Schober Organ Notes No. 48




It's been apparent, for a while, that I was getting very few repair tips, upgrades. and modification items, for inclusion in our newsletters, NO GRIST FOR OUR MILLS so to speak! ... hence the following to Jack Moelmann (Head Honcho of the ETONES). If anyone in our current group structure has concerns that he/she will be forgotten ... perish the thought ... IT WON'T HAPPEN!

Dear Jack, At the suggestion of Jack Gildar and with the agreement of most of the members in our Schober Organ Group, we've decided to invite the owners of any "kit" (Devtronix, Artisan, etc.) and/or "built from scratch" organs to join our group. There are no "charges" involved and, if they have email facilities, they can receive our newsletter via email from Jack Gildar. HOW? All they have to do is: send their email address to Jack Gildar at: ... or ...  with a note saying they'd like to receive ORGAN NOTES via email. AND ... If they have the facilities ... they can access our Website: Any questions; they can contact me: Fred Henn, 230 North French Rd., Amherst, NY 14228 (Email:


ALEX KRUEDENER would appreciate any suggested sources for the following books: DICTIONARY OF PIPE ORGAN STOPS and DICTIONARY OF ELECTRONIC ORGAN STOPS, both by Stevens Irwin. If you have any suggestions, you can contact Alex at; Mr. Alexander Kruedener, Jr. 161 East 89th St. Apt.4E New York, NY 10128-2380


MARVIN TRAUTWEIN writes: "I have replaced pedal switches over the holidays. The new switches are momentary-contact ones from Tech America, and seem to work OK. I like them because their travel is 7mm, about the same as the front end of the Recital pedals." Here's TECH AMERICA's address ... should you want to contact them: Tech America P.O. Box 1981 Fort Worth, TX 76101-1981

Helping Hand

DON BECKER (Sonic Creations, Inc.) emails the following; "I will provide a helping mind to anyone who has organ problems to solve whether they are interested in purchasing anything from us or not." Don continued with; "Just put my E-mail address in your newsletter as". If you have any questions contact Don at his email address or phone him: (303) 882-4532.


MAC HAYES writes that he now has Michael Berg's Schober Recital organ and is looking for the #11 LEVER ARM for the CRM-1 Combination Action. His letter went on to say; "A number of the Stop Switch hinges are breaking on the right side." .... "If you have replacement hinges/switches I could use four of them, or maybe a suggestion for another way to repair these hinges?" (other than Super-Glue!). You can contact Mac at 5419 64th St. W. Rosamond CA 93560-6460 or PH: (805) 256-3162 or Email:


CHUCK REYNOLDS informed me (via email) that in addition to his email address: ... he now has:  Postal address: 648 Northlight Circle Webster, NY 14580-9409

LAWRENCE BLYLY: Postal address: 53666 CR 687 Hartford, MI. 49057

GEORGE REIM: Postal address: 6230 Archwood Lane St. Louis, MO 63123-1728

PHILLIP POSEY: Postal address: 1124 Gunter Circle, West Columbia, S. C. 29169-6219

ROBERT H BAINBRIDGE: Postal address: 15 Westland Ave. Queensbury NY 12804-1212

ERIC JOHNSON: Postal address: 123 Edgewood Dr. Richland WA 99352


F. TRENT DONLEY (Donley's Electronic Service, Inc.) informed me of an address correction: 3400 N. FORSYTH Rd., SUITE 4 WINTER PARK FL 32792 1-800-767-6770 (407) 677-0861 FAX: (407)677-4836 EMAIL: Please make the necessary adjustments to your records.



MR. CARL WALKER sent the following email message:

I have a Schober Spinet organ that I assembled several years ago. It has no accessories, no amp, no speaker. I ran out of time and money. Then Schober ran out. I fooled with it by feeding the signal to the home stereo system. Not entirely satisfactory. Still, it was fun to build. With regret, I feel it is time to say goodby to my pal. If you know of someone in the Florida east coast area that would be interested, have them contact me:


LAWRENCE HEADLEY sent some pictures with his letter ... and they show a Recital Organ with over twice the number of stop tabs than were part of the original Schober Recital. It appears to have a DYNABEAT (to the left of the lower manual). You can contact Lawrence via U.S. mail at: 1137 Nirvana Rd. Santa Barbara CA 93101 or phone: (805) 687-2106


DOUG TRURAN writes; "The Schober organ that my father made in the 70's is a large theater model. It has percussion, Dynabeat, amplifier, speaker, directions for building, etc." Doug then indicates that it may need some repairs and goes on to say; "I would be glad to give this to anyone who will take it all." If you're interested .. here's Doug's mailing address and phone number: Mr. Douglas Truran P.O. Box 2 E. Wareham MA 02538 Phone: (508) 295-9289


JOHN BECICA sent the following email: "The Rodgers Trio 321 I bought in order to get the RL-100 and the RW 3 is currently for sale. It is playable thru headphones. If you know of anyone who might want a nice three manual practice theatre organ, let me know. I'm asking $2,200 without speakers. It's equivalent to seven ranks with some nice tuned and untuned percussions, including piano, and a metal bar glockenspiel. Also has presets, sforzando, reverberation, and tape input/output." You can reach John through his email address: