       9/90
16  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/83 VoL.2      61  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/90
17  THOMPSON, DON       1/84            62  BIEBEL, Fr. BILL    1/91
18  SMITH, DICK         3/84 Vol.1      63  SMITH, DICK         3/91
19  SMITH, DICK         3/84 Vol.2      64  LARSEN/BAKER        4/91
20  MILLER, Fr. JIM     6/84            65  RIGGS, JIM          6/91
21  RHODE, RON         10/84            66  MILLER, Fr. JIM    10/91
22  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/84            67  LUCE, LANCE         2/92
23  SMITH, DICK         3/85 Vol.1      68 HAZLETON/NORDWALL (CL)4/92
24  SMITH, DICK         3/85 Vol.2      69  HAZLETON/NORDWALL   4/92
25  JENSEN, NEIL        4/85            70  DOUBLE, KEN         6/92
26  WILLIAMS, LEW       6/85            71  STRONY, WALT        7/92
27  CARLEY-ROTH, CANDI 10/85            72  WILLIAMS, LEW      10/92
28  AYARS, LOWELL       1/86            73  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/92
29  SMITH, DICK         3/86 Vol.1      74  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/91
30  SMITH, DICK         3/86 Vol.2      75  WILSON, CLARK       1/93
31  HAZLETON, TOM       4/86            76  SMITH, DICK         3/94
32  HAZLETON, TOM (1st St.Bnd) 4/86     77  GREGORIUS/VON SCHAKEL4/93
33  MILLER, Fr. JIM     5/86            78  RHODE, RON           6/93
34  STRONY, WALT       10/86            79  OLIVERA, HECTOR     11/93
35  OLIVERA, HECTOR    11/86            80  CARLEY-ROTH, CANDI   1/94
36  CONNORS, JIM (Bd Party) 1/87        81  ROBERTS, PAUL        4/94
37  SMITH, DICK         3/87 Vol.1      82  GLEDHILL, SIMON      6/94
38  SMITH, DICK         3/87 Vol.2      83  PECKHAM, DAVID      10/94
39  JAMES, DENNIS       6/87            84  SENG, JOHN          12/94
40  BALOGH, CHARLIE     9/87            85  SMITH, DICK          9/95
41  STRONY, WALT       11/87            86  FERRARI, LARRY      10/95
42  NORDWALL, JONAS     1/88            87  OLIVERA, HECTOR     12/95
43  SMITH, DICK         3/88 Vol.1      88  WILSON, CLARK        4/96
44  SMITH, DICK         3/88 Vol.2      89  TRIO con BRIO        6/96
45  SENG, JOHN          4/88