Schober Organ Notes No. 55

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This issue is going to differ a little from what I had hoped, but due to some difficulties I had to change content. A correction is in order. E-mail recipients of this newsletter do not have to be able to receive attachments. Jack Gildar one of our assistant headmasters who sends out the e-mail version, sends out text only. If you want the photos, schematics and graphics, you can get in touch with him, and IF you can receive attachments compatible with programs that he has, he will send them to you. You can also send me a SASE and I will mail you the entire issue containing the material you want to see. This issue has one page of photos of Bob Bainbridge’s fabulous Robertone MK-8, and one page of schematics for George Reims’ preset system.


The attached photos show Bob's neat circuit board construction, a close up of his keyboard, stop switches and volume controls for each stop, the innards of the organ from the rear, and the organ from the front. Bob sent me quite a few color photos. I am sorry that I cannot duplicate them all and in color. However you can see how fine the workmanship is! (See “Portrait” article in ON 53)


George Reim writes: "A word about my 'brain child'. It is not completely mine. A system similar was used in old Conn organs. Anyhow, the thing's ingenious in the way it works. The first relay latches and unlatches with every operation. If piston #1 is pressed, the first relay latches and unlatches quickly. At the same time #1 piston relay latches and stays latched. This applies to all 12 relays, in any rotation." "Press the cancel piston, and all relays drop out. With the relays I had, I reserved a separate set of switch contacts to remove a special set of stop tablets from ground. With the relays at rest, a ground exists to the stop tablet(s)." 


Joseph K. Dew submitted the following: "From the time of building the Theatre voiced Recital Organ, I was troubled with background singing noise, and I could listen to KFI radio by using my body as an antenna!" "By soldering a ground bus wire to each of the boards to attain an identical ground voltage, VOILA! I have a beautiful sounding organ with zero background noise. I also have quit replacing the paper 5 mfd capacitors-one solution solved all."


Joseph K. Dew also writes: "My TR-2 power amplifier popped it's circuit breaker. Replacing the six 1000 mfd capacitors with TWO 3300 mfd 50 volt units cost $4.40. If I had insisted on 1000 mfd, the price would have been $7.50 each! These two capacitors were shorter and larger in diameter, but there is plenty of space for both of them on the top side of the circuit board. I guess 30 years is long enough to dry out the electrolytic of the old ones”.


The 40th Annual Home Organ & Keyboard Festival will be held in Monterey, CA, September 12-15. For information contact: Registrar Judy Laine, PO Box 1127, Citrus Heights, CA 95611, phone (831) 784-0331. Hurry, last day of registration is July 7. See the web page


In the past, I have sent out a notice to some of the members, that an email address list was available to any member who requested it. The results were fair, but remember, we are "orphans". Schober is out of business, and only We can help one another. I am going to add the model of Schober each member has, to help you in finding the right person. I don't have all of them, but I do have quite a few. Please do not hesitate to request the email's free! You don't even have to pay postage. Send your requests to me: Bill Kohrumel


A Schober Theatre Organ with an especially fine console is offered for $100 by Paul Putnam, 406 Gentian Rd. St. Augustine, FL 32086-6426, (904) 797-3236.

A Spinet Schober, complete with bench, instructions, amplifier and organ tester is available. Katherine Finch writes: "...when I was in high school, my father built a Schober spinet organ, and I have many memories of its construction...he got as much pleasure from building it as my mother got playing it...Years ago when my parents moved into an apartment, I claimed the Schober, mainly for sentimental reasons...I have reached the point in my life where I would like to pass the organ on to someone who would appreciate it...It works, but needs some her at 445 Linebrook Road, Ipswich, MA 01938, (978) 365-0064,

A Consolette II which was completed in '74 and has been in service since then is available. I am located in northern New Jersey. Included is the LSS 10AC speaker system with the HF-1 tweeter, the LSL 150 Leslie speaker, the PRCN-4 percussion, Dynabeat, an extra RV-3A Reverbatape, plenty of spare transistors, tape loops and other hardware. All original instructions...Unit has been meticulously maintained. Original cost was $3000, make an offer. You pick up. Daytime (973) 972-5220 or e-mail:

Doug Steeves who has a Schober and an Allen organ, is selling his Allen. For details contact him at: 11 Heather Drive, Moncton, NB E1E1C6, Canada, (506) 382-7463.


Dave Butterworth is looking for a CONTRA VIOLONE 16 stop tab. His was broken off. (607) 751-4205, fax (607) 751-6198, email:


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