Schober Organ Notes No. 47



Quite a few folks have written to say that we should have a WEB PAGE!

WELL ... WE DO! PETE STARK, in a recent email message, informed me that ... but I'd rather quote from his email; "I finally got some time to work on the web page ... not much done so far, but at least a start! Take a look at it: --  I'm looking for suggestions." Unquote.


Anyone, with anything they believe should appear, or any thought of what should be on our Website, submit the material and/or thought to Pete (who, I feel, should have the final say on what he uses?).

JACK GILDAR, more recently in an email messge, made the following suggestion ... and again I quote; "I think you should not fail to put an announcement in the next issue that the web page is "up," and stress to ALL members, even "non-computerized" ones, to make a note of the Universal Resource Locator (URL) which is:

They should write this down on a card and keep it in their wallet or purse, and the next time they visit a friend, grandkid, or someone else who does "surf the net" and wants to show off their computer, they can give that URL to them and have them call it up, and see the page." Unquote.


And here's a few addresses to add to your Schober Email list:

Howard McBee 18675 Birchcrest Dr., Detroit MI
Henry Nieschlag 317 S. Prairie Metamora IL
Bruce Okun 13 Forestburgh Rd., Monticello NY


DOUG VAN SANDT informed me that he changed his Email service. here's his new Email address: . Please update your Email list to reflect the change.


ALEX KRUEDENER is looking for info and/or parts for the "puff-of-air" combination action (preset). He also needs a 5 bus keyboard. You can contact Alex at: RR-1, Box 303, South Hill Rd. Jamaica, VT 05343


JOE MILLER writes; "If anyone knows of a source of transformers of the right size, both physically and electrically, I would appreciate knowing of it." (Joe is looking for an exact replacement transformer for his Recital power supply). If you can help him ... here's his address: Mr. Joseph Miller 39 Hillside Rd. Poughquag NY 12570


I am retiring a Schober Recital organ. All of the electronics are available for purchase: Original Schober Tone Generators, Voicing Circuits, and Power Supply. Devtronix Generator/Keyers: (2) manual @ 16,8,4,2,1 (1) pedal @ 32,16,8,4,2 Devtronix MIDI controller. For more info reply to: or Jim Reinhart 25 Fonro Dr. Brighton, MI 48114


CHUCK REYNOLDS sent me some information on this product ... plus his opinion ... which follows ... and I quote from his letter; "I tried out that DEOXIT contact cleaner made by CAIG Laboratories that I mentioned to you and it apparently does work at least for the nonce. I don't know if the long term efficacy (How's that for a word?) is as good as they say." Chuck went on to say; "You have to break down the high resistance film first by activating the faulty key many times after spraying on the cleaner and then it seems to hold after that. I wouldn't advise letting the spray get on any sensitive parts such as Polystyrene capacitors or parts without a fairly robust shell as there is a solvent (Naptha I think) in the mix.". Unquote. Following is the address & phone number for CAIG Laboratories, Inc.: CAIG LABORATORIES, INC. 16744 WEST BERNARDO DR. SAN DIEGO CA 92127-1904 Ph: (619) 451-1799 Fax: (619) 451-2799


DOUG STEEVES writes that he made several changes in resistor values, on his Rototone, that results in a more subtle effect. He went on to say; "Pass these on if you wish." SO ... here are the modifications he made: R9 is paralleled with 470K ... R23 is paralleled with 1 megohm ... and R45 is increased to 1 megohm. In a later letter Doug stressed the fact that the preceeding was only suggested. If you require more information please contact Doug at: 11 HEATHER DR. MONOTON, N.B. CANADA, E1E 1C6


BOB WILCOX phoned recently to inform us that ROY'S customized Schober is available. From the recording I have ... it's a Recital with some special Theatre voicing and Theatre Vibrato. For details contact Bob at: (847) 564-2136 or write to: 1132 Lee Rd. Northbrook IL 60062-3812


JIM TURNER writes that he has "two Schober Rotatone units with power supplies and leslie type switches" that he'll sell for $50.00 each. Jim can be contacted at: 125 W.S. "B" St. Gas City, IN 46933

ALEX KRUEDENER, (who is restoring a few Schobers), informed me, in a recent letter, that he had no calls on his request in the December issue of our newsletter. He still needs a 1117 tone generator board and any available information on the older style PERCUSSION GROUP that used the #11706 PC board. If you can help Alex (in any way) ... contact him at: RR-1, Box 303, South Hill Rd. Jamaica, VT 05343


MY APOLOGIES I received a few questions regarding the lack of CHRISTMAS graphics and/or GREETINGS in the December issue of our newsletter. I apologize for that "over-sight". My only excuse is that the text was assembled in early November ... so I just "plumb forgot"!