Schober Organ Notes No. 49




1) Quite a few folks have opted to receive their copies of the text of ORGAN NOTES via Email from Jack Gildar.  I heartily approve but: A REMINDER:  You have to send your items for our newsletter, to me.

2) BOB BAINBRIDGE kindly furnished circuit diagrams of the keyer system he used in his ROBERTONE MK VIII "built from scratch" organ.  MY QUESTION: Is there anyone who'd like to take a crack at "updating" the circuits to current components?  If so .. contact me.

3) WALT DEAN writes: "I have disassembled my organ and still have many assemblies that I am willing to sell, there are a few Devtronix that haven't even been put together. I am sending (see included list) of what I have that is available for sale.  I will take offers and make special deals on large orders."  Dean goes on to say: "I am also sending (included list) a list of Electronic Organ Books and will be willing to sell, only as a set for $150.00 plus shipping charges." Dean continues with: "If anyone is interested in Pipe Organs, I have a number of books and construction manuals not noted on the above list, but will supply upon receipt of a stamped, addressed envelope." For anyone interested, here's Dean's address: 2334 WHITTIER PLACE, FAIRFIELD CA 94533-2649.

4) AND here's a couple of websites you may find interesting:     AND


Here's an email I recently received from Larry Blyly:

Fred, I believe I made reference to a pipe organ in my last note?  We found out about it from Harry Johnson, our insurance agent.  It seems his brother and the congregation moved into a new building across the street and have had no luck in disposing of the old building or contents.  They are now planning on demolishing as soon as they can dispose of stained glass, pews, organ, etc.

We are afraid that it will be destroyed if a buyer is not found!

The contents of Mr. Johnson's E-mail follow.

I received your letter today concerning the pipe organ.  Below are some of the measurements that you had requested:  Trumbull Electric Pipe Organ, Cat #2251. The pipe room which contains all but 27 of the largest pipes is 10 feet by 5 feet.  The room contains everything but the 27 large pipes which are displayed in the main auditorium of the old church. The largest pipe is 9 feet long. The organ is 63 inches side to side, 51 inches high, and 60 inches front to back (includes the pedals). As far as it's value, I don't have the slightest clue.  I would rely on your integrity for a price.

We need to get the organ out within a couple of months as we will be starting demolition of the building somewhere at that time. I would appreciate it greatly, if we could find someone to buy it.

Contact me at:;  Fax 1-732-254-5601; Phone 1-732-254-0348  or  1-732-257-1096 (home).

Thanks a lot!
Charles Johnson

From LARRY BLYLY:  "Here is an unusual update to the continuing saga of the 'wild organ chase.'  My daughter in VA has had more response through her reed organ club.  Seems the whole country is aware of the organ now.  But I'm sure that the fact that it is a Moller will make it far more exciting!  I only wish we could have gotten there. But I'm also quite certain that it is too large for most homes."

The pipe organ is a 1939 Moller. Apparently, the Trumbull name is the electrical connection between the organ and the pipes!  Shows how much I know about organs!  HA!
(signed) Charles Johnson


ALEX KRUEDENER writes that he needs 2 electromechanical tripper preset (combination action) systems for his Recital. If you can help Alex ... here's his address and phone number in Vermont:
RR.1  BOX 303  SOUTH HILL RD., JAMAICA VT 05343, PH. (802) 874-4894.


BOB LARGE writes that he's spent a lot of time trying to find a replacement for the LDR's in his Schober Theatre Organ.  I know that quite a few folks have pursued this quest.  It appears that Bob has determined the specs for these LDR's. If anyone would like to pursue this further ... here's Bob's mailing address and telephone #: Mr. R. F. Large, 25 Fitzroy St., Charlottetown, PEI, Canada  C1A 1R2, PH:(902) 894-8256.


STAN LISCUMB is looking for a couple of things:
1) Schober "reverb system data"
2) The Schober Bulletin on the "top octave generator #50-240"
I'd appreciate any help you may be able to offer Stan!  Here's his address: 26 AGNES ST., BARRIE, ONT., CANADA L4M 2S2.


DAVE GAIRO writes; "I now have a functioning Schober Reverbatape and about 12 tape loops available to anyone who can make use of them. Have anyone interested contact me: 1302 GIBSON RD. #73, BENSALEM PA 19020, PH: (215) 639-2950, EMAIL:


GEORGE REIM writes;  "I have the final assembly instructions for the original "library of stops", but nothing on the A model. There must be someone out there that has the info I'm looking for."   If you can help George or have questions ... here's how to contact him: 6230 ARCHWOOD LANE, ST. LOUIS MO 63123, EMAIL:


WARREN MARTIN says;   I need to find some place to get a new motor for my reverbatape unless you know of some one who rebuilds them. I also need some LDR units as my volume suddenly dropped, or is there a replacement for those also??? Warren's email address: is current,  BUT I don't know about the last "snail" mail address I have?:


DAVID GAIRO writes (and I quote in part);  I found my upper keyboard was ciphering.  (Notes were playing without touching the keys.)  The problem was caused by the rubber spacers which hold the PC board under the keys. It seems they dried out and disintegrated, allowing the PC board to shift and make contact with the key springs. In order to fix the keyboard, I decided to install wire connectors to allow removal of the keyboard when necessary. I used 25-pin D-connectors (computer communication connectors). If you'd like more details ... let me know. (Editor).


LLOYD SCHEMPP writes: I have a spare copy of the Schober Catalog which describes the organ products Schober had available.  I also have a copy of "How Schober Organs Work".  If you want to put this in your next organ news, you can.  I will send them to the first one who inquires about it. I won't worry about the postage on these either, just send them to an interested party.  Here's Lloyd's
address: 309 ROVER BLVD., LOS ALAMOS  NM  87544.